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Josh Stuart has the most obvious nickname. The man is called Redbeard because he has a red beard. A part of the reality TV series Diesel Brothers, Redbeard handles the business side of things. When Heavy D first established his business, he turned to his business-savvy friend, Redbeard. Since Redbeard took over the business side of things for DieselSellerz, the company has seen massive growth and also managed to land a TV deal. And while Redbeard is not seen on set as much as his fellow cast members, he is still an integral member of the cast and crew. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Josh Stuart a.k.a. Redbeard.

Early Life & Education

Joshua Stuart was born on October 30, 1982, in Roosevelt, Utah. The birthdate makes him 40 years old, Josh grew up with a passion for cars and trucks and has always been surrounded by diesel cars. He spent much of his early life in the Uintah Basin which is part of a Ute Indian reservation. And for the people of the Uintah Basin, Diesel was the true king. Everybody drove a diesel and people who didn’t wish they had. For them, Diesel truck is a part of the culture. On the education side of the thing, Josh attended Union High School and graduated in 2001. He then pursued his Bachelor’s studies at Utah State University with a major in economics.

Josh Stuart
Diesel Brothers cast Josh ” Redbeard” Stuart

Meeting Heavy D

Even though Josh and Heavy D belonged in the same friend circle, the two never actually met. By the time Josh and Heavy D met, Josh had already started and sold more than a couple of businesses. So when DieselSellerz started gathering steam, Heavy D wanted a business-savvy person to make sure it stayed that way. When his friends realized this, they introduced Heavy D to Josh. The pair quickly hit it off and were soon talking about business. But for Josh, his greatest accomplishment to date is his family. He often says,

“[That his greatest accomplishment was] talking a super hot, amazing woman into marrying me. I also got 4 crazy cool kids out of the deal.

Reality TV series

Unlike most of his crew, Josh is not directly associated with diesel trucks. Even though he is regularly on the set, his screen time is limited as compared to his fellow peers. While there were talks of Josh leaving the show “Diesel Brothers” during the fifth, it was all based on rumors. The rumor arose after Josh was not seen in the first two episodes of the fifth season. But fans were quickly put to ease after it was revealed that Josh was very much a part of the TV series. The series wrapped airing its eighth season on December 28, 2022, and Josh has no plans of leaving the crew.


Joshua Stuart, better known as RedBeard, is one of the associates of Diesel Sellerz, a company that specializes in customizing diesel trucks and selling them online. He is also a reality TV star on the Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers, which showcases the exploits of him and his fellow diesel enthusiasts. However, behind the scenes, Stuart has been involved in several legal battles that have tarnished his reputation and put his business at risk.

One of the most prominent controversies that Stuart faced was a lawsuit filed by Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE), an environmental group that accused him and his partners of violating the Clean Air Act by tampering with the emissions systems of their trucks and installing devices that produce excessive black smoke, also known as “rolling coal”. UPHE claimed that this practice not only harmed the environment, but also endangered the health of the residents of the Wasatch Front, where Diesel Sellerz operates. UPHE bought one of Stuart’s trucks and tested it, finding that it emitted 36 times more pollutants and 21 times more particulate matter than a stock truck.

The case went to trial in 2019, and a federal judge ruled in favor of UPHE, finding Stuart and his co-defendants liable for hundreds of emissions violations and for disobeying an earlier injunction that prohibited them from modifying trucks in this manner. The judge ordered them to pay $851,451 in damages, plus attorney fees and costs. Stuart appealed the ruling in 2020, arguing that UPHE lacked standing to sue him, that the Clean Air Act was ambiguous and inconsistent, and that the damages were excessive and punitive. However, in 2021, a federal appeals court upheld most of the lower court’s decision, affirming UPHE’s standing and the validity of the Clean Air Act, but reducing the damages to account for some trucks that were sold outside of Utah.

Personal Life

Josh Stuart is a married man and has been so for quite a while. He tied the knot with Cassidy Stuart and the pair have been together since May of 2008. In their years as a married couple, the pair gave birth to four lovely children, two boys, and two girls. The family of six currently resides in Bountiful, Utah.

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