Gold Rush Tony Beets biography, net worth, wife, family.

Amongst the miners of Klondike, Tony Beets is as legendary as they come. Known for his unparalleled mining skills and his colorful language, Tony has been mining all his life. From a lowly machine operator to the owner of one of the biggest mine in Klondike, Tony’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. An integral part of the reality series Gold Rush, Tony is one of the most reputed miners on the show. He has been around the set ever since he advised the Hoffman crew during one of their expeditions. A firm believer in the old-time dredging, Tony believes that his techniques will pave the way for the best gold mining in Klondike.

Early Life:

Tony Beets was born on the 15th of December 1959 in Wijdens, Netherlands. When Tony was seven, his family moved to the countryside and settled down in Burgwerd. His father owned a farm and Tony spent much of his early life helping his father. His father passed away when Tony was just 15-years of age, and he took over the reins of his father’s farm. After more than a decade at the farm, Tony decided to explore new opportunities. Tony later moved to the Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill Claim. 

Gold Rush star Tony Beets
Gold Rush star Tony Beets

Professional Career:

Tony moved to Canda in 1980 alongside his wife Minnie. He started his career at a dairy farm near Salmon Arm. In 1984, Tony moved to Dawson City and started working at the Yukon Gold Mine. He started working at the post of a machine operator. Over the years, Tony started climbing through the ranks and was soon bossing people around. His sense of mining was second to none, and what he lacked in sense, he covered up with his skill. Now, Tony is the owner of Beets Gold Mine Company, Tamarack Mines, and Paradise Hills. 

Life in reality TV:

Tony’s first appearance in the series Gold Rush came in 2010. The series was in its second iteration and Tony was brought in by the Hoffman crew for advice. Tony taught Hoffman that the secret to mining was drilling test holes. In the fourth season, Tony leased land to Parker Schnabel and also mentored the young’un through his rookie season. Since then, Tony has made numerous appearances in the series and is now a full-time cast member. During last season, Tony realized his long-time goal of running his historic first dredge at Eureka Creek. With his first dredge up and running, Tony plans to run a second dredge at the Creek this season.

Personal Life:

Tony Beets is married to Minnie Beets. The pair are childhood friends and met when Tony was still in the Netherlands. The pair started dating when Minnie was 20 and tied the knot in 1984. Following their marriage, the pair journeyed to Canada and settled down in Dawson City. In over 30-years of marriage, the pair have four children. The eldest Kevin was born in 1988 followed by Mark in 1990, Monica in 1993 and Bianca much later. The pair had another daughter Jasmine who passed away when she was 2-years old. 

Tony Beets wife and daughter
Tony Beets wife Minnie Beets and daughter Monica Beets

While most of Tony’s children have chosen a career away from the mines, Monica is knee-deep into mining and is also the manager of the Beets Crew. She plans to run an all-female crew next season to help her father get that second dredge up and running.

Net Worth

As of 2020, he has an estimated net worth of $7M. He accumulates the wealth mostly through gold mining. He also earns a salary of around $25,000 per episode of Gold Rush.


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