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Don Wildman is living the dream job. The man gets to travel to exotic locations and is getting paid to do so. The narrator is associated with several travel shows, including Weird Travels, Cities of Underworld, Off Limits, and Beyond the Unknown. From the dark hallways of catacombs to some of the most secured vaults in the world, Wildman’s adventures have taken him to places that common people do not even dream of entering. In a decade of travel, Wildman has always attempted to uncover the real truth of a place. He has also interviewed celebrities, acted in films and plays, and hosted a podcast on American history. He is known for his adventurous spirit, his curious mind, and his distinctive voice. He is Don Wildman, and this is his story.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDon Wildman
Date of birthMarch 21, 1961
Place of birthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Zodiac signAries
Marital statusMarried
SpouseMelissa Haizlip
EducationWesttown School (Pennsylvania), Earlham College (Indiana), The Drama Studio (London)
OccupationActor, television host, narrator, producer, historical investigator
Net worth$500,000 as of 2023
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, USA
First TV showMen’s Journal (1997), a TV series on ESPN
First film roleMichael in New York Waiting (2006), a romantic comedy film
Breakthrough stage roleMoisés Kaufman’s acclaimed “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” (1997), a play about the life and trials of Oscar Wilde
Most successful TV showMysteries at the Museum (2011–2019)
Other TV shows hosted or narratedWeird Travels (2003–2005), The Incurables (2007–2008), Cities of the Underworld (2008–2021), Pompeii: Back from the Dead (2011), Off Limits (2011–2013), Monumental Mysteries (2013–2015), Beyond the Unknown (2019–2020), Dark Tales with Don Wildman (2020), Buried Worlds with Don Wildman (2020)
TV show producedOff Limits (2011–2013)
Podcast hostedAmerican History Hit (2022–present), a twice-weekly podcast that interviews experts and authors on various topics of American history
The adventerous expeditionist, Donald Frank Wildman
The adventerous expeditionist, Donald Frank Wildman

Early Life

Don Wildman was born on the 27th of March 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born into an academic household, Don spent much of his early life alongside his four sisters in Pitman, New Jersey. His father was a principal and Don was presumed to follow the same path. As opposed to his sisters who did follow the same path, Don had an immense thirst for acting. After matriculating from Westtown School, Don enrolled at Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana. He graduated in 1979 and enrolled at a Drama Studio in London. 

Professional Career

Upon his return to the USA, Don started working in theatre. He was featured in several plays including, Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde. While working in theatre, Don was also asked to work in several commercials. One thing led to another and Don was asked to host the travel show, Weird Travels. Don took the mantle of the host in 2003 which marks his first entry in the world of reality TV. In 2007, Don started working on a completely different series entitled, The Incurables. The series featured patients who suffered from serious problems of a psychological or physical nature. In the same year, Don simultaneously began working on another series, Cities of the Underworld (2007-2009). 

Donald Frank Wildman
Donald Frank Wildman

The workload continued to increase for Don whose first big project was the documentary, Pompeii: Back from the Dead (2011). After presenting the series, Of Limits, for two years, Jon moved on with Mysteries at the Museum. The series wrapped up in 2019 after a 6-year run. Don also actively worked on the TV series, Beyond the Unknown. The series wrapped up its second season on the 24th of February, 2020. He is currently the host of American History Hit, a twice-weekly podcast that interviews experts and authors on various topics of American history.

Net Worth

Don Wildman has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. He has hosted and narrated several popular shows on the Travel Channel, such as Mysteries at the Museum, Off Limits, and Buried Worlds with Don Wildman. His main source of income is his work as a TV host, but he also earns money from his acting roles and his podcast.

Personal Life

Even though Don likes to keep his personal details under wraps, things tend to leak out. The reality star is married to the award-winning filmmaker, Melissa Haizlip. It remains unknown as to how and where the pair met and how they got married. The pair are yet to announce any new addition to the family and judging by the way Don’s career is going, it looks like things will stay that way for the foreseeable future. 

Donald Frank Wildman and his wife Melissa Haizlip
Donald Frank Wildman and his wife Melissa Haizlip

One would think that Don gets tired of all that traveling and would do something in his free time. But nothing could be further from the truth. Even in his free time, Don loves to travel and is a huge fan of Scuba Diving.

Physical Traits

Physical traitDescription
Height5’8″ or 172cm (approx.)
Weight80-100 Kg
Hair colorDark brown, with some gray
Eye colorGrey
Facial hairTrim beard and mustache and sometimes cleaned shaved
Skin toneFair, with some tan
Body typeAthletic, with broad shoulders and chest
Clothing styleCasual, often wears faded jeans and T-shirts
AccessoriesWeathered brown leather jacket, sunglasses, watch
TattoosNone visible
ScarsNone visible
PiercingsNone visible
VoiceDeep, with a slight rasp and a clear pronunciation
AccentAmerican, with a hint of Philadelphia

Don Wildman FAQs

Is Don Wildman married?Yes, he is married to Melissa Haizlip.
Is Don Wildman a Quaker?Yes, he has a Quaker ancestry that traces back to the late 1600s.
Is Don Wildman a pilot?Yes, he is a small-craft pilot and has flown planes in some of his TV shows.
Is Don Wildman a scuba diver?Yes, he is an avid scuba diver and has dived in various locations around the world.
Is Don Wildman an actor?Yes, he is an actor and has appeared in several films, plays, and TV shows.
Is Don Wildman a producer?Yes, he is a producer and has produced one of his TV shows, Off Limits.
Is Don Wildman a narrator?Yes, he is a narrator and has narrated several TV shows and documentaries.
Is Don Wildman a historian?No, he is not a historian by profession, but he is a historical investigator who loves to learn and share history.
Is Don Wildman a podcaster?Yes, he is a podcaster and hosts a podcast on American history called American History Hit.
Is Don Wildman British?No, he is American, but he studied drama in London and has a slight British accent.
Is Don Wildman vegan?No, he is not vegan, but he follows a healthy diet and exercises regularly.
Is Don Wildman rich?No, he is not rich, but he has a decent net worth estimated to be $500,000.
Is Don Wildman on Facebook?Yes, he is on Facebook and his page name is Don Wildman Official Page.
Is Don Wildman still working for the Travel Channel?No, he is not working for the Travel Channel anymore, but his shows are still available on their website and app.
Is Don Wildman working for History Hit?Yes, he is working for History Hit, a British video streaming service and podcast channel that focuses on history.
Is Don Wildman writing a book?No, he is not writing a book as far as we know.

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