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Bruce Mitchell is not your average gator hunter. He is a legend in the swamps of Louisiana, where he has been hunting the fearsome reptiles for over 30 years. He is known as “The Alligator Man” for his daring and skillful exploits, which have earned him a loyal fan base and a starring role in the hit reality show Swamp People.

Bruce is a proud patriot who wears his American flag bandana and overalls with pride. He is also a man of faith who believes that God has a plan for him and his gators. He hunts relying on his instincts and experience to guide him through the murky waters and dense vegetation. He uses a variety of tools, from rifles and harpoons to knives and hooks, to catch and kill his prey. He is not afraid to get up close and personal with the gators, wrestling them with his bare hands if necessary. Bruce is more than just a gator hunter. He is also a family man who loves his wife Janet. He is a friend to his fellow hunters, always ready to lend a hand or share a joke. He is a conservationist who respects the balance of nature and the role of the gators in the ecosystem. He is also a storyteller who entertains his viewers with his tales of adventure and humor.

Bruce Mitchell swamp people
Swamp People star Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell is a gator hunter and a reality television personality, but he is also a hero and an inspiration to many. He is the embodiment of the swamp spirit, a man who lives by his own rules and follows his own dreams. He is the Alligator Man, and this is his story.

Bruce Mitchell: From Prankster to Alligator Hunter

Bruce Mitchell, the eldest of five siblings, was born on July 13, 1960, in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, to John Laverne Mitchell, an American army veteran, and his unnamed wife. The eldest child of the family, Bruce spent much of his early life with his four brothers and sisters. Little is known about Bruce’s academic career. As a young kid, Bruce loved pranks. He would often target his pranks at his unsuspecting family members. But for all his pranks, Bruce loved his family above everything else and always had a special place for them.

Bruce’s passion for pranks soon turned into a fascination for adventure. He was always curious about the world around him and eager to explore new places. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping with his friends and siblings. He also developed a keen interest in wildlife and nature. He learned how to identify different animals and plants, and how to survive in the wilderness.

Bruce’s earliest exposure to gator hunting came when he started to work on Kliebert’s Alligator & Turtle Farm. This was back in 1980 when he was still a greenhorn in gator hunting. The farm belonged to the father of his then-girlfriend, Janet Kliebert. Over the years, Bruce learned all the necessary skills from his father-in-law and started hunting gators in the swamp. Bruce moved to the farm when he married Janet and continued working under his father-in-law.

Swamp People

Bruce Mitchell’s life changed in 2010 when he got a call from the producers of Swamp People, a reality TV show that follows the daring exploits of Louisiana’s gator hunters. Bruce, a fan of the History Channel, jumped at the chance to showcase his skills and personality on the screen. He made his first appearance on August 22, 2010, sporting his trademark bandana and overalls. Since then, he has become a familiar face on the show, alongside other fearless hunters like Troy Landry, Terral Evans, Glenn Guist, Willie Edwards, Daniel Edgar, Ashley Jones, Big Tee, including snake hunter Dusty Crum.

Bruce Mitchell Ron Methvin
Gators hunters Ron Methvin and Bruce Mitchell

On and off

On the show, Bruce was seen partnering with Ron Methvin who is an Army Veteran and one of the deadliest snipers around. They were a formidable duo until Ron decided to leave the swamp and join the Louisiana State Police. Ron graduated from the Louisiana State Police Training Academy in Baton Rouge and joined the Louisiana State Police Trooper in October 2018.

Over the years Bruce has had on-and-off Swamp People appearances. He was regularly featured from 2010 to 2014. During the 9th season in 2018, Bruce had to hunt solo for a while, as he couldn’t afford to hire another helper. But he didn’t give up, and he came back stronger ready to take on more challenges. After a hiatus, Bruce returned to Swamp People in 2021 and since has been a regular cast member. Bruce also joined the spinoff show Swamp People: Serpent Invasion, where he faced off against deadly snakes in five episodes.

Other Endeavors

When the cameras stop rolling, Bruce Mitchell doesn’t stop living the swamp life. He loves to share his passion for cooking, fishing, and hunting with his fans. You can watch his videos and learn from the master himself. Or better yet, come and meet the Mitchell family in person! They welcome you to their Gatorman Gift & Specialty Shop in Hammond, LA, where you can find all kinds of swamp-themed souvenirs. You can also visit their South LA Heritage Museum and learn about the history and culture of the swamp people. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can join them on an educational alligator tour and see the gators up close.

Net Worth

Bruce Mitchell doesn’t like to brag about his wealth, but he lives a comfortable and happy Cajun life in Louisiana. His net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

Personal Life

Wife & Kids:

Bruce is happily married to his high-school sweetheart, Janet Kliebert. The pair met way back in the mid-1970s and have been together ever since. It was Janet’s father who taught Bruce the ABCs of gator hunting.

Bruce Mitchell longtime wife Janet
Bruce Mitchell & longtime wife Janet Kliebert

Bruce and Janet work together to run their farm. While Bruce takes care of the muscle work, Janet handles the paperwork. The pair are proud parents of two lovely daughters. Their firstborn Lorraine Michelle was born in 1981, a year after the pair tied the knot. In 1984, the pair gave birth to another daughter,  Janice Marie. After the birth of their second daughter, Bruce and Janet decided to open the farm for public tours.

Apart from gator hunting, which he does most of the time, Bruce loves gunsmithing, collecting knives, riding bikes, and spending time with his family. A grandfather now, Bruce loves playing with his grandkids during the offseason.

Bruce Mitchell Wiki Facts

Full nameBruce Mitchell
Date of birthJuly 13, 1960
Place of birthPonchatoula, Louisiana
Zodiac signCancer
Height5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
WeightAbout 138 lbs or 63 Kg
OccupationAlligator hunter, reality TV star
Net worth$400,000
SpouseJanet Kliebert
ChildrenLorraine Michelle and Janice Marie
GrandchildrenJillian Marie and LoriAnn Katherine
SiblingsFour (names unknown)
ParentsJohn Laverne Mitchell and unnamed mother
Father-in-lawHarvey Kliebert
HobbiesCamping, hunting, fishing, gunsmithing, collecting knives, riding bikes
Signature lookOveralls and American flag bandana
DogTyler (Died of congestive heart failure)
TV showSwamp People
TV debutAugust 22, 2010
Hunting partnerRon Methvin
Hunting careerOver 30 years
Hunting season30 days
Hunting locationAtchafalaya River Basin
Hunting methodUsing hooks and lines
FarmKliebert’s Alligator & Turtle Farm
Farm locationHammond, Louisiana
Farm businessPublic tours and educational programs
Farm animalsAlligators, turtles, snakes, and other swamp creatures
Spinoff showSwamp People: Serpent Invasion
Spinoff episodesFive
MerchandiseT-shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, etc.

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