The truth about Dr. Pol children: Diane Jr. bio, Kathy, Charles pol.

Dr. Jan Pol is Veterinarian and a TV personality, known for Nat Geo Wild’s show “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” The popular show follows the work of Dr. Pol and his incredible team in rural Weidman, Michigan as they provide vet service to farmers and pet owners to keep animals healthy.

While Dr. Pol’s professional life is there to see on the reality television show how many of you know about his personal life? Dr. Pol has shared all his life with one woman illustrating long marriages do exist in times when relationships are fragile like glasses. The person is none other than his co-star Diane Pol. Dr.Pol & Diane are married for many years sharing the roof with three children Diane Pol Jr., Kathy Butch & Charles Pol. They are all grown up now. For your information, neither of the three is biologically related to Dr.Pol or Diane Pol. We will bring everything to know about Dr. Pol’s Children.

A quick roll through Dr. Pol and Diane Pol’s relationship:

Dr. Pol & Diane Pol’s marriage is an inspiration to those who long to live with a single partner all life. The good doctor married Diane Pol in 1967, and after over 55 years, they are still going strong in their relationship. In the years of togetherness, the couple has not given birth to any children. And it would be harsh on the pair to see it as a shortcoming of the marriage. Nonetheless, the big heart of the couple has let them adopt not one, not two but three children. One of them Diane took in from her friend who had a terminal disease and eventually passed away.

Diane Pol and her longtime husband Dr. Pol
Diane Pol and her longtime husband Dr. Pol

Alongside taking care of children the pair has balanced their work life. Mr. and Mrs. Pol founded the “Pol Veterinary Service” out of their home in 1981. The veterinary care grew over the years currently operating out of a larger facility in Weidman, Michigan, which provides service to over 20,000 clients. Also, the three children became part of the family business growing up helping around with animals and farm calls. Among the three children, Charles Pol is the only son and the other two daughters are Diane Pol Jr. and Kathy Pol a.k.a. Kathlene Butch.


Pol couple adopted Charles and Kathy Pol right from birth. Kathy was the first to be taken in the family and a few years later was Charles. Diane Jr was a foster girl who started living with Dr. Pol and his wife at the age of eight. After living for ten years, she was officially adopted at the age of 18. Diane Jr is the eldest among them, Kathy is the middle one, and Charles is the youngest.

Dr.Jan Pol Kids
Dr. Pol’s all three Children growing up in Michigan: Charles Pol, Kathy Pol wearing the red, Diane Louise Pol Jr, Diane Pol in white 

Kathy Pol:

Kathy was born Kathlene Pol on August 21, 1973, which makes her age 49 years old. She is American, and if ethnicity is concerned, she is of Caucasian origin. Kathy grew up on a farm in Michigan where she learned about taking care of animals and helped her father on farm calls.

She attended Chippewa Hills High School in Remus, Michigan and after graduation, she attended Delta College in Bay City, Michigan. She currently works as Phlebotomist in McLaren Bay Region.

Kathy Pol Husband and Children:

Kathy was married to Gregory butch for the longest time. After graduating from college, she and Greg tied the knot on July 30, 1995. The pair lived together in Bay City, Michigan, and gave birth to two children. The marriage between the pair went all well until tragedy struck the family. Her husband, Greg Butch died at the age of 50 after battling cancer. Greg was a Chemical technologist by profession. He drew his last breath on February 20, 2016. 

kathy pol
Kathy Pol

Kathy and Greg were married for twenty years and in that period, they had the birth of their first child, Adam James Butch on August 20, 1996, followed by their second child a daughter, Rachel Butch.

More tragedy on the way:

Kathy was hit with tragedies one after another. Nearly three years after losing her husband, she lost her young son Adam James Butch. Adam took his last breath at the age of 23 on September 18, 2019. Adam attended Michigan State University and was a certified Pharmacy technician.

Kathy’s only remaining child is Rachel Butch. While she has not necessarily pursued a career in the TV industry, fame comes to her as a territory.  Rachel appeared in two episodes of “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” as the granddaughter of Dr. Pol.

Moving on and finding solace in the arm of man:

Death is part of life and those it befalls can only know the true heartbreak and suffering. Gone can be cherished in memories and those left behind got to go living no matter what. And we can say Kathy is a strong soul who bore it all and seems to find solace in the arms of a man after years of waiting. Kathy Pol is currently in a relationship with Thomas Rakowski. The details, such as how or when the two met are not known. Nonetheless, Kathy seems happy with her boyfriend. Also, Kathy and Thomas are yet to come out with good news regarding their marriage.

Diane Pol Jr.

Diane Louise Pol is the eldest child in the family. Diane Jr. is the biological daughter of Joann, a close friend of Diane Pol. Joann was diagnosed with cancer in 1981, and in a time of urgency, Joann trusted her daughter with Diane Pol. Joann passed away a few years after diagnosis. Diane Pol was already raising Charles Pol and Kathy Pol and decided to show a big heart and took in Diane Jr. Although not in the paper she lived as their child for ten years, and at the age of 18, she was officially adopted.

Mother and daughter Diane Pol and Dianne Louise Pol Jr
Diane Pol and Diane Louise Pol Jr

The later addition to the family, Diane Pol Jr. was born and March 27, 1973. The birthday makes her 49 years old. She attended Chippewa Hills High School, the same school as her younger sister Kathy. She then attended Central Michigan University and graduated in 1996.

Diane Jr. joined Northeastern University where she studied Technical Writing & Communication.  She worked as a technical writer at Oracle Hospitality before joining  Holiday Inn & Suites Mount Pleasant as assistant manager. Diane worked her way up and currently, holds the manager position.

Diane Pol Jr. Weight Loss:

Diane indeed suffered from obesity and tried different methods to lose weight. She has been vocal about her weight loss journey, and by no means has she had it easy. After deciding to shed some weight, she accepted the surgery and went under the knife. Alongside surgery, she was put on medication and a diet plan. Diane has not exactly shared how many lbs. she lost during her transformation. Nonetheless, she plans to lose 80lbs further than her current weight.

Diane Pol Jr. relationship status:

Diane Pol Jr. has two credits in “The Incredible Dr. Pol” with her show appeareance coming in 2013 and 2016. Coming from a family of celebrities, Diane Jr. finds herself in the media spotlight from time to time. The popularity has also put her personal life under the scrutiny of media houses. Diane Jr. indeed is in a relationship with Ryan Lapham. After dating for some time the pair took the relationship a notch forward. Ryan popped up with a ring and the pair got engaged in December 2020. 

Relationship Update 2022:

Love is in the air for the couple, Diane and Ryan Lapham seem to be happy together. It has been almost two years since the couple exchanged engagement rings, but for now, there are no available details on their marriage. It might as well be the case that the couple tied the knot secretly, but we can not confirm the news based on speculation.

For those looking to get more updates on the pair, Diane Jr. does not shy away to posts pictures of her and Ryan spending quality time on her Facebook account, which goes by the name Diane L. Pol.

Charles Pol

Charles Pol was born in Central Michigan’s farm country on March 6, 1979. The birthdate makes his age 43 years. Growing up in Michigan, Charles worked as his father’s sidekick as early as 5 years old. He used to assist Dr. Pol at the clinic, helping out on farm calls and taking care of the vast number of pets and farm animals. Charles loved working with animals but when the time came he was determined to make his own path. Thankfully, Dr. Pol & Diane Pol were not opposed to the idea, in fact, they encouraged him to pursue a career of his taste.

Charles wanted to have a career in the entertainment industry and right after graduating in communication from the University of Miami in 2003, he moved to Los Angeles. Thereafter he took internships in acting and production with reputed companies like  Paramount Pictures, Parkway production, and Mirage Enterprises. And during this period he got a chance to learn from Hollywood legend, the late, Sydney Pollack.

Charles Pol turned his girlfriend Beth Oakes into fiancee
Charles Pol girlfriend turned wife Beth Oakes 

Charles worked in production work for some years before venturing into acting with his family show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”(2011). He is also known for the TV series The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013) and Calling Dr. Pol (2014). 

Charles Pol is currently married to Beth Pol and shares a daughter Abigail Pol with her.

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