Who is Timmy Aucoin from Swamp People? Age, wife, daughter.

Timmy Aucoin is not your average swamp man. He comes from a long line of Louisiana legends who have made their living in the bayou for generations. He has a passion for hunting alligators that started when he was just a kid. He has a daughter who shares his love for the swamp and a loyal fan base who follows his adventures. He is one of the stars of the hit show Swamp People on The HISTORY Channel, where he shows his skills and courage in wrangling some of the biggest and meanest gators in the world.

But who is Timmy Aucoin really? What drives him to risk his life every day in the swamp? And what secrets does he hide behind his rugged smile? In this exclusive interview, we will reveal the true story of Timmy Aucoin, the legendary swamp man.

Timmy Aucoin Swamp People

Who is Timmy Aucoin?

Timmy Aucoin is a veteran alligator hunter who has spent more than four decades in the Louisiana wetlands. He inherited his passion and expertise from his father and grandfather, who taught him the secrets and customs of the bayou. Timmy belongs to a legendary family that has a long history in the region, dating back to the times of Charlemagne. His surname, Aucoin, derives from an Old French name that means “temple friend”, but it also sounds like “at the corner” in modern French. Timmy has brown hair and eyes, and a beard that he often covers with a hat and sunglasses when he goes hunting. He wears a simple T-shirt that reflects his humble and hardworking attitude. Timmy loves his land and his lifestyle, and he is willing to face any danger to preserve them.

Career & Progression

Timmy Aucoin grew up in Louisiana. He attended a local school, but spent most of his time in the wetlands, learning the secrets and customs of the bayou. According to the History Channel bio, ever since young Tim started hunting Alligator, “he swore he would do whatever it takes to make a living in the wetlands, even if it meant risking his life every day”. He faced many challenges and dangers in his profession, such as hurricanes, floods, predators, and accidents. But he also enjoyed the benefits of living close to nature, such as fresh food, scenic views, and a sense of adventure.

Swamp People

Timmy is a skilled hunter and fisherman who makes a living in the wetlands. He hunts alligators in the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest swamp in the United States, and faces the challenges and dangers of the wild. He also fishes for crawfish, a delicacy in Cajun cuisine, and sells his catch to local restaurants and markets.  He appeared in nine episodes of the show in 2023, the latest season as of now. Previously, he worked as a boat production assistant for the show from 2018 to 2020.

Personal life: Wife and Kids

Timmy Aucoin is a devoted father and a fearless gator hunter. He has a daughter, whom he raised her in the swamp, teaching her everything he knew about gator hunting and swamp life. He wanted her to share his passion and love for the swamp. But he also wanted her to be happy and safe. He understood that she had her own dreams and goals, outside the swamp. That’s why he supported her when she decided to go to college and pursue her education and career. He still lives with his daughter in Pierre Part, a small town in the heart of Cajun country.

Timmy does not have a wife or a partner, as far as the public knows. There is no information about his relationship status or his personal life on social media or other sources. He seems to be a private person, who does not like to share his personal details with the media or the fans. He is not related to Kelly Aucoin, another actor who is best known for his roles on Billions and The Americans. Timmy is focused on his daughter, his swamp, and his gator hunting.

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