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If you are a fan of the hit reality show The Incredible Dr. Pol, you might be familiar with the charismatic and compassionate veterinarian who treats animals of all shapes and sizes in rural Michigan. But do you know the woman who has been by his side for more than half a century, supporting him in his career, raising their family, and managing their clinic? Meet Diane Pol, the incredible woman behind The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Diane Pol is not just a loving wife, a devoted mother, and a proud grandmother. She is also a former teacher, a reading specialist, a co-founder, and an office manager of the Pol Veterinary Service. She has been instrumental in Dr. Pol’s success as one of the nation’s top veterinary doctors and a popular television personality.

Diane Pol and her longtime husband Dr. Pol
Diane Pol along with her longtime husband Dr. Pol

In this article, we will explore the life and achievements of Diane Pol, from her humble beginnings in Mayville, Michigan, to her adventurous romance with Dr. Pol, to her role in the creation and production of the show that has captivated millions of viewers around the world. We will also reveal some of the challenges and tragedies that she has faced and overcome, and how she has maintained her strength and grace throughout.

Diane Pol is a remarkable woman who deserves to be celebrated and admired. Read on to discover why she is truly incredible.

Diane Pol: The Early Years of Her Life and Love

Diane Pol was born on February 6, 1944, in the small town of Mayville, Michigan, U.S. She inherited her love for nature and wildlife from her parents, who belonged to the Dalrymple family, one of the oldest and most respected in the area.  She grew up in a small rural town in the middle of Main Street, surrounded by animals of all kinds. Her father loved animals and her mother came from a farm background, so they always had chickens, rabbits, pigeons, cats, dogs, and even a woodchuck as pets. Diane had a German heritage and was interested in learning the language, but she knew little about the Netherlands, where her future husband came from.

Diane was a bright and curious child, who enjoyed reading books and learning new things. She attended Mayville Community High School, where she excelled in her studies and met the love of her life, Jan Pol, a charming and adventurous foreign exchange student from the Netherlands in 1961. Diane and Jan shared a passion for animals and education, and decided to pursue their dreams together. Diane earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, and then continued her studies to get her master’s degree in special reading. She became a teacher at Harbor Beach Elementary School, where she inspired many young minds with her enthusiasm and kindness. Jan, meanwhile, studied veterinary medicine and became a licensed veterinarian.

In 1967, Diane and Jan tied the knot and embarked on a new journey. They moved to Jan’s homeland, the Netherlands, where Diane faced a language barrier with her in-laws. She decided to learn Dutch at a language institute, where she became fluent in just eight weeks. She also learned about the culture and the customs of her new home.

Diane Pol: From Teacher to Veterinarian’s Wife and Beyond

From teaching young minds to managing a busy veterinary clinic, Diane Pol has had a remarkable journey. She devoted herself to her husband’s passion for animals and helped him.

Diane and Jan moved back to the US in 1981 and started their own veterinary clinic in their home in Weidman, Michigan. They named it Pol Veterinary Service and began treating large and small animals in the rural area. Diane took care of the office work, such as scheduling appointments, billing clients, and ordering supplies. She also helped Jan with some of the procedures, such as holding animals or administering medications. Diane’s role in the clinic expanded over the years, as she hired more staff and oversaw the daily operations. She also became more involved in the community, volunteering at the local library and supporting various causes. She was especially interested in promoting literacy and education among children and adults. As Pol Veterinary Service grew, the Pols decided to get a building for the clinic on Jordan Rd, where they now serve more than 20,000 clients every year.

Diane Pol has been an office manager for more than 40 years, but that’s not all. She also works as an Independent Beauty Consultant for MARY KAY, an American cosmetic company. Diane Pol is a woman of many talents and passions, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

The Incredible Diane Pol: How a Reading Specialist Became a Reality TV Star

Diane Pol is also a reality TV star who has been on the hit show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” since 2011. The show, which airs on Nat Geo Wild, showcases the Pols’ veterinary practice in Michigan, where they treat all kinds of animals, from cows and horses to dogs and cats.  The show has made the Pols famous all over the world, and has attracted many fans and tourists to their clinic. Diane says that the TV show has made her life more hectic, but also more fun. She enjoys meeting new people and talking to them about the show or the animals. She says that people used to call her “Doc” and ignore her when she was with Jan, but now they recognize her and appreciate her.

Diane’s journey to becoming a TV star was not planned. It was her son Charles, who is also a producer, who came up with the idea of making a show about his parents’ work. He pitched it to Nat Geo Wild, and they agreed to give it a shot. Diane and Jan were hesitant at first, but they soon warmed up to the idea of sharing their passion for animals with the world. They also saw it as an opportunity to educate people about animal care and welfare.

Diane has also appeared in other shows related to “The Incredible Dr. Pol”, such as “Calling Dr. Pol” and “Night Cap With Dr. Pol”. She has also made guest appearances on other reality shows, such as the talk show Jinek, hosted by Eva Jinek, in 2015. Diane Pol is a woman of many talents and passions, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She says that she is grateful for her life and her family, and that she hopes to inspire others with her story.

Personal Life

Diane and Dr. Pol: A Tale of Two Countries and One True Love

Diane Pol and Dr. Jan Harm Pol have been married for over five decades, but their love story began when they were in high school. They met in 1961, when Dr. Pol came to Mayville High School as a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands and stayed with Diane’s family. They fell in love, but had to part ways when Dr. Pol returned to his home country at the end of the school year. They kept their romance alive through letters, and after a few years, Dr. Pol invited Diane to visit him in the Netherlands. She accepted, and they decided to get married in 1967 in a simple ceremony. They moved to the Netherlands, where Dr. Pol completed his degree in Veterinary Medicine from Utrecht University in 1970. Then, they settled in Michigan, where they have been living and working ever since.

Dr.Pol wedding
Wedding day snap of Dr. Pol and Diane Pol

Diane Pol Children

Dr. Pol and Diane have been happily married for more than half a century. They share a love for animals and a passion for helping them. Together, they founded the Pol Veterinary Services, a clinic that features on the reality TV show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. Although they never had any biological children, they opened their hearts and home to three adopted kids: Diane Jr., Charles, and Kathy Pol.

Mother and daughter Diane Pol and Dianne Louise Pol Jr
Mother-daughter Diane Pol, Dianne Louise Pol Jr

Diane Jr. is the eldest of the three, and she has a remarkable story of her own. She was born to Joann, a friend of Diane, who was diagnosed with cancer in 1981 and passed away a few years later. Joann entrusted her daughter to the Pols, who took her in and loved her as their own. They officially adopted Diane Jr. when she turned 18, and she became a part of their family. She grew up with Kathy and Charles, who were adopted from birth, and they formed a close bond as siblings. Diane Jr. graduated from Chippewa Hills High School and Central Michigan University, where she studied business administration. She is now married and has two children of her own.


Physical Traits:

Diane Pol has a slim body with a triangle body shape. She has light blue eyes and blonde hair. She usually wears casual and comfortable clothes, such as jeans, sweaters, jackets, and boots. She sometimes wears dresses and skirts for special occasions, such as weddings and parties. She also wears accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Diane Pol Wiki/Bio Facts

Birth NameDiane K. Dalrymple Pol
Parents surnameDalrymple
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1944
Age79 years old
Birth PlaceMayville, Michigan, U.S
ResidentWeidman, Michigan
High SchoolMayville Community High School
CollegeMichigan State University
Relationship Status Committed
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandDr. Jan Harm Pol
SonCharles Pol
DaughtersKathy Pol, Diane Pol Jr.
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBlonde
ProfessionTelevision Personality, Business Owner, Office Manager, Reading Specialist
Net Worth$5M
 Social Media Handle Facebook, IMDb


How old is Diane Pol?
Ans: Diane K. Dalrymple aka Diane Pol was born on February 6, 1994. The birthday makes her age 79 years old.

How did Dr. Pol and his wife Diane meet?
Ans: Dr. Pol, a Dutch citizen at that time, came to United States in a foreign student exchange program. Interestingly, it was Diane’s parents who hosted Dr. Pol in Weidman, Michigan, this is how Dr. Pol and Diane Pol met back in 1961.

Is Dr. Pol’s wife a veterinarian?
Ans: No, Diane Pol is not a veterinarian- she is office manager at Pol Veterinary Service.

Is Dr. Pol’s wife still alive?
Ans: Yes, Dr. Pol wife Diane Poll is alive and currently 79 years old. However, Dr. Pol faced a series of tragedy- Dr. Pol grandson Adam James Butch passed away at the age of 23, and his son-in -law, Gregory butch passed away at the age of 50 after battling with cancer.


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