Agnes Hailstone wiki/bio shows the deaths of her brother & mother by icy water. Her net worth.

If you are a fan of the reality TV show, Life Below Zero, you probably know who Agnes Hailstone is. She is one of the main characters of the show, which follows the lives of several Alaskans who live in some of the most remote and harsh regions of the state. Agnes is a native Inupiaq, who was born and raised in a small village in Alaska. She learned the skills of hunting, fishing, and trapping from her parents, who taught her how to respect and live off the land.

Agnes later met her husband, Chip, and settled in Noorvik, a town on the Kobuk River. They built their own cabin, where they raised children and lived without electricity or running water. They survived many difficulties and dangers, such as freezing temperatures, raging rivers, hungry bears, and scarce resources. They always worked together as a team and supported each other through thick and thin.

Agnes Hailstone
Reality Television actor Agnes hailstone

Agnes Hailstone is a remarkable woman, who has a lot of wisdom and experience to share. She is not only a skilled hunter and trapper, but also a loving mother and wife, a proud Inupiaq, and a TV star. She has a strong personality, a great sense of humor, and a fearless attitude. She is an inspiration to many people who admire her courage and determination.

In this article, we will learn more about Agnes Hailstone’s life, her family, her culture, and her adventures. We will see how she manages to balance her different roles and responsibilities, and how she copes with the challenges and opportunities that come with living in the Alaskan wilderness. We will also find out what she thinks about being on a reality TV show, and how she handles the fame and the feedback. We will get to know Agnes Hailstone better, and discover what makes her one of the most fascinating and engaging women on TV.

Who is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes is an American reality television personality, hunter, fisherwoman, gatherer, tanner, and tribal woman. She represents true Alaskan blood and does not needs a permit to hunt. With the increasing numbers of hunters and declining numbers of resources, the Alaskan government has reserved hunting rights for tribal people like her so that they won’t run out of food.

Early Life

Agnes Q. Hailstone was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska. She comes from a Northern Alaskan Inupiaq tribe. Agnes got accustomed to hunting and fishing in her early years. She would accompany her family in search of food. While she did most of her learning from her parents we doubt if she enrolled in school for formal education. As a rite of passage, she learned to tan animals, use body fats for oil, and animal parts for handicrafts and household materials. She uses a Mosin Nagant 3-line rifle M1819 and an Ulu, a knife that has cultural significance for the Inuit and Yupik people.


Agnes Hailstone is a self-sufficient woman who has lived by what she knows all her life. She never expected that her lifestyle would become a career opportunity one day, when she joined the cast of the documentary show Life Below Zero.

Agnes Hailstone making skin ready

She debuted in the first episode of the first season, “End of the Road”, on May 19, 2013, and has been a regular cast member ever since. She appeared in 135 episodes from 2013 to 2021, only surpassed by Sue Aikens and James Franzo. She is still part of the show in its 22nd season, which premiered on November 14, 2023, while some other cast members have left over the years, such as Kate Rorke, Glenn Villeneuve, and Salitan couple: Eric and Martha Mae.

Agnes has not shared much about her thoughts on being on a reality TV show, or how she deals with the fame and the feedback. However, she seems to enjoy showing her life and experiences to the viewers, and to be grateful for the opportunities that the show has given to her and her family. She also seems to cherish her identity and heritage, and to respect her bond with nature and the land.

Agnes Hailstone is an inspiring and admirable woman, who has demonstrated that she can manage her various roles and duties, and handle the difficulties and possibilities that arise from living in the Alaskan wilderness.

Net Worth

Agnes and her husband Chip live in remote Alaska, where they get their food from nature and make their clothes out of animal hides. One might think that money is not very important for them, but they still need it to buy guns, fishing boats, and other hunting gear. They also have to pay for the education of their seven children, who went to school outside their home. How do they earn their money? Before they became reality television stars on Life Below Zero, they relied on hunting, fishing, gathering, and tanning as their main sources of income. Since they joined the show, they have improved their financial situation significantly. Their combined net worth is over $250,000.

Personal Life:

Marriage & Kids

Agnes Hailstone is a wife of Chip Hailstone, a fellow hunter from Kalispell, Montana. Chip moved to Alaska in his late teens and met Agnes in Noovrik, where they married around 1992. Agnes had a previous marriage with a man named Carter, with whom she had two sons, Douglas and Jon. Both sons are also hunters and have appeared on the reality show “Life below Zero”, along with their mother, and stepfather. Douglas is married to Gloria Iyatunguk and has five children. Jon also has a family of his own.

Agnes Hailstone and her husband Chip hailstone
Agnes Hailstone and her husband Chip Hailstone

Agnes and Chip Hailstone have been married for over two decades and have five daughters: Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan. The Hailstone family lives a tribal life in Alaska, where they hunt, fish, and make their own tools. Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq, the oldest daughters, were homeschooled before attending a local school in Noovrik. Iriqtaq graduated from Noovrik High School in 2015 and played basketball with her sister Mary, who was the freshman captain.

Agnes Hailstone daughters
Agnes Hailstone & her daughters

Death of her Mother and brother

Agnes has followed the traditions of her parents, grandparents, and ancestors. She has stayed true to her family values and norms, even after losing her mother and brother to the icy water. She is one of the few tribal people who have not adopted the modern lifestyle. She can be proud of what she has achieved as an Inupiaq. The Inupiaq people usually have large families to help with hunting, but little is known about Agnes’ relatives. 

Measurement and Personal traits:

Agnes is about five feet tall, with black hair and brown eyes. She has a traditional tattoo on her chin, called “Tavlugun”. It consists of four blue lines that run from her lips to her chin. It is not a modern art, but a symbol of her culture.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameAgnes Hailstone
Age50 years old
BirthplaceNoorvik, Alaska, United States
High SchoolLikely never attended
ProfessionHunter, Tanner, Reality Television Actor
Net Worth$250 K
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
Height5 feet 0 inches (approx)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack


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