Dr. Nicole Arcy wiki/bio shows a secret marriage. Her net worth & career.

For more than a decade, Dr. Pol has reflected our love for animals onscreen. “The Incredible Dr. Pol” has not only been a series of people instantly took to but has also inspired people around the world. As the camera followed Dr. Pol’s work at the Pol Veterinary Service, fans couldn’t help but be drawn in. The Nat Geo Wild original show has 21 seasons and from the way, things are going the 22nd season is a matter of time. The series has brought us some amazing cast members. Apart from the animal-loving Dr. Pol, the series has also brought Dr. Nicole Arcy, a  mixed animal veterinarian who is in love with animals as much as we are. So, who indeed is Nicole Arcy? Is she married? Her net worth? We will bring everything to know about this rising television star.

Who is Nicole Arcy?

Nicole Arcy is an American doctor of veterinary medicine, a veterinary practitioner, and a reality television actor. She came into the limelight after joining the cast of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” in 2019. She is the current veterinary staff at “Pol Veterinary Services” in Weidman Michigan.

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Nicole Arcy 

How old is Nicole Arcy?

Nicole Arcy was born on December 20, 1990, United States. The birthday makes her 32 years old. year-old. She is American by nationality and if ethnicity is concerned she is of Caucasian origin. Born with the Sagittarius sign,  Nicole is said to possess traits of being optimistic, a lover of freedom, hilarious, fair-minded, honest, and intellectual according to zodiac reading.

Early Life & Education:

Nicole Arcy is from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent her part of her early years. She grew up alongside her younger sister Amanda Arcy. Nicol dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when she was just in her kindergarten. She liked animals starting from her childhood and over the years her love for animals only grew.

The Incredible Dr.Pol new vet Dr Nicole Arcy
“The Incredible Dr.Pol” vet Dr. Nicole Arcy

In the pursuit of her education, Nicole had to leave her hometown for other states. After completing high school, she joined Michigan State University where completed her Bachelor Of Science in Zoology. She then enrolled at the University of Missouri gaining her Master’s degree in Public Health. She got her DVM degree from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. Nicole Arcy is a mixed animal veterinary practitioner.

Michigan State UniversityBachelor Of ScienceZoology
University of MissouriMastersPublic Health
University of Missouri College of Veterinary MedicineDVMVeterinary Medicine

Professional Life:

Wrapping up her education, Nicole came down to Michigan in search of a Veterinary practice that specialized in the care of mixed animals. After falling instantly in love with Dr. Pol’s work, Nicole joined the team. She started at Pol Veterinary Service in June 2018, it was a year later she got her chance on the TV show  “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Apart from her time with Dr. Pol, Nicole worked with Little Horses Big Smiles Inc a non-profit organization providing mini therapy horses for therapy visits to healthcare facilities. 

Television Career:

Becoming a television star is like a mega bonus that came along with her veterinarian job at Pol Veterinary Service. Nicole joined the cast of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” in 2019. She made her show debut on season 14 episode 7 entitled  “Of Mice & Macaws.” Since she has regularly appeared every following season and currently is part of season 21. She has made 58 episodes appearances and counting. Other than “The Incredible Dr. Pol” Nichole has no television credits.

Personal Life:

Is Nicole Arcy secretly Married to her husband? :

Nicole Arcy is available on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A quick scroll through her social media handle will show you her dedication and love toward an animal. It is not hard to admit Nicole is always looking for ways to make the lives of animals healthier. Nicole does not expose her personal life on social media. While Nicole has never shared the news on her relationship status, Dr. Pol’s daughter Diane Pol Jr. was there to spill the bean. Nicole Arcy actually could be secretly married.

Dr Nichole Arcy and Dr Jan Ham Pol
Dr. Jan Harm Pol(L), Dr. Nicole Arcy (M)

On August 31, 2021, Diane Pol Jr. shared a Facebook post about her experience helping Dr. Nicole during C-section surgery on a pregnant Dog. At the time Nicole had the helping hands of Diane Pol Jr. and her partner Ryan Lapham. Diane Pol Jr. also wrote, “Her husband helped too,” suggesting Nicole Arcy is secretly married. It is not known when Nicole had her wedding but one thing is sure she seems to keep him to herself in a private relationship.

Nicole Arcy Social Media Handle:

Social MediaUsernameFollowers
FacebookNicole Arcy
Instagram@dr.nicole_arcyMore than 20.7K
Twitter@DrNicoleArcyMore than 98.7K

Net Worth:

Nicole Arcy makes money from her job as a veterinarian and a reality television actor. Nicole has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Wiki/bio Facts:

Birth NameNicole K. Arcy
BirthdateDecember 20, 1990
Age32 years old
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
SiblingsAmanda Arcy
Gender Female
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionDVM, Veterinarian, Reality Television actor
Net worth$20000

More about Nicole Arcy:

Nicole is a mixed animal veterinarian and likes photography. She also has favorite television shows other than “The Incredible Dr.Pol.” Check this Nicole Arcy interview to get more insight into her life.


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