Dr. Nicole Arcy wiki/bio shows a secret marriage. Her net worth, career facts.

If you are an animal lover, you have probably heard of The Incredible Dr. Pol, the reality TV show that follows the adventures of Dr. Jan Pol and his team of veterinarians at the Pol Veterinary Service in Michigan. For more than a decade, the show has entertained and inspired millions of viewers around the world with its touching stories, amazing cases, and charming personalities. One of the popular members of the show is Dr. Nicole Arcy, a mixed animal veterinarian who shares Dr. Pol’s love and commitment to animals of all kinds. Whether it’s a colorful macaw or a large horse or cow, Dr. Arcy has seen and treated them all.

But how much do you know about Dr. Nicole Arcy? Is she married or does she have children? How did she become a vet? And what is her salary for her TV appearances? These are some of the questions this article will address about Dr. Arcy.

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Nicole Arcy 

Dr. Nicole Arcy: A Multi-Species Vet with a Big Heart

Some vets specialize in one kind of animal, but not Dr. Nicole Arcy. She cares for all creatures big and small. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, a cow or a horse, or exotic birds, Dr. Arcy has the skills and the passion to treat them.

Her love for animals started when she was a child and never faded. She never listened to anyone who tried to limit her as a vet. She said,

“People always told me that I had to choose one type of animal, or maybe a group like large animals, small animals, or exotics. They said that I couldn’t do them all well. But look at me now, I’m doing them all and I’m loving it.”

She joined the cast of the popular reality TV show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” on February 23, 2019, and became an instant star. Her debut was also celebrated on Dr. Pol’s official Facebook page, where fans gave her a warm welcome and expressed their curiosity to learn more about her.

Dr. Nicole Arcy Interview: The Vet Who Loves Photography and Law and Order

Dr. Arcy, who co-stars alongside Dr. Pol, a seasoned veterinarian with over 50 years of experience, holds him in high regard as a mentor. Learning from his extensive expertise, she values his guidance immensely. In an episode of Dr. Pol Presents Recheck, a YouTube series hosted by Dr. Pol and his son Charles Pol, Dr. Arcy expressed her admiration:

“He has been a great mentor throughout these past couple years and he has taught me how to handle different animals, how to treat them, and if I ever have questions, he’s right there.”

During the interview, Dr. Arcy also delved into her personal interests and hobbies. She fondly spoke of her love for photography, which began in high school. Though she had to set it aside during vet school due to time constraints, she has since rekindled her passion:

“Well, growing up I liked photography. Um, in high school I was really interested in photography. I got a camera, um, learned how to use it and tried to teach myself basically how to take good pictures and I really, really enjoyed that. However, going through vet school it got kind of put on the back burner because I didn’t have much free time for really anything but studying at that point. So I have been able to go ahead and pick that back up now.”

Dr. Arcy also shared her childhood dreams, revealing that she always aspired to be a vet, with backup plans of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. She humorously noted that her second favorite TV show is Law and Order, a legal drama series:

“Okay, growing up I always wanted to be a vet. My backup to that plan was going to be a doctor and my backup to a doctor was going to be a lawyer. So I guess I’d have to say Law and Order is my second favorite TV show.”

Dr. Arcy is a talented and dedicated veterinarian who loves her job and animals. She is also a fun and interesting person who has other passions and hobbies besides her profession.

Dr. NIcole Arcy Wiki/Bio Facts

Birth NameNicole Kalman Arcy
BirthdateDecember 20, 1990
Age33 years old
Birth PlaceDearborn, Michigan, U.S.
ResidenceMichigan, United States
ParentsWiliam Arcy, Nancy Arcy
SiblingsAmanda Hoggard (Arcy)
Gender Female
Height (approx)5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm
EyeHazel Green
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenYes (Noah)
EducationBSc in Zoology from Michigan State University – Lyman Briggs, Master’s in Public Health and DVM from University of Missouri
ProfessionVeterinarian, Reality Television actor
WorkplacePol Veterinary Services (2018-?), Clare Animal Hospital (Feb 19, 2024- present)
Famous forAppearing on the National Geographic show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”
Joined the showFebruary 23, 2019
Has treatedGuinea pigs, bearded dragons, geckos, rabbits, etc
Net worthOver $200,000

Fun Facts About Nicole Arcy’s Birthday

  • Nicole Arcy was born on December 20, 1990, in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Her age as of 2024 is 33 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac. Sagittarius people are known for being adventurous, optimistic, and honest.
  • Her birthstone is turquoise, a blue-green mineral that is believed to bring good luck, protection, and health.
  • Her birth flower is holly, a plant with glossy green leaves and red berries that symbolize hope, joy, and peace.
  • Some famous celebrities who share her birthday are Jonah Hill (actor), JoJo (singer), and David Wright (baseball player).

Early Life & Education

Nicole Arcy always wanted to be a vet since she was little. Her mom and dad, William and Nancy, and her sister Amanda, all helped her love animals more. Nicole lived in Michigan, and she had lots of animal friends.

She went to Michigan State University and got a degree in Zoology. Then, she enrolled in the University of Missouri, where she completed her Master’s degree in Public Health and her DVM degree from the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Michigan State UniversityBachelor Of ScienceZoology
University of MissouriMastersPublic Health
University of Missouri College of Veterinary MedicineDVMVeterinary Medicine

Professional Life

Nicole Arcy is one of the later additions to Pol Veterinary Service, a clinic run by Dr. Jan Pol in Weidman, Michigan. She joined the team in June 2018, after graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine with her DVM degree.

But Nicole’s connection to Dr. Pol goes back much further than that. She has been a fan of his popular National Geographic show, The Incredible Dr. Pol, since before she entered vet school. The show follows the adventures of Dr. Pol and his team of vets, as they handle various animal cases in rural Michigan.

The Incredible Dr.Pol new vet Dr Nicole Arcy
“The Incredible Dr.Pol” vet Dr. Nicole Arcy

“I enjoyed watching Dr. Pol on TV since before vet school. When it came time to find a job before I graduated, I was looking for a hospital that worked on not only small and large animals but also exotics/small mammals.” Nicole said.

She found her dream job at the Pol Veterinary Service, where she gets to work with a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to cows and horses, and even some exotic species like macaws and alpacas. She has also treated animals like guinea pigs, bearded dragons, geckos, and rabbits. She also gets to work alongside her idol, Dr. Pol, who has been a mentor and a friend to her. She also works along with fellow doctors Dr. Brenda Grettenberger and Dr. Lisa Jones.

Dr Nichole Arcy and Dr Jan Ham Pol
Dr. Jan Harm Pol(L), Dr. Nicole Arcy (M)

Nicole made her debut on The Incredible Dr. Pol in 2019, in the seventh episode of season 14, titled “Of Mice & Macaws”. Since then, she has made appearances in 85 episodes until 2024. The Incredible Dr. Pol is her only television credit, but she enjoys sharing her passion for animals with the viewers be it on her social media pages. While her television role is her sole credit, Nicole’s passion for animals extends beyond the screen. She actively engages with viewers through her social media channels, sharing her enthusiasm and expertise.

Beyond her television career, Nicole is deeply committed to giving back to the community. She volunteers for Little Horses Big Smiles Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing mini therapy horses to healthcare facilities. Through this work, she witnesses firsthand the transformative power of animals in bringing joy and healing to those in need.

On February 19th, 2024, Dr. Nicole Arcy joined the Clare Animal Hospital. The clinic announced the news of Dr. Arcy’s arrival on their Facebook page a week before she started.

Net Worth

Nicole Arcy, a veterinarian, has accumulated a net worth estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000. Her wealth stems from both her veterinary career and her appearances on television. In Michigan, where she practices, the average annual salary for a veterinarian is around $97,500, or approximately $46.88 per hour. While her earnings from her television show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” remain undisclosed, they likely contribute significantly to her overall income.

Personal Life

Nicole Arcy secretly Married!

Nicole Arcy, a devoted veterinarian with a profound love for animals, enjoys documenting her adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Despite her active presence on social media, she remained discreet about her personal life. However, in August 2021, her secret was inadvertently revealed by Diane Pol, her co-star’s daughter. It was unveiled that Nicole Arcy is married, a fact she had kept hidden from her online followers. Interestingly, her husband, who works in a different profession, had never been mentioned before.

Dr. Pol’s daughter, Diane Pol Jr., revealed on Facebook that she helped Nicole perform a C-section on a pregnant dog. She also added, “Her husband helped too,” revealing that Nicole is already married to a husband.

Apart from Diane Pol Jr.’s hint, we can confirm that Dr. Nicole Arcy is a married woman.
However, Nicole’s wedding details remain a mystery, underscoring her penchant for privacy with her partner. Admirably, she skillfully conceals even the smallest details about her husband from the media. Fans are left wondering how they met and how long they’ve been married, adding to the fascination surrounding Nicole’s personal life.

But Dr. Nicole isn’t the only one celebrating love in her family. Her younger sister, Amanda Hoggard, who bears a striking resemblance to Nicole, tied the knot with her boyfriend, Joey Haggard, in a beautiful ceremony on September 23, 2023. Dr. Nicole was there to share in her sister’s joy and walked alongside her down the aisle.

Dr. Nicole Arcy’s pregnancy and children?

Dr. Nicole Arcy had kept her pregnancy a secret for a long time. She finally announced that she was expecting a baby boy on season 24 of The Incredible Dr. Pol, but did not share any more details such as her due date or delivery. Her husband was very supportive of her and even helped her with her veterinary work. Dr. Nicole took a maternity leave to prepare for her son’s arrival. She also surprised her followers on Christmas Eve 2023 by posting a picture of her pet dog, and in the background, a baby boy is facing the festive tree. She captioned the post: “Merry Christmas (Eve)! ❤️ From My Family to Yours,” suggesting she had already given birth to a baby boy. The post got thousands of likes and many congratulatory messages from her followers.

One user wrote,

“Congrats on the new baby!!! Love this for you!!”

Another wrote,

“Did Dr. Nicole have a baby? If yes, FANTASTIC and CONGRATULATIONS!!”

Another wrote,

“Congrats on the baby! You have such a wonderful disposition, I’m sure you’re an amazing mom.”

And another one wrote,

“I’m so excited to meet your bundle of joy! I knew watching you from your 1st day at Dr Pol, that you would make an awesome momma! I’m sending you lots of beautiful baby blessings! What’s his or her name?”

Very little is known about Nicole Arcy’s journey into motherhood beyond her baby’s name, Noah. Details regarding his birthdate or the circumstances of his arrival remain undisclosed.

Nicole Arcy Social Media Handle:

Social MediaUsernameFollowers
FacebookNicole Arcy
Instagram@dr.nicole_arcyMore than 20.7K
Twitter@DrNicoleArcyMore than 98.7K

Dr. NIcole Arcy’s Tribute to Her Beloved Pet

One of the most special animals in her life was Pepsi, or “Peppy” as she affectionately called him. She adopted him before vet school and he quickly became the best study buddy ever. He was always by her side, cheering her up with his playful antics and comforting her with his warm snuggles. He was also a fighter, overcoming many medical rarities, cancers, and surgeries with his resilient spirit. He taught Nicole so much about veterinary medicine and inspired her to become the best vet she could be. Sadly, Peppy passed away on February 24, 2022, after eight wonderful years with Nicole. She was heartbroken, but also grateful for the precious memories they shared. She posted a tribute to him on her Twitter account, expressing her love and gratitude for her best friend. She wrote:

“Yesterday I lost my best friend, Pepsi “Peppy”. I adopted him before vet school & he quickly became the best study buddy ever! Through all his medical rarities, cancers, and surgeries, he made me the vet I am today. 8 years with you was not enough. I will always miss you Peppy!”


Q: How old is Dr. Nicole Arcy? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy is 33 years old as of 2024. She was born on December 20, 1990, in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

Q: Where did Dr. Nicole Arcy go to college? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy has a BSc degree in Zoology from Michigan State University – Lyman Briggs, a Master’s degree in public health and a DVM from the University of Missouri.

Q: When did Dr. Nicole Arcy join Dr. Pol’s team? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy joined Dr. Pol’s team in June 2018 and has been a vital part of the clinic since then. She was a fan of the show before she became a cast member.

Q: What kind of animals does Dr. Nicole Arcy treat? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy treats a variety of animals, including exotic ones. She has treated animals like guinea pigs, bearded dragons, geckos, and rabbits. She also treats farm animals like cows, horses, pigs, and goats.

Q: Is Dr. Nicole Arcy married? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy is married and has a baby boy with her husband.

Q: What are Dr. Nicole Arcy’s hobbies and interests? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy enjoys spending time with her pets, traveling, hiking, and reading. She also likes to watch movies and listen to music.

Q: What are some of the challenges that Dr. Nicole Arcy faces as a veterinarian? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy faces many challenges as a veterinarian, such as dealing with emergencies, difficult cases, unpredictable situations, and emotional stress. She also has to balance her work and personal life, and cope with the demands of being on a reality TV show.

Q: What are some of the rewards that Dr. Nicole Arcy gets from being a veterinarian? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy gets many rewards from being a veterinarian, such as helping animals and their owners, saving lives, making a difference, learning new things, and working with a great team. She also gets to fulfill her childhood dream of being a vet and share her passion with millions of viewers.

Q: How does Dr. Nicole Arcy interact with her fans and followers? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy interacts with her fans and followers through social media, where she maintains an enthusiastic and interactive presence. She frequently shares photos and videos of her work and life. She also responds to comments and messages from her fans.

Q: What are some of the goals that Dr. Nicole Arcy has for the future? A: Dr. Nicole Arcy has many goals for the future, such as continuing to grow and improve as a veterinarian, expanding her knowledge and skills, exploring new opportunities and challenges, and making a positive impact on the world.


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