Johnny Jett Dead or Alive on “Barnwood Builders”? Age, Wife, Net Worth

Like its namesake, Barnwood Builders is a reality TV series that focuses on renovating barns. As barns were the desired extension in every house for the previous generations, there are quite a lot of them. As time progressed, people didn’t need barns and it remained in a state of neglect. Since barns are primarily made of wood, they do not last periods of long neglect. To tackle this problem, the cast of Barnwood Builders journey West Virginia to renovate barns for modern use. Once the refurbishing is done, the barns are then sold to willing collectors. Johnny Jett is one of the cast members of the reality series who specializes in operating machinery. 

Early Life:

Johnny Jet was born on the 24th of April 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. Even though Johnny spent much of his childhood in Chicago, he later moved to West Virginia to pursue his career. From a young age, Johnny was interested in operating machinery and was often seen tinkering with anything he could find. Johny keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life and has not revealed any details about his early life including his education.

Johnny Jett

Professional Career:

It remains unclear as to exactly how and when Johnny began his career as a woodworker. By the time he rose to fame, Johhny had already left behind his years as a young-adult. Prior to his appearance in Barnwood Builders, Johhny was a simply a barn builder who sold most of his work online. His work was praised for its craftsmanship and quality which brought Johny a new window of opportunity. 

In 2013, Johhny was contacted by the producers of the soon to be launched reality series, Barnwood Builders. They wanted to include Johhny in the reality series and enable him to harness his years of experience as a barn builder. Intrigued by the idea, Johnny joined the reality series as a cast member and has remained as one ever since. The series followed the cast as they journey to remote parts of West Virginia and attempt to turn old barns and log houses into modern buildings. 

Interacting with his fans:

Even though Johhny is a relatively private person, he did host a Q&A session on Reddit. He responded to questions from his fans including how he achieved success, his favorite places, traveling with the cast of Barnwood Builders, and bits and pieces of his personal life. 

Johnny Jett Barnwood Builders

Personal Life:

Johhny is a relatively private person. He doesn’t like to disclose details about himself and remains mum when it comes to his personal life. As such, we have no clue if Johnny is married or single. Several photos show Johnny with a small child and fans claim that the child is Jett’s grandson. However, there is no way to confirm if Jett has a grandson or is even married at all. 

Johnny Jett Dead or Alive?

Johnny Jett currently in his early 70’s and at such age maintaining physically demanding builder work is no joke. Fans are often concerned about his health and one thing that has taken by surprise is Johny Jett’s death rumors that circulate on the internet. In truth, Johnny Jett is alive and continues to perform as Barnwood builders. The google query on Johnny Jett Obituary is some other person from Huston texas and a year younger in age.

Net Worth

Johhny makes a considerable amount of money form his appearance in the reality series. He has also given continuity to his website where he features pieces of artwork. As of 2020, Jett’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 400,000. 


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