Dr. Nicole Arcy Vet biography, facts, net worth, husband and children.

For over more than 9 years, Dr.Pol has reflected our love for animals onscreen. “The Incredible Dr.Pol” has not only been a series of people instantly took to but has also inspired people around the world. As the camera followed Dr. Pol during his time at the Pol Veterinary Service, fans couldn’t help but be drawn in. The show which airs in Nat Geo wild has completed 16 successful seasons and from the way, things are going the 17th season might be just around the corner. During its runtime, the series has brought us some amazing cast members. Apart from the animal-loving Dr.Pol, the series has also brought Dr. Nicole Arcy. A young-vet who is in love with animals as much as we are.

Who is Dr. Nicole Arcy?

Dr. Nicole Arcy was born in the 1990s. While her exact date of birth remains hidden, we do know that she celebrates her birthday on 20th December every year. A native of Las Vegas, Arcy grew up loving animals. Early on in her life, she had made her mind to help animals. She has a sister named Amanda besides the fact little is known about her parents and other siblings.

The Incredible Dr.Pol new vet Dr Nicole Arcy
“The Incredible” Dr.Pol new vet Dr. Nicole Arcy

We do know that she studied medicine at the University of Missouri and graduated in 2018. Later she joined Dr. Pol and his staff on the reality show.

Professional Life:

As a young and budding doctor, Nicole is just getting started in her professional life. Wrapping up her education, Nicole came down to Michigan in search of a farm that specialized in the care of exotic animals. After falling instantly in love with Dr.Pol’s farm, Nicole joined the team. The announcement came on the 21st of February 2019. As of the current date, Nicole is nearing the completion of her first year in the show. And it is safe to say, the doctor has thoroughly enjoyed her stay.

Married Life and Relationship Status:

While Nicole has kept her relationship status a secret, it is safe to say the reality star is yet to marry. A glance at her social media handle shows the dedication of the doctor towards her field. As of the current date, it is hard to say that the doctor is even seeing someone. She is incredibly dedicated to her field and is enjoying her time on the farm.

Dr Nichole Arcy and Dr Jan Ham Pol
Dr. Jan Ham Pol(L), Dr. NIcole Arcy(M)

Dr. Nicole Arcy is a young talented doctor who works under Dr. Pol on his farm. She loves animals above all and often takes to social media to express her love. She is fond of surgery in particular and is always looking for ways to make the lives of animals easier.

Net Worth

As the Nat Geo Wild show “The Incredible Dr.Pol” continues to grow the cast has enjoyed the significant change in fortune. We can say similar for the new addition Dr. Nicole Arcy. She earns as the employee of veterinary clinic “Pol Veterinary service” co-owned by Dr. Jna Ham Pol and his wife Diane Pol. Now she is exploring a new chapter of fame and money through her TV show debut on season 16 of “The Incredible Dr.Pol.” As to the part how much she earns from the show is kept hidden. For now, her net worth is under review.


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