Sue Aikens Wiki/Bio: Husband, Divorce, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Grandkids.

The epitome of courageous and hard-working women Sue Aikens (a.k.a Susan Ruth Aikens) is an American hunter and TV personality. She is known for the National Geography documentary series “Life Below Zero.” The show follows the livelihood of several people separated in remote regions of Alaska who makes living by hunting.

One of the bright cast Sue Aikens lives at 197 miles of north Arctic circle, the nearest road is 80 miles from her in Kavik, Alaska, and the nearest neighbor supposedly lives 500 miles away in Fabriansk, Alaska.

Aikens may cherish live for the day kinda lifestyle and seasonal beauty of Alaska but we can not undermine the fact she shares the territory with predators like Bears and Foxes. At one time she was attacked by a grizzly bear which left her to die. The sub-zero cold temperature of winter is not friendly either.

Life Below Zero Sue Aikens

Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens

This interesting person has also been part of several other documentary TV shows featuring the Alaskan lifestyle. She was part of  Flying Wild Alaska (2011-2012), Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010), more prominently her role in “Life below Zero” gained her worldwide fame. She began as the cast of “Life Below Zero” in 2013 and has been part of it alongside other subsistence hunters such as  Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes Hailstone, Andy Bassich, Glenn Villeneuve.

Sue Aikens Wiki/Bio, Age

She was born on the 1st of July, 1963 in Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States. If we add up the numbers she is currently 56 years of age. She hold American citizenship and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. If you are interested in a long family line then we do know that her grandfather was from Scotland.

Little Susan Ruth Aikens

Susan Ruth Aikens during her childhood

She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago until her parents decide to separate when she was 12. Following the divorce, her mother took her to a family friend in Fairbanks, Alaska. Since her mother could not get used to the cold and left her in Alaska. At such a tender age when a typical girl plays with dolls, Sue learned to use guns and bullets for hunting. Surprisingly, the girl from the modern area got along with her new demanding lifestyle and cold of Alaska.

Sue Aikens is married three times, who is her husband?

As much as we think we are familiar with this TV star, Aikens has shared very few details about her personal life. Thanks to our extensive research we have tracked down some hidden information about her husband and married life.

Aikens has married three times but the relationship did not work with any of them. Two passed away due to disease and one left her to pursue a younger girl.

Her first husband died of a brain tumor. Later, she married  British man  Eddie James Aikens on 13th June 1987.  Together the couple lived in Portland, Oregon where Eddie worked as a barber. From the relationship, she gave birth to two children, a boy, and a girl.


Sue Aikens holding her grandchildren

After 17 years of marriage, the couple got divorced in 2004. Aikens returned to Alaska and began to live an isolated life in the remote part. Her ex-husband Eddie passed away in 2009. She attended the funeral and had some kind words for her departed ex-husband. In a heartwarming tribute to her ex, Aikens wrote in his obituary page:

“I remember that you always came up from behind me, put your arms around me, and would say “I love you Mrs. Aikens” Even when we were divorced, two days before your death, you said the words to me again. In friendship, we found the ability to say and do what we needed. I will so miss your sweet face and smile. Your ability to forgive, and open your heart. I was the catalyst… you the sturdy branches. I am sad “

Her third marriage is quite a mystery; however, she did not stay in the relationship for very long.

Sue Aikens Family. Her children and grandkids

Sue Aikens has a grown-up daughter and a son both are in the thirties. Both of her two children are married and live far away from her in the lower United States. They occasionally pay her visit in Alaska. Her son is younger among the two who got married in September of 2016, and she was present for the occasion.

Also, her granddaughter and grandson visit her in Alaska. While away she has the satellite phone and wifi network to keep in touch. Sue loves to exchange gifts with her kids and grandkids. On one occasion, she got a puppy as a gift from her grandkids.

Saue Aikens with her grandkids

Sue Aikens with her grandkids

Sue Aikens Salary and Net Worth

As the main cast of “National Geography”  show Life Below Zero Sue Aikens earns an impressive salary from the show. Her yearly salary from the show is estimated to be $200,000. She also runs Kaviv River Camp from June through September. She provides her customers with food and accommodation for which she charges $350 per day. Also, she has got the only gas station on the east side of the North Slope. As of now, Sue Aikens has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Sue Aikens’ injury issue and the accident. Did she die of a Bear attack?

The lady has a fair share of encounters with accidents resulting in injuries. One time she barely managed to live after a surprise attack from a grizzly bear. Sue had no idea of confrontation from the animal. She sustained torn muscle, head injury and her hips were pulled out of the socket.

Once, the bear retreated and left her for dead Aikens barely dragged to the camp. She treated herself with the first aid treatment and put some stitches on the torn part. Surprisingly this brave woman came out with a gun, track the creature and killed.

Besides her personal treatment, for ten days she laid in her camp without any medical personnel checkup. A pilot circling her camp found her and took her to hospital.

Other than this scary encounter, Sue was reportedly injured in a TV stunt which she was asked to for Nat Geo show “Life Below Zero.” Later she filed a lawsuit against the producers of the show.

According to the lawsuit filing, Aikens was riding snowmachine which ended up heating ice heave. She said she was seriously injured however instead of rescuing her producer instructed rescue airplane to land at the far end of the runway for the sake of entertainment and thrill.

Sue Aikens Facts

Name:Susan Ruth Aikens
Place of BirthMount Prospect, Illinois, United States
BirthdateJuly 1, 1963
OccupationTV actor
Net worth$500,000
Spouse/Partner3 (Ex)


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