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Amanda Giese has a simple motto, to be the voice of all those that cannot speak for themselves. The founder of Panda Paws Rescue, Amanda is an animal activist who is working to end the homelessness, abuse & neglect of all animals. Over the years, Amanda has raised issues of animal abuse and neglect. A real animal lover, Amanda is also known for the reality TV series, Amanda to the rescue. The series began airing on the 28th of October 2018 ad wrapped up its second season in 2019. The series featured Amanda and her family rescuing dogs that others have given up on. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Amanda Giese.

Wiki/Bio facts

Full nameAmanda Giese
Date of birthJanuary 26, 1983
Place of birthWashington, United States
Zodiac signAquarius
Marital statusDivorced
EducationAttended veterinary medical school (dropped out)
OccupationAnimal rescuer, TV personality
Net worth$1 million
Ex-husbandGary Walters
ChildrenJade and Beast (from previous marriage)
BoyfriendJeffrey Roy
PetsSeveral dogs, cats, birds
CompanyPanda Paws Rescue (founded in 2011)
MissionTo rescue and rehabilitate animals with special medical needs, such as disabilities, abuse, or terminal illnesses
TV showAmanda to the Rescue (premiered in October 2018 on Animal Planet)
Social mediaInstagram (@amandatotherescue), Facebook (@PandaPawsRescue501c3), YouTube (Panda Paws Rescue)
First animal rescuedA kitten when she was 10 years old
Previous jobsVeterinary technician, nightclub promoter, go-go dancer
ChildhoodTroubled and abusive
PersonalityCompassionate, courageous, charismatic, optimistic, humorous
GoalTo raise awareness and funds for animal welfare causes and to inspire others to follow their dreams
ChallengesFacing criticism, hate, and threats from some people who disagree with her methods or choices
SuccessesSaving thousands of animals and finding them loving homes; gaining popularity and recognition for her work; having a supportive family and partner
Amanda To the rescue star Amanda Giese
Animal Activist & rescuer Amanda Giese

Early life and first rescue

Amanda Giese was born on the 26th of January, 1983. Born and raised in Washington, Amanda has always been fond of animals. As a young kid, Amanda had an abusive upbringing and saw animals as a way to find solace.

Amanda accomplished her first rescue mission when she was just 10-years of age. She rescued a neglected kitten, which according to her was just the size of a lemon. Over the months, Amanda nursed the injured kitten back to health and took her regularly to the vet. Amanda revealed that her greatest lesson from the rescue was that she needed to put in the time to care for animals.

Professional Career

After graduating from a local high school, Amanda decided to enroll at University. Mid-way through her studies, Amanda decided to drop out of the university and started working as a vet technician. Even though Amanda never left her job as a vet technician, she became increasingly interested in animal rescue. True to her goals, Amanda established the PandPaws organization and started working for the rescue of animals.

Panda Paws Rescue

Panda Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating animals with special medical needs, such as disabilities, abuse, or terminal illnesses. It was founded in 2011 by Amanda Giese. It operates as a hospice and rehabilitation center for animals that are often overlooked or euthanized by other shelters. Amanda and her team of volunteers provide medical care, foster homes, and adoption services for these animals. Some of the animals that Panda Paws Rescue has rescued include dogs, cats, birds, snakes, possums, and ferrets. Some of the animals have rare conditions such as cerebellar hypoplasia, hydrocephalus, and spina bifida.

Panda Paws Rescue is based in Washington State, but Amanda travels across the country to rescue animals with special needs. She also uses her social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare causes. She has a large following and fan base who admire and support her work and cause. Panda Paws Rescue accepts donations or support from the public through their website. People can also volunteer or foster animals for their organization. Panda Paws Rescue’s goal is to end the homelessness, abuse, and neglect of all animals.

Reality TV

Following her excellent work, Animal planet reached out to Amanda to discuss a potential TV show. Amanda agreed to the concept and “Amanda To The Rescue” started airing from the 28th of October 2018. Not a fan of killing animals, Amanda prefers to nurse the animal back to health even in case of animals with very small chances of survival. When asked about how reality TV changed the way Amanda did things, she revealed,

“There is no difference between my rescue on the show and my rescue personally. We do everything that we do normally, just that now we have cameras following us around. We didn’t change anything for the TV show; we kept everything running how it runs at the rescue. The difference is that people can see the other side of a rescue — what really goes into running a rescue and how to take care of animals.”

During her time as an animal rescuer, Amanda has helped over more than 400 animals to make sure they find the home they deserve. Even though her show is primarily targeted towards the rescue of dogs, Amanda loves all animals equally and never turns her back to an animal in distress.

Rescued dog named Duncan Lou

One of her most famous rescues is Duncan Lou Who, a dog with two legs. Duncan was born with his hind legs fused together, and when he was just 3 months old, his owners decided to amputate the deformed limbs rather than euthanize him. Duncan learned to walk on his front legs within an hour of the surgery. He also survived a car crash, a cardiac arrest, and other challenges that would have stopped most dogs. He became an internet sensation when Giese uploaded a video of him running on the beach for the first time. Giese said that Duncan is a great example of how every life deserves a chance to be loved and happy, regardless of their differences or disabilities.

Net Worth

Amanda Giese has a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. Her main sources of income are her television show, her foundation, and her organizations. She also receives donations from animal lovers and supporters who appreciate her work. 

Personal Life

Amanda Giese has had her share of affairs and heartbreak. While she does not talk about her marriage and divorce, she and her ex-husband had two children Jade (16-years-old) and son Beast (18-year-old). Later Amanda moved on with a former basketball player Gary Walters. Gary helped her with rescue operations and was involved in the show. Even though at times the relationship looked promising Amanda and Walters broke up. After breaking up, Amanda engaged to her boyfriend Jeffree Roy. However, she hasn’t announced her marital status, relationship or kids from her new relationship yet.

Amanda Giese along with former partner Gary Walters and two kids
Amanda Giese along with former partner Gary Walters and kids Beast, Jade.

Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
Height5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) (approx.)
WeightUnknown (she does not reveal her weight publicly)
Eye colorGrey
Hair colorBald, blonde
Face shapeOval
Skin toneFair and smooth
TattoosSeveral on her arms, chest, back, and legs
PiercingsOn her ears
Body typeSlim and athletic

Amanda Giese FAQs

Is Amanda Giese a reality TV star?Yes
Is Amanda Giese married?No
Does Amanda Giese have any children?Yes
Does Amanda Giese have any pets?Yes
Does Amanda Giese have any tattoos?Yes (she has several tattoos on her arms, chest, back, and legs)
Does Amanda Giese have any piercings?Yes
Does Amanda Giese have any siblings?Unknown (she has not revealed much about her family background)
Does Amanda Giese have a college degree?No (she attended veterinary medical school, but dropped out before graduating)
Does Amanda Giese have a net worth of $1 million?Yes
Does Amanda Giese like going bald?Yes (she says it makes her feel free and confident)
Does Amanda Giese own a company called Panda Paws Rescue?Yes (she founded it in 2011)
Does Amanda Giese rescue only dogs and cats?No
Did Amanda Giese have a TV show called Amanda to the Rescue?Yes (it premiered in October 2018 on Animal Planet)
Does Amanda Giese travel across the country to rescue animals?Yes
Does Amanda Giese work alone in her rescue missions?she works with her family and a team of volunteers, and sometimes alone as well
Does Amanda Giese use social media to promote her work and cause?Yes (she has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube)
Does Amanda Giese accept donations or support from the public?Yes
Does Amanda Giese adopt out the animals she rescues?Yes (she finds loving homes for the animals that are ready for adoption)
Does Amanda Giese face any criticism or hate from some people?Yes
Does Amanda Giese let the criticism or hate affect her work or passion?No (she says she does not care about what others think and focuses on her mission)
Does Amanda Giese have any hobbies or interests besides rescuing animals?Yes
Did Amanda Giese rescue her first animal when she was 10 years old?Yes
Did Amanda Giese have a troubled and abusive childhood?Yes
Did Amanda Giese find solace in animals and music as a child?Yes
Did Amanda Giese have several jobs before launching her own company?Yes
Did Amanda Giese rescue a possum that was stuck in a toilet?Yes
Did Amanda Giese rescue a dog named Duncan Lou Who who had two legs amputated but could still run and swim?Yes
Is Amanda Giese’s goal to continue rescuing animals with special needs and finding them loving homes?Yes
Is Amanda Giese’s personality compassionate, courageous, charismatic, optimistic, and humorous?Yes
Is Amanda Giese’s partner Jeffrey Roy also an animal lover and rescuer?Yes (he supports and helps her with her work and cause)
Is Amanda Giese’s son Beast also involved in rescuing animals?Yes
Is Amanda Giese an inspiration for many animal lovers around the world?Yes (she has a large following and fan base who admire and support her work and cause)

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