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For Heavy D and his crew at DiselSellerz, there is nothing more fun than building extreme rides, the bigger the better. And while Heavy D is most associated with diesel trucks, the man can work on virtually anything that has an engine and runs on wheels. Over the years, D has worked on numerous vehicles including his first motorcycle, a 1976 Yamaha YZ80 to his most famous creation, the Mega Ram Runner. For D, mechanics are there to be pushed to their limit. And while there is a fine line between overworking machinery and pushing it to its limit, Heavy D manages to achieve the benchmark every time. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Dave Sparks AKA Heavy D.

Upbringing and Education

Heavy D was born as Dave Sparks in Utah, United States as the fourth child of his parents. His father served in the military but was discharged after a brain tumor diagnosis. Despite the condition, his father delivered pizzas with a mobile car. His mother supported the family through their difficult times.

Diesel Brothers star Heavy D
Diesel Brothers star Heavy D

Growing up with a sick and hard-working father inspired Dave with resilience. During those early years, Dave also developed a love for vehicles with wheels or engines, earning him the nickname Heavy D. He excelled in auto mechanics, fabrication, and welding in high school, where he learned the skills that would later make him a successful vehicle builder. He also had a mentor named Rich Eggett, who hired him as the manager of his motorcycle and ATV rental shop after Dave graduated from high school.

Professional Career

After graduating from high school, Dave started managing an ATV and motorcycle rental business for his close friend and mentor, Rich Eggett. The experience proved to be invaluable for Dave who was searching for a way to get into the automobile industry. Midway through his career, Dave decided to enroll at Weber State University. But after studying for one semester, Dave seemingly realized that he could learn more from the real world than while sitting in a classroom. So Dave quit college at 21 years of age and started operating heavy equipment for his uncle’s construction business. This short stint later turned into a full-time commitment for Dave who started his own small excavation business building rock walls, waterfalls, and other types of landscaping.

Starting DieselSellerz

Heavy D met Diesel Dave at a hangout and invited Dave to come with him to the lake. After pouring gasoline all over his truck, Heavy D was helped by Diesel to siphon the truck. As a result, the pair ended up bonding and started their own business. Entitled DieselSellerz, the business focused on heavy diesel trucks. The company is well known for its quality supplies and over-the-top giveaways that happen around the year. The pair also co-wrote a book. Entitled The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin’ Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life, the book features epic and inspirational stories behind Heavy D and Diesel Dave’s business and personal lives, from the guys’ first meeting to their early adventures building DieselSellerz.

Diesel Brothers

The work at DieselSellerz attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel, which offered them a deal to star in their own reality TV show. The show, called Diesel Brothers, premiered in 2016 and follows the adventures of Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and their crew as they repair and customize pickup trucks for their clients and fans. The show also features their charitable work, such as donating trucks to veterans and first responders.

Some of the most notable creations of Heavy D and his team include the Mega Ram Runner, a massive Dodge Ram with six doors and a custom suspension; the BroDozer, a Ford F-550 with monster truck tires and a turbo diesel engine; and the Surf Boat, a Vietnam-era bridge boat converted into a diesel-powered surf machine. Heavy D is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to showcase his creativity and engineering skills.

Net Worth

Heavy D, is a man of many talents and passions. He is a television star, a businessman, a vehicle builder, and a diesel enthusiast. He is best known for his role in the reality show Diesel Brothers, where he and his crew customize and sell diesel trucks. But how much is Heavy D worth?

Heavy D’s has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of 2023. The main sources of his income are his company DieselSellerz, where he is the CEO, his investment group Sparks Motors, his Youtube Channel, and his television career. He also earns money from sponsorships, endorsements, and book sales.

Personal Life

Heavy D is a married man and has been so for a while. The pair met in 2009 at one of the events for singles. This was also where he met Diesel Dave a few years prior. Heavy D is happily married to Ashley Bennet Sparks and the pair have been together since 2010. In their ten years of togetherness, the pair has three lovely kids Charly, Beau, and Mack. The family of five lives in Arizona, Utah.

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