What happened to Life Below Zero casts Erik Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan?

When we explore the nature watching a survival show in our big TV set under a comfy blanket, we do not have to face the danger of wild creature or below zero temperature of Alaska. Then again, we cringe when our favorite star barely survives a snow flood or escape the seven-foot grizzly bear. That’s the beauty of technology. But can you describe the feeling of those who put their life on the line? Maybe not.

Eric Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan are a kind of survivalist who tests themselves with day to day hardship of remote Alaska. They live in Wiseman, Alaska, 67 miles from the Arctic Circle. Eric is a lone hunter who personally hunts every meat he eats. His wife Martha grew up hunting and fishing in remote Iliamna, Alaska. The couple compliments each other in their pursuit of subsistent life.

Eric Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan

Life Below Zero recruiting team was impressed by their lifestyle and made them part of the documentary TV series. The show premiered on national Geography TV channel in May of 2013. Currently the show in its the tenth season, however, we do not see Eric Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan in the show anymore. So what happened, have they left the show? In this article, we will unveil the reasons.

What happened to Eric Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan, Have they left the TV show “Life Below Zero”?

Eric Salitan and his wife joined the cast of “Life Below Zero’ from the beginning of the first season. However, the couple has not featured beyond 2016.

This is not the first time couple is absent from the show. Back in 2015 fans were concerned about their sudden disappearance and some made inquiries on the official Facebook page of Life Below Zero.

After some time of absence, the couple returned in the show. Similarly, in 2016 Erik and Martha disappeared for most of the season yet again they came back.

The couple took part in Life Below Zero in 2013 and featured as the cast up to 2016.  Beyond 2016, they have not featured. Neither National Geography nor the couple made any comment regarding the departure. Nevertheless, Erik Salitan and Martha seems unlikely to return. Before their departure, we have seen another cast Kate Rorke Bassich leaving the show in 2015.

The reasons Erik Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan left the show

Besides living a self-sufficient life the couple has a family to look after. They have eight years old son, Lucas Salitan who attends school in Alaska. Eric wants his son to grow as he wishes not necessarily a life of a subsistent hunter. During summer he runs guide and outfitting business. Erik is the owner of “Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting” and provides service through the firm. Also, he alongside his wife owns two lodges one in the remote Brooks Range and other in Peninsula which offers accommodation and food service. It is clear the couple has business to look after. They also invest their time in community service and volunteer work. So maybe the show is too much to ask of the couple.

Erik Salitan wife martha mae salitan

A short bio on Erik Salitan

Erik is a Tv personality, hunter, pilot, and a registered guide. He is not an Alaskan native; he grew up in the rural lower 48 states in the upstate of New York, right upon the Quebec Order. There he spent his childhood hunting and fishing. Erik left the place for Alaska right on the last day of his 12th grade at Finger Lakes Community Colege. Later he attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and holds a degree in applied science.



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