Ricko DeWilde; Life Below Zero new cast, Wiki, Bio

Ricko DeWilde is the newest addition to the reality TV series, Life Below Zero. The reality series focuses on the day to day livelihood of native Alaskans, their daily struggles and all the different techniques they use to survive in a sub-zero-degree environment. The series which recently wrapped up its thirteenth season brought in Ricko as the newest cast member. Many people haven’t heard of Ricko at all, but those who know him are familiar with his not so modern way-of-life. Ricko is a subsistence hunter, outdoors man, American rights activist, and an entrepreneur. One of the few remaining native Alaskans, Ricko is in-tune with the way of life in Alaska.

Early Life:

Ricko DeWilde is one of the thirteen children of Lloyd and Amelia. He was born on the 4th of July 1976 in Huslia Alaska. His father is a white man of Welsh descent who left San Francisco searching for a different way of life. On the other hand, his mother Amelia was a Koyukon Athabaskan, born and raised in Alaska. Born and raised in Alaska, Ricko was home-schooled by his parents. From an early, age his parents taught Ricko the traditional Koyukon Athabaskan lifestyle.

Reality T.V Star of Life Below Zero, Ricko DeWilde
Reality T.V Star of Life Below Zero, Ricko DeWilde

Learning the tricks of the trade:

Growing up, Ricko was taught how to trap rabbits. But the young boy would often let them free instead of killing. He would often receive an earful from his mother for playing with animals. After all, the Koyukon culture dictates that the act of killing an animal is thanking its spirit. 

Early Struggles:

During his early years, Rick started showing visible signs of substance abuse. He was hooked on to oxycodone and couldn’t get out of addiction. Rick was later caught and sent to prison where he spent two years on cocaine-possession charges. Since then, Rick has managed to remain clean and has been so for the last 15-years. 

Alaskan hunter and survivalist, Ricko DeWilde
Alaskan hunter and survivalist, Ricko DeWilde

Spending all his life in Alaska:

Rick has rarely moved out of his hometown state of Alaska. He did so only for a year when he decided to go to college in the 1990s. But Rick later quite his studies and came back to Alaska. When asked about it, Rick says,’I don’t belong in Alaska. I belong to Alaska. I don’t own land in Alaska. Alaska owns me. I’d be lost if I moved away.’ 

Finding the balance:

For the longest time, Rick has been struggling to find a balance between the world he was born in and the world he lives in now. Ricko who currently lives in Fairbanks often makes the trip back to his hometown Huslia. In his career as an activist, Rick has found it challenging to find a balance between the two different ways of life. But Rick does not condemn either side nor does he hold either blameless. He often scoffs at critics who suggest he hates the European influence in Alaska. 

Life Below Zero cast, Ricko DeWilde
Life Below Zero cast, Ricko DeWilde

Starting in Reality TV and Net Worth:

Rick was a welcome addition to the already rich cast of Life Before Zero. The reality series which airs on the National Geographic included Rick in it’s newest installment. The series featured Rick and his two children as they make the journey back to their cabin in Hulsia. Rick joined the cast in 2019 and his career is reality TV is just starting. Rick is a married to Rona Vent and has five children daughters Simone, Skarlett, and Maya, and sons Skyler and Keenan, but he prefers to keep details of his personal life a secret. 

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