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An Inupiaq blood Agnes Hailstone’s take on life is harder than to solely depend on modern ways and conveniences. And she makes it look easier. An expert hunter and fisherman, Agnes resides in the remotes of Noorvik, Alaska with her family. She lives by hunting and fishing. She values her kill and makes use of every part be it in the form of meat, oil, tanning skin or anything that could be used in the household. This unusual lifestyle of her is featured in the National Geography show “Life Below Zero.”  Follow with us to learn more about Agnes Hailstonein in this biography.

Early Life

Agnes Q. Hailstone was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska. She comes from a Northern Alaskan Inupiaq tribe. Agnes got accustomed to hunting and fishing in her early years. She would accompany her family in search of food. While she did most of her learning from her parents we doubt if she actually enrolled in school for formal education. Given by family tradition she learned to tan animals, use body fats for oil, and animal parts for handicrafts and household materials. Also the use of Ulu, an all-purpose knife is popular among Inuit, Yupik.

Agnes Hailstone
“Life Below Zero” star Agnes Hailstone


All her life Agnes has lived by what she knows, living self-sufficient. What she did not know was it would turn out to be a career opportunity. She joined the cast of documentary show Life Below Zero since the first day. After a debut on May 19, 2013, she has been an ever-present figure. Only poster lady Sue Aikens and narrator James Franzo have made more appearances. Agnes represents true Alaskan blood and has hunting rights from the government reserved so that tribal people like her would not run out of marine mammals.

Agnes Hailstone making skin ready

So far in thirteen seasons on the Life Below Zero, Agnes has earned liking from fans. The show has also given a new breath of life with cast addition of Jessie Holmes & Ricko Dewilde. While, other remote residents of Alaska like Kate Rorke, Glenn Villeneuve, Salitan couple: Eric and Martha Mae have left the show.

Personal Life: Agnes Hailstone married to Chip Hailstone

Agnes is married to Chip Hailstone. Chip is originally from Kalispell, Montana, and came to Alaska in his late teens. Like Agnes Chip is a skilled hunter and complements her. The couple first met in Noovrik, however, the information about exactly when is not available. The couple tied the knot around 1992. So far the marriage has been blissful.

Agnes Hailstone and her husband Chip hailstone
Agnes Hailstone and her husband Chip Hailstone

Agnes was previously married to some unidentified man who goes by surname “Carter.” She has two sons Douglas and Jon Carter from the relationship. Both are hunters, from time to time they appear in the show. Douglas is married to Gloria Iyatunguk, and together they have five children. Jon is also married with kids.

Agnes Hailstone, Chip Hailstone children

So far in the marriage, Agnes and Chip have five daughters Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone. Occasionally their daughters join them in hunting. The eldest two daughters Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq were initially homeschooled later they went to a local school in Noovrik. Iriqtaq graduated from Noovrik High School in 2015. In the final year, she played basketball alongside her sister, Mary who served as a basketball captain in freshman year. Their younger daughters; Caroline and Qutan are learning the ropes. When they have survivalists like Chip and Agnes, they are will turn out good.

Agnes Hailstone daughters
Agnes Hailstone along with her daughters

Agnes Hailstone Parents, Siblings

Her parents are no stranger to off the grid lifestyle after all they taught her all. Inupiaq tribespeople is known to have bigger families and Agnes is no exception. Agnes grew up learning alongside her siblings. However, the names of her parents and siblings are still unidentified to media houses. While we do know that she lost her mother and brother to icy water. Despite the harsh nature and threats possessed by wild Alaska, there is no changing Agnes and her family from the traditional living.

Agnes Hailstone Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

By now we have mentioned many times about her ethnicity which she comes from the Inupiaq tribe. Born and raised in Alaska Agnes is American by nationality. She is around 48 years of age as we speak.

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

Chip and his wife Agnes led a self-sufficient life hunting and fishing to make end meets. However, they still choose to live the same way even with major financial boosts from appearing in the TV show. The couple has an estimated net worth of over $250,000.

Agnes Hailstone Facts

Name:Agnes Q Hailstone
Place of Birth Noorvik, Alaska
Age48 years
OccupationReality TV actor
Net worthOver $250,000
HusbandChip Hailstone [Edward Hailstone]
KidsTinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone, Douglas Carter, Jon Carter


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