Dr. Pol family tragedy: Grandson Adam James Butch death, Son in Law death

Dr. Jan Pol is one of the older heads in reality TV series. The 77-year-old plays the lead role in The Incredible Dr.Pol and has been in the series for almost a decade. A dedicated fan base, growing success, and incredible career, things seem to be going right for the incredible doctor. For all his professional success, the man has faced devastating personal tragedies. The death of his son in law, Gregory Butch in 2016 and his grandson, Adam James Butch in 2019.

What happened to Adam James Butch?

An excellent product of Michigan State University, Adam had a promising future ahead of him. He worked as a certified pharmacy technician and shared a strong bond with his grandfather Dr. Jan Pol. But tragedy struck on the 18th of September 2019 and Adam was taken away from the family.  Adam passed away at the young age of 23. His birth date was August 20, 1996. Tributes poured in for the young man who was an incredible person who could get along with just about anyone.

Dr. Pol Grandson Adam James Butch
Dr. Pol Grandson Adam James Butch

For many years, Adam was fighting an uphill battle with depression. Although things seemed to be getting better for the young man of late, he was found dead in his room. His family was not ready to accept the truth and asked for privacy during the difficult times. Tributes poured in from his family and all the lives Adam touched in his short span here on earth.

Gregory Butch:

Gregory Butch was the father of Adam Butch and the son-in-law of Dr. Jan Pol. He was married to Kathlene Pol and was a loving father to Adam and Rachel Butch. The family was living happily in Bay City, Michigan and Gregory took his last breath surrounded by everyone he loved. His life came to a peaceful end on the 20th of February 2016. A chemical technologist by trade, Gregory touched numerous lives who describe the man as a kind soul. Gregory died after battling cancer. To him, his family came first and everything came second and the man proved it throughout his life.

Dr. Pol Daughter Kathy Pol, grand kids, son in law
Gregory Butch, Rachel Butch, Kathlene Pol, Adam Butch (L-R)

The best people are the ones who go first. Dr. Pol has been hit by tragedies one after the year. The last 5 years have been bittersweet for the doctor and we can’t even imagine what must be going on with Kathlene. Losing her husband and now her only son, we hope god grants Kathlene the strength to bear this immense grief. We hope this marks the end of personal tragedies for the good doctor and we look forward to seeing the man in top shape in The Incredible Dr. Pol.

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