Who is Chris Feistl on Finding Escobar’s Millions? His Wiki-Bio, facts.

If you are even slightly familiar with the life of Pablo Escobar, then Chris Feistl is a name you would do well to remember. Even though Chris was active after Escobar’s death, he played an important role in the downfall of the Cali Cartel. And while much of what Chris led to the arrest of Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela which caused the cartel to dismantle, Chris also tracked down the money laundering networks used by the cartel. Chris is also a regular cast member of the reality TV series, Finding Escobar’s Millions. The reality series sees two former CIA operatives, Doug Laux and Ben Smith, work with the original DEA agents who handled the case to infiltrate Escobar’s inner circle in search of the alleged hidden cash. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Chris Feistl.

Early Life

Much of what is known about Chris Feistl is after his assignment to the Escobar case. Very little is known about Chris’s early life, which is understandable given Chris’s status as a former DEA agent. Like all officers working in high-profile cases, Chris has kept his silence and has stayed away from the spotlight for most of his life.

Chris Feistl Finding Escobar's Millions
Finding Escobar’s Millions DEA agent Chris Feistl 

Stationed in Colombia:

It is unknown as to when Chris started working as a DEA officer. But he spent six years in Miami before being stationed in Colombia. He joined Jerry Salameh in Bogota, Colombia in 1994. A few days after Chris’s arrival, news spread that Pablo Escobar had been killed. This directed the efforts of the DEA office toward finding and disbanding the Cali cartel.

Chris was tasked with handling money laundering and had huge success linking the cartel’s money to Swiss banks. In the few years, Chris was stationed in Colombia he worked with Jerry and played a major role in the capturing of Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, the two brothers leading the Cali Cartel. His involvement in the case meant that Chris remained in Colombia for the better part of the 2000s.


Even though Chris is now back in America, he misses Colombia. After all, those are Chris’s old hunting grounds. He spent much of his formative years in the country and also made a name for himself and his family. And while details on his wife are relatively unknown, she is believed to be originally from Colombia.

Back at his Old Grounds

When the Discovery network approached Chris with a brand new series Finding Escobar’s Millions, Chris could barely contain his excitement. After all, it would mean that Chris would make the trip back to Columbia and tie up loose ends. The series first began airing in 2017 and was renewed for season two in 2019. And while the series was focused on finding if Escobar did bury anything on the ground, it also showed a new side to Chris. As it happens, Chris has management written all over him. Comfortable with high-stakes situations, Chris is now looking to utilize the skills he’s developed over the years. While it remains to be seen if there really is cash buried underground, there can be no better man than Chris to unearth it.

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