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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a veterinarian in rural Michigan? To treat all kinds of animals, from cows and horses to dogs and cats, and everything in between? To face emergencies, challenges, and surprises every day? To be part of a family business that has been serving the community for over 40 years?

If you have, then you might want to tune in to The Incredible Dr. Pol, a reality TV show on Nat Geo Wild that follows the life and work of Dr. Jan Pol, a Dutch-American veterinarian who runs Pol Veterinary Services in Weidman, Michigan. Along with his wife Diane, his son Charles, and his team of dedicated staff, Dr. Pol delivers compassionate and quality care to thousands of animals, both large and small.

The show, which premiered in 2011, has become one of the most popular and longest-running series on Nat Geo Wild, with 23 seasons and over 200 episodes to date. It showcases the variety and complexity of veterinary medicine, as well as the personal and professional stories of Dr. Pol and his family. Whether he is performing a surgery, delivering a calf, or rescuing a stray, Dr. Pol always does it with a smile and a sense of humor.

Dr Jan Pol
Dr. Jan Harm Pol

But who is Dr. Pol, and how did he become the incredible vet that we see on TV? In this article, we will explore his background, his journey, and his philosophy of veterinary practice. We will also learn more about his family, his staff, and his loyal clients. We will discover what makes him tick, what inspires him, and what challenges him. And we will find out why he is not only incredible but also beloved by millions of viewers around the world.

Dr. Pol Net Worth: How Rich is the Incredible Veterinarian?

Dr. Pol is not your typical veterinarian. He is a charismatic and world-renowned star of the reality TV show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild, as well as a pioneer and expert in his field. He has been treating pets and livestock in rural Michigan for over 40 years and has more than 23,000 clients. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Early Life & Education:

Dr. Jan Harm Pol, better known as Dr. Pol, was born on September 4, 1942, in Wateren, a small village in the province of Drenthe, Netherlands.  He is a Virgo, which is said to make him practical, humble, self-effacing, and industrious. He is the youngest of six children and grew up on his parents’ dairy farms, where he developed a love for animals. He decided to become a veterinarian at the age of 12 after he assisted in delivering a litter of piglets on his farm.

Dr. Pol attended a local high school in his hometown, but he also spent a year as an exchange student at Mayville High School in Michigan, USA, in 1961. He wanted to be closer to his older sister, who was living in Canada at the time. He met his future wife, Diane Dalrymple, during his stay in Mayville. After returning to the Netherlands, he pursued his veterinary education at Utrecht University and graduated in 1970. He then moved to the USA with his wife and worked as a veterinarian in Harbor Beach, Michigan, for 10 years.

Dr Pol and his wife
Co-owners of Pol Veterinary Service Dr.Pol & Diane Pol

Pol Veterinary Service

In 1981, Dr.Pol opened his own clinic, Pol Veterinary Services, in Weidman, Michigan, where he still practices today. Dr. Pol, who has a passion for large animals, started his practice in a small room in his garage, where he and his wife Diane treated mostly dairy cows, horses, and some pets. He earned the trust and loyalty of his clients and over the years, Pol Veterinary Service expanded its facilities and clientele, moving to a larger building on Jordan Rd, Weidman, Michigan. The clinic now has over 25,000 clients and offers a wide range of services for both large and small animals. He attributes his success to his honesty, quality service, and personal approach, which he explained in an interview:

“With my education in large animals and the experience I developed in practice, clients realized that I provided good service. I am honest and treat my clients the way I would want to be treated. This approach is the reason why our practice grew and continues to grow.”

Dr. Pol is joined by a team of experienced and dedicated veterinarians, including Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, who has been working with him for over two decades. The clinic also provides learning opportunities and employment or has employed other vet professionals such as Dr. Emily Thomas, Dr. Elizabeth Grammer, Dr. Sandra Wisniewski, Dr. Nicole Arcy, Dr. Lisa Jones, and Dr. Ray Harp.

The Incredible Dr. Pol:

Dr. Pol’s life took an unexpected turn when his son Charles suggested making a reality TV show about his work. Although Dr. Pol was reluctant at first, he agreed to give it a shot. The result was The Incredible Dr. Pol, a hit series on Nat Geo Wild that showcases Dr. Pol and his team as they treat various animals and face different challenges and adventures. The show also gives a glimpse into the lives of his family and employees, who share their personal stories and opinions. The Incredible Dr. Pol has been a huge success, attracting millions of viewers and winning several awards. It has also spawned spin-offs such as Calling Dr. Pol and Nightcap with Dr. Pol.

Dr. Pol made his show debut in the first episode of the first season, titled “Vet and Wild”, which aired on October 29, 2011. He has appeared in 236 episodes until 2023. Dr. Pol has also been invited as a guest on WGN Morning News twice, in 2017 and 2018. He has also received an honorary doctorate of public service from Central Michigan University in 2013.

Getting to Know Dr. Pol Through His Own Words

What makes Dr. Pol tick?

Dr. Pol loves the variety and unpredictability of his work. He says, “This is one thing that I really like about this business, because we never know what comes through the door that day. This is what keeps me going. I am always so curious.” He also enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the advances in veterinary medicine. He says, “Maybe what I’d like to do is live another couple hundred years and find out how far medicine will come in those days.”

What inspires Dr. Pol?

Dr. Pol is inspired by the connection between people and animals, and the role that animals play in human well-being. He says, “My philosophy is that I want kids to grow up with animals. When kids grow up with animals, they make better adults. Especially when kids are very young, they are often taking care of animals or playing with animals, even before they can walk sometimes. This is what people don’t realize, how much animals can teach humans.” He also says, “I always say, look in the animal’s eyes. It’s fantastic when you take time to read the animal. It makes no difference if it’s a horse, a cow, you know, anything, dogs and cats. They tell you what they want, if you just listen.”

What are Dr. Pol’s Challenges?

Dr. Pol is a country veterinarian who treats all kinds of animals, from farm animals to household pets, and faces many challenges in his work. He has to deal with difficult or dangerous animals, such as cows, horses, and snakes, and sometimes risks his own safety or that of his crew. He also has to perform veterinary medicine in extreme weather conditions, such as heat or cold, and often improvises with the tools and equipment he has. However, not everyone appreciates his style of practice. He has faced criticism and controversy from his fellow vets and the veterinary board, who have accused him of using outdated or unethical methods, such as amputating a dog’s tail without anesthesia or removing an eye from a Boston Terrier without enough pain medication. He has also been sued for malpractice and negligence by some of his clients. Despite these challenges, he remains passionate about his work and his animals. He also tries to balance his personal and professional life, by spending time with his family and enjoying his hobbies, such as gardening and fishing. He believes that growing up with animals makes better adults, and he hopes to inspire more people to love and care for their pets.

Legal Troubles

Dr. Pol, the star of the reality TV show The Incredible Dr. Pol, has faced several legal challenges in his career as a veterinarian. He has been accused of using outdated or unethical methods in his treatment of animals, such as “failing to intubate the dog during surgery, failing to use an electronic monitoring device during the procedure, failing to request assistance locating the dog’s uterus during surgery and failing to wear a surgical cap, mask and gown during the procedure.” These allegations were based on the complaints of a television viewer in 2013 and a fellow vet, Dr. Eden Myers, in 2014, who criticized his ovariohysterectomy procedure on a dog and his removal of an eye from a Boston Terrier named Mr. Pigglesworth, respectively.

In 2015, Dr.Pol was found guilty of negligence and malpractice by the court and was fined $500 and put on probation for one year. However, he appealed the verdict and was cleared of the charges in 2016. He also faced a complaint from a horse owner in 2015, who claimed that he failed to wear surgical gloves and reduce hair surrounding the wound in the course of treating a laceration on the horse’s left hip. The court ruled in his favor, but the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) disagreed and placed him on probation in 2018. He appealed again, but the court upheld LARA’s decision in a final verdict on December 19, 2019. There is no new update on Dr. Pol’s legal troubles, as of December 2023. He is still running his practice and his show, and has not faced any new lawsuits or complaints.


Besides being a reality television star and veterinarian, Dr. Pol is a published author. He co-authored the memoir “Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow: My Life as a Country Vet” with David Fisher, and it was published on August 14, 2014. In the book, Dr. Pol recounts his humorous and touching stories of caring for animals of all shapes and sizes, from white mice to horses. He also shares his personal journey of growing up on a dairy farm in the Netherlands, studying veterinary medicine at Utrecht University, and moving to Michigan with his wife Diane. 

Philanthropy and activism:

Dr. Pol is involved in some philanthropic and activist causes related to animal welfare and veterinary education. Some examples are:

  • He supports spaying and neutering of pets to prevent overpopulation and reduce euthanasia rates. He also advocates for responsible pet ownership and adoption.
  • He is active with local 4-H and FFA programs, where he mentors young people interested in agriculture and animal science. He also sponsors scholarships for students pursuing veterinary careers.
  • He testified before the Michigan House of Representatives in favor of a bill to protect veterinarians from being investigated based on information obtained from reality TV shows. The bill was intended to prevent frivolous complaints and lawsuits against veterinarians who provide emergency care to animals in rural areas.
  • He received an honorary doctorate of public service from Central Michigan University for his contributions to the community and the veterinary profession in 2011.

Personal Life: Dr. Pol Wife & Kids

Dr. Pol and Diane Pol are a married couple who have been together for more than half a century. They share a strong bond of love and friendship, as well as a passion for animals and their veterinary work. Their story began in 1961, when they met as high school students in Michigan. Dr. Pol was an exchange student from the Netherlands, and Diane was a junior at Mayville High School. They felt an instant connection, especially over their common interest in water sports. After Dr. Pol returned to his home country, he and Diane maintained their friendship through monthly letters.

Dr.Pol wedding

Their relationship blossomed into romance when Dr. Diane visited the Netherlands and stayed with Dr. Pol’s family. They tied the knot in 1967 and moved to the Netherlands, where Dr. Pol pursued his veterinary degree. In 1970, they came back to the US and settled in Michigan. They opened their own veterinary clinic in 1981. 

They adopted three children: Charles, Kathy, and Diane Jr.  They also have several grandchildren, but their family has faced some tragedies. In 2016, their son-in-law Greg Butch died from cancer, and in 2019, their grandson Adam Butch passed away. Through thick and thin, they have supported each other and pursued their passion for animals and their work. Their veterinary practice and their family life are featured on the reality TV show The Incredible Dr. Pol, where they appear together.

More facts:

  • Dr. Pol is fluent in four languages – English, Dutch, French, and German.
  • Dr. Pol is color-blind. He has trouble with the green and brown colors.
  • Dr. Pol first practiced veterinary medicine in Harbor Beach, Michigan.
  • Dr. Pol’s favorite food is pork chops.
  • Dr. Pol’s favorite sport is soccer.
  • Dr. Pol has Acrophobia
  • Dr. Pol and his wife Diane celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, which is the Dutch version of Christmas
  • Dr. Pol often donates his time and veterinary services to local 4-H clubs throughout central Michigan.
  • Dr. Pol is an avid car collector. Among the cars in his collection are a 1937 Rolls Royce, a 1999 Plymouth Prowler, and a 1981 “Back to the Future” DeLorean.
  • Diane Pol has a Master’s Degree in Special Reading and used to be a teacher at Harbor Beach Elementary School.
  • Diane Pol inherits German and Scotish ancestry from her parents.
  • Dr. Pol is licensed to Practice Veterinary Medicine in the State of Michigan and The Netherlands.

Social Media Presence:

Dr. Pol has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. posts updates about his clinic, his family, his TV show, and his animals on his social media accounts. He also answers fan questions and shares photos and videos of his work and life. You can follow him on:

Physical Traits and Dressing Style:

Dr. Pol has the following physical traits and dressing style:

  • He is 81 years old, 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm tall, and weighs around 68 kg.
  • He has light brown hair and blue eyes, but he is color blind and has trouble with green and brown.
  • He usually wears casual clothes such as jeans, shirts, jackets, and boots. He also wears glasses and a hat when working outdoors.
  • He sometimes wears formal suits and ties when attending public events or awards ceremonies.

Wiki/bio Facts:

Full NameDr. Jan Harm Pol
Other NameDr. Pol
BirthdateSeptember 4, 1942
Age81years old
Birth PlaceWateren, Drenthe, Netherlands
Marital StatusMarried
WifeDiane Pol (m. 1967)
ChildrenCharles Pol, Kathy Pol, Diane POl Jr.
Relationship StatusCommitted
EducationUtrecht University Veterinary program (g.1970)
Profession Veterinarian, Reality Television Personality
Net worth$3 Million
HeightAbout 5 Feet & 9 Inches (175 cm)
WightAround 149 lbs (68 kg)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight Brown


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