Who are Casey Nezhoda and Rene Nezhoda from Storage Wars?

The Bargain hunters, Casey Nezhoda and Rene Nezhoda, always drive a hard bargain. A part of the reality TV series Storage Wars, the Nezhoda couple, are amongst some of the big players in the game. The pair are perfectly matched, with Renee handling must of the auctions and Casey covering his blind spots. In particular, Rene is well known for his buying prowess. With a seemingly unlimited bankroll at his disposal, Rene always gets something he wants to go after. But the man is not just some careless spender. He has extensive knowledge of second-hand sales and an attitude to scare potential buyers. Even if someone squares up to him, Rene is usually not the one to back down. The fourth season aired from the 16th of April, 2013.

Life on Storage Wars:

The Nezhoda pair maybe one of the most recognized cast members on the series, but the pair were not there from the start. The Bargain hunters were first introduced during the show’s fourth season. This was in part of the producers to further spice up the show, which had lost its initial charm. After making repeated appearances during the show’s fourth season, the producers promoted Renne and Casey to main cast members for the fifth season. Not afraid of anyone, the Bargain hunters are always ready to drive a hard bargain.

Rene Nezhoda with wife Casey Nezhoda
Rene Nezhoda with wife Casey Nezhoda

Playing the second fiddle:

Even though Rene and Casey appear as a pair in Bragian hunters, Rene is the one doing most of the work. He is often the one making all the decisions. Casey, on the other hand, is highly supportive of Rene and accompanies him to auctions. Rene once mentioned that the only time Casey is unsupportive is when he says she can’t keep the jewelry they find.

Getting Robbed:

In 2019, news came out that Casey and Rene were robbed. The robbery took place in Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, San Diego. Built on 7,000 square foot, the thrift store is where the pair sell most of their possessions. According to a video released by the pair on YouTube, the burglar smashed windows at 4 a.m local time. They got in and destroyed a few of the display cases, stealing rare coins worth $2,000. Another $2,000 was added for store damage and the pair incurred total damage of $4,000. But thanks to the solid defense system, the robber’s attempt was thwarted.

However, this was not the first instance that the pair were robbed. Back in their early days, the couple purchased Farrah Fawcett’s storage locker. The pair paid $3,500 for the locker, which was filled with collectibles and memorabilia. But instead of finding their goods, the pair were drawn towards a celebrity lawsuit.

A bit on the pair:

Casey Nezhoda was born on the sixth of September 1974 in San Diego, California. A high-school cheerleader in her early days, Casey has not revealed much information about herself. On the other hand, her husband Rene Nezhoda was born on the 6th of April 1977 in Austria. One of the most noticeable things about Renee is his thick German accent. The pair’s fortune took a turn after they appeared in the reality TV series, Storage Wars. Even though the pair have two children, only the elder Tatiana is known.


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