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Heavenly Kimes is one of the most sought-after dentists in America. A business powerhouse, not only is Heavenly valued for her opinion in dentistry but also in relationships. Over the years, Heavenly has worked as an author, inspirational speaker, business powerhouse, and relationship expert. Even though she goes by her full name Heavenly Kimes, she is affectionately referred to as Dr. Heavenly Kimes. She specializes in cosmetic dentistry, veneers, implants, Invisalign, and more. Heavenly is also one of the cast members of the reality TV series, Married to Medicine. In fact, she is the only dentist in the cast. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Heavenly Kimes.

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Upbringing & Family

Dr. Heavenly Kimes was born on the 17th of November 1970, in Florida to Afro-American parents. Her father, Benoye William, was a sergeant in the military, but he passed away. Her mother’s name is not known, but she celebrated her 87th birthday in 2019. She also has a sister, whose name is also not revealed. Raised in Florida, Heavenly has revealed very little about her parents and siblings.

Dr Heavenly Kimes
Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Dr. Heavenly was a bright and ambitious student who excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. After passing her matriculation from a local high school, Heavenly enrolled at Florida A&M University with a degree in Chemistry and Military Science. She continued her higher education and obtained her doctorate in dental surgery from the Meharry Medical College.

Professional Career

After finishing her studies, Dr. Heavenly moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where she completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. She then worked as an associate dentist for three years before setting up her own practice, Smiles By Dr. Heavenly, in Duluth, Georgia.

Dr. Heavenly’s practice soon became a highly successful venture, earning her millions in profits and recognition as one of the top dentists in Atlanta. She expanded her business and opened over nine other branches, seven of which she sold to date. She also acquired several certifications and memberships in various dental organizations including a member of the American Academy of General Dentistry, National Dentistry Association, and the Georgia Dental Society. Dr. Heavenly did not stop at dentistry. She also ventured into other fields of interest, such as writing, speaking, television and others.

Reality Television

Dr. Heavenly Kimes rose to fame as one of the cast members of Bravo’s hit show Married to Medicine, which follows the lives of women who are married to or are themselves doctors in Atlanta. Even though Dr. Heavenly made a guest appearance in one episode of Married to Medicine in 2013 she became a regular cast member in its second season. She has since become a fan favorite for her witty remarks, strong opinions and devotion to her family. She also made appearances in its spin-off Married to Medicine: Los Angeles.

Dr. Heavenly is not only a star on Married to Medicine, but also on other television shows and platforms. She has appeared as a guest on The Dr. Oz Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Rumor & Controversies

Dr. Heavenly’s life is not without challenges and controversies, however. As a reality TV star, she has faced criticism and conflict from some of her co-stars and fans over her outspoken personality and opinions. She has also had to deal with accusations and rumors about her husband’s fidelity, which she has vehemently denied and defended. Despite the drama and negativity, Dr. Heavenly has remained steadfast in her faith and values. She has also maintained a strong bond with her husband and their three children: Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura.


Dr. Heavenly Kimes is a role model for many women who struggle with their weight. She has undergone an incredible transformation over the years, shedding more than 70 pounds and keeping them off. But her journey was not easy or quick. It involved surgery, exercise, diet, and most importantly, a change of mindset.

Dr. Heavenly had gastric bypass surgery in 2007, which helped her lose some weight initially. However, she soon realized that surgery was not a magic solution. She still had to work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid overeating. She also had to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of her weight issues, such as low self-esteem, stress, and negative self-talk.

She decided to take charge of her life and make some positive changes. She started working out regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and cutting down on sugar and carbs. She also learned to love herself more and appreciate her body for what it can do.

She shared her progress and challenges on social media, inspiring her fans and followers to join her on her journey. She posted before-and-after photos of herself in early 2020, showing how far she had come. During her transformation journey, she lost more than 70 pounds and to this day she tries to maintain her body in shape by following fitness regimes and diet plan.


Dr. Heavenly Kimes is also a passionate philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community and empowering others. With over 20 years of experience in dentistry, she has transformed the smiles and lives of thousands of patients at her practice Smiles By Dr. Heavenly, where she offers cosmetic crowns, veneers, implants, and full makeovers. She has also expanded her business to include other ventures such as Heavenly Beauty ATL, a beauty salon that helps clients find the right look for their personality and lifestyle.

But Dr. Heavenly‚Äôs impact goes beyond her businesses. She is also a dedicated mentor and educator who has created Dr.¬†Heavenly University, a curriculum that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own businesses.¬†She has also co-authored two books, ‚ÄėWake Up‚ĶLive the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success‚Äô and ‚ÄėBusiness Prescriptions‚Äô, which share her insights and advice on personal and professional development.


Dr. Heavenly has been recognized for her contribution to the field of dentistry. She is a ‚ÄúWho‚Äôs Who Among America‚Äôs Top Dental Professionals‚ÄĚ honoree and was also recognized in 2010 and 2011 as one of the ‚ÄúAtlanta‚Äôs Top Docs‚ÄĚ by On Common Ground News. In 2004, she was awarded ‚ÄúAmerica‚Äôs Top Dentist‚ÄĚ award from the Consumer Research Council of America.

Net Worth

Dr. Heavenly Kimes has amassed a fortune through her multiple ventures and achievements who has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2023. She lives in a posh 14,000-square-foot estate in Atlanta with a three-story closet, inset spa, and a tennis court among the trees.

Marriage & Children

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is married to her longtime husband Dr. Damon Kimes. Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Damon are a power couple in the medical field. They met and fell in love while they were both attending Meharry Medical College and tied the knot right after they graduated from medical college in 1998. Since then, they have been supporting each other’s careers and dreams, as well as raising their three children: two sons Zachary and Damon Jr, and one daughter Alaura.

While Dr. Heavenly Kimes is a successful dentist and entrepreneur, Dr. Damon Kimes is the Chief Medical Officer at Roswell Pain and Weight Loss Specialists, where he helps patients manage chronic pain and obesity. He is also a reality TV star who appears on Married to Medicine alongside his wife. He is known for his calm demeanor, his professionalism, and his love for his family.

In 25 years of marriage, Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Demon also have faced many challenges and joys together. They have overcome financial difficulties, health issues, family conflicts, and public scrutiny. They have also enjoyed traveling, celebrating, laughing, and growing together. They have a strong bond that is based on mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and admiration.

Physical Traits & Dressing Style

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is also a woman of beauty and grace, who knows how to carry herself with confidence and elegance. She has a stature of about 5 feet 4 inches, a curvaceous figure, natural brown eyes and dark brown hair that she often styles in different ways, from sleek bobs to curly waves.

Dr. Kimes’ dressing style reflects her personality and profession. She likes to wear classy and sophisticated outfits that suit her figure and complexion. She often opts for solid colors, such as black, white, red, or blue, that make her stand out. She also likes to accessorize with jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, that add some sparkle to her look. She is not afraid to experiment with different styles and trends, such as animal prints, floral patterns, or sequins.

Zodiac & Personality Traits

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is a Scorpio, born on November 17, 1970. Some possible personality traits of Dr. Heavenly Kimes based on her zodiac sign are:

  • She is¬†passionate¬†and¬†determined¬†about her goals and dreams.¬†She has worked hard to establish herself as a successful dentist and businesswoman, graduating in the top 10% of her class with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery¬†and founding her own dental clinic franchise, Smile by Dr.¬†Heavenly.
  • She is¬†loyal¬†and¬†devoted¬†to her family and friends. She has been married to Dr.¬†Damon Kimes for 25 years and has three children with him.¬†She also supports and mentors other women in her field and community.
  • She is¬†honest¬†and¬†straightforward¬†in her opinions and expressions. She does not shy away from speaking her mind and giving advice, even if it may be controversial or unpopular.
  • She is¬†intense¬†and¬†emotional¬†in her feelings and reactions. She can be very passionate and enthusiastic about things that interest her, but also very jealous and possessive of what she values.¬†She can also be very sensitive and defensive when she feels hurt or threatened.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDr. Heavenly Kimes
Date of birthNovember 17, 1970
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthMiami, Florida
Height5 feet 4 inches (approx)
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorBrown
EducationB.S in Chemistry and Military Science from Florida A&M University; Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry
ProfessionDentist, author, inspirational speaker, businesswoman, and reality TV star
Net Worth$6 Million (estimated)
Practice nameSmiles by Dr. Heavenly
Practice locationDuluth, Georgia
Practice specialtiesCosmetic dentistry, veneers, full arch, single implants, and more
Awards and honorsWho’s Who Among America’s Top Dental Professionals; Consumer Research Council of America’s Top Dentist Award; Atlanta’s Top Docs by On Common Ground News
Books writtenDr. Heavenly’s Business Prescriptions; Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: Seizing Your Success
TV show appearanceMarried to Medicine on Bravo TV
TV show roleMain cast member since season two; guest star in season one
Other venturesDr. Heavenly University; Heavenly Beauty ATL
Memberships and affiliationsAcademy of General Dentistry; American Dental Association; Georgia Dental Society; National Dentistry Association
Marital statusMarried
Spouse nameDr. Damon Kimes
Spouse professionEmergency medicine physician
ChildrenThree: Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura

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