The truth about Dr.Pol children Charles, Kathy and Diane Jr. with Biography.

Dr. Jan Pol is Veterinarian and a TV personality, known for Nat Geo Wild’s TV show “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” The popular show follows the work of Dr. Pol and his incredible team in rural Weidman, Michigan as they treat animals and help farmers to keep their livestock healthy.

Apart from professional life, Dr.Pol is married to longtime wife Diane Pol who indeed was his girlfriend. The couple shared their home with three children and raised them in Michigan. All three, two girls and a boy are grown up now. How many of you know about them? Are they biological or adopted? Read below to learn everything about Dr. Pol children.

Dr.Pol and Diane Pol Children

Dr. Pol married life is an inspirational story for those who long to live with a single partner whole life. The good doctor married Diane Pol in 1967, and after over 50 years they are still together. Despite long married life, the couple has not given birth to any children. Obviously many might look at the shortcoming of their marriage, however, at the bright side, Dr.Pol and his wife adopted children to share their love for the little ones.

The down to earth couple has achieved success in personal as well as professional aspect without letting one come in the way of other. They have maintained work and family alongside. Mr and Mrs.Pol founded “Pol Veterinary Service” out of the home in 1981 before moving into a larger facility in Weidman Michigan which provides service to over 20,000 clients now. Also, their children became part of the family business growing up helping around with animals and farm calls.

Dr. Pol and Diane Pol have three children, all of them are adopted. Charles Pol is the only son and other two Diane Pol Jr and Kathy Pol are the daughters.

Dr. Pol and his wife have three adopted Children

Among three children, they adopted Charles and Kathy right from the birth. Kathy was first to be taken in the family and a few years later was Charles. Diane Jr was a foster girl she started living with Dr. Pol and his wife from the age of eight. After living for ten years, she was officially adopted at the age of 18. Diane Jr is the eldest among them, Kathy is the middle one and Charles the youngest.

Dr.Jan Pol Kids
Dr. Pol Children growing up in Michigan Charles Pol, Kathy Pol wearing the red, Diane Louise Pol Jr, Diane Pol in white 

Kathy Pol

Kathy was born as Kathlene Pol on August 21, 1973, which makes her age 44 now. She is American, and if ethnicity is concerned, she is of Caucasian origin. Kathy grew up on the farm in Michigan where she learned about taking care of animals and also helped her father on farm calls.

She attended Chippewa Hills High School in Remus, Michigan after graduation she attended Delta College in Bay City, Michigan. She currently works as Phlebotomist in McLaren Bay Region.

kathy pol
Kathy pol

If we delve into her personal life, she was married to Greg butch. After getting out of college she and Greg tied the knot on July 30, 1995. The two remain married for twenty years in that period gave birth to a son and a daughter Adam and Rachel Butch. She and Greg lived together in Bay City, Michigan and Kathy continue to inhabit the place after the death of her husband at the age of 50 on February 20, 2016, suffering from cancer.

Diane Pol Jr.

Diane Louise Pol is the eldest children of Dr.Pol and Diane Pol. She was born on March 27, 1973, which currently makes her age 45 years. She grew up as a foster child before Dr.Pol and Diane taker her into their wings at the age of eight. Although not in the paper she lived as their child for ten years, and at the age of 18, she was officially adopted.

She attended Chippewa Hills High School same school as her sister Kathy. She then attended Central Michigan University graduating as the class of 1996.

Mother and daughter Diane Pol and Dianne Louise Pol Jr
Mother and daughter Diane Pol and Diane Louise Pol Jr

The information about her personal life has not much surfaced in media, so we do not know if she is married or was previously. However, on her Facebook page, she says she is currently single.

Charles Pol

Charles was born in Central Michigan’s farm country on 6th March 1979 which presently makes his age 39 years. Growing up in Michigan he worked with his father as a sidekick starting at the age of 5. He used to assist Dr.Pol at the clinic, helping out on farm calls and taking care of the vast number of pets and farm animals they had. Charles loved working with animals but when the time came to chose the profession he was determined not following the path of his veterinarian father. Thankfully his parents were not opposed to the idea, in fact, they encouraged him to pursue a career he would love.

Charles wanted to have a career in the entertainment industry so right after graduation (class of 2003) from the University of Miami in communication he moved to Los Angeles. He took the internship in acting and production with reputed companies like  Paramount Pictures, Parkway production, and Mirage Enterprises during which he got chance to learn from Hollywood legend, the late, Sydney Pollack.

Charles worked in production work for some years before venturing into acting with his family show “The Incredible Dr.Pol”(2011). He is also known for TV series The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013) and Calling Dr. Pol (2014).


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