What happened to Swamp People Terral Evans? His wife, kids, net worth.

Terral Evans is in gator hunting for the thrill. He goes after the big-name gators and often does it barehand. Not the one to shy away from challenges, Terral has hunted gators barehanded all his life. He comes from a family of traditional gator hunters and learned the skills of the trade from his grandfather. One of the most skilled hunters around the swamp, Terral hunts down some of the most deadly gators in the swamp. He is the one people come to when a gator causes too much damage. In other words, Terral is also responsible for the population control of the gators. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Terral Evans.

Early Life:

Terral Evans was born on May 13, 1957, in Louisiana, U.S. He comes from a family of gator hunters, and both his father and grandfather were knee-deep in the business. Ever since he was young, Terral tagged along with his elders to learn about gator hunting. A young Terral would often journey to Pearl River to hone his skills. He was particularly close with his grandfather who taught him the tricks of the trade. Born and raised in the Honey Island Swamp, Terral started catching gators barehanded right from the starting point of his career.

Professional Life:

Growing up, Terral joined the marine corps. As a resident of the swamp, Terral was no stranger to the harsh conditions and the water. After his tenure at the marines, Terral made the journey back to his hometown and started working as a project manager. He was involved with the Oil and Chemical Industry and worked for over three decades. Simultaneously, Terral worked with the gators and would often head back to the swamp during the hunting season.

Swamp people Terral Evans
Swamp people Terral Evans

Currently, Terral actively works with the Mississippi based Wildlife Conservative and Fisheries. Instead of hunting gators, Terral catches them barehand and relocates them to Honey Island. For a man in his sixties, Terral is a complete beast and still dislikes using weapons for the hunt. Unlike the traditional gator hunters who make the kill, Terral just relocates the gators, which makes his job even harder.

Swamp People:

Terral Evans had been involved with Swamp People ever since the series first aired in 2010. When the management changed hands at the end of season six, Terral was one of the guys who was asked to leave the set. And while Terral wasn’t as vocal as the Gator Queen, he left the show dissatisfied. Since five more seasons have followed currently wrapping up the 11th seasons. Terral and management have buried the hatchet and are back working together. Evans features alongside poster man Troy Landry in the current eleventh season of Swamp People.

Personal Life:

Gator hunter and TV star Terral Evans is a married man. His wife is Chayo Evans. While Terral is living a blissful married life we do know that this is not the first time he tied the knot. He was previously married to Dana Holyfield.  A writer and tv producer by trade, Dana is interested in swamp life. She has written and published several Swamp themed books and most of her books are based on Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana. 

Terral Evans wife Chayo Evans
Terral Evans wife Chayo Evans

In the time of togetherness Terral and his ex-wife, Dana had a daughter Ava Evans. And after the divorce, Terral married Chayo Evans in 2016.  The pair has not given birth to any children. 

Terral Evans ex wife Dana and daughter Ava
Terral Evans ex-wife Dana and daughter Ava

Net Worth

Despite his age, Terral is still considered to be on the best hunters in the business. As of 2020, Terral has a net worth estimated to be around $1 M. 

Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

Terral Evans is currently 62 years of age and next month on May 13 he will turn 63 years old. He is American by nationality and if ethnicity is concerned he is of white descent.

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