What Happened to Nikki Webster from My 600-lb life?

Nikki Webster was born in June 1981, in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she developed a passion for food and music. However, her unhealthy eating habits caused her to balloon to nearly 650 pounds by the age of 33. She could barely perform basic tasks and was isolated from her family, who feared for her health and safety. Desperate to change her life, she sought the help of Dr. Nowzaradan, a renowned bariatric surgeon who treats extremely obese patients. She agreed to participate in the TLC show My 600-lb Life, which followed her two-year journey of shedding over 450 pounds through gastric bypass surgery and skin removal operations. Along the way, she faced many emotional and physical challenges, such as dealing with her past trauma, overcoming her food addiction, and adjusting to her new body. This article will reveal what Nikki Webster has been up to since her last appearance on the show. What is she doing now? You will also discover how Nikki coped with the emotional and physical challenges of her weight loss journey.

Nikki Webster Found Love After Losing 450 Pounds

Nikki Webster was once trapped in a body that weighed 649 pounds and caused her unbearable pain. She could barely move, and her stomach was a constant source of misery. She had one big motivation to get healthy: her brother Chris, who has cerebral palsy and needs her care.

Nikki Webster from My 600-lb life

In 2016, she appeared on the show My 600 lb Life and underwent gastric bypass surgery and skin removal surgeries. She lost an incredible 450 pounds and reached her goal weight of 200 pounds. But her transformation was not only physical. She also changed her emotional and social life for the better. And the best part? She found the love of her life, Marcus Gray.

Nikki and Marc met through a mutual friend and hit it off right away. They shared many interests and values and soon became more than friends. They got married on December 16, 2017, in the Latter Day Saint church in Saint Louis, Missouri. Nikki has shared their love story on her Instagram account, where she posts updates on her life and health.


She recalled how their friendship turned into romance on the night of the 2016 election. They went out for dinner and a movie, but kept checking the polls throughout the night. When they came out of the theater, they learned the outcome of the election and were shocked. Nikki wrote:

“I remember it was raining, and we just stared at each other in disbelief. In all the ways possible, what a ride the next 4 years would be!”

In another post, Nikki revealed how Marc surprised her by singing to her at their wedding reception with their dear friend, Oriana. They sang “Only Us” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, which was very meaningful to them. Nikki wrote:

“Y’all know I lost it when he started singing Hearing the song performed live with boo, and finally seeing a show we have listened to, read, and talked about was so exciting and just a tiny part of a perfect day.”

Nikki has also expressed her gratitude and admiration for her husband:

“I do know, there is no other better for me than Marc Gray. I revel in the ease of things, and in the frustrations we share. I would not have it any other way.”

This is how she wished him on his birthday on April 10, 2018:

The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in December 2021, despite having a challenging day. Nikki wrote:

“Today was mine and Marc’s 4th wedding anniversary-literally everything that could have gone wrong…did. Nothing went as planned. Except we were at each other’s side. And let me tell you…to go through a day such as this…and still feel lucky and happy, and like I don’t want to be anywhere else…makes me even more thankful for this day 4 years ago.”

She continued:

“I’m so thankful to do life with you, boo. The unexpected inconveniences, the sour fruits, the delayed trips, the late nights working, the aches and pains, and all the irritants, are sweeter with you in my life. This has been a year of growth and change, and I feel so lucky to fall in love with you over and over, as we continually transform. Thank you for seeing me, as I am, and loving every bit. I look forward to many, many more days with you. Good and bad. But always eventful. You will forever be my favorite noun. Happy Anniversary, Boo!”

Nikki Webster and her husband Marc have been married for over six years now. They do not have children together.

Here’s What happened to Nikki Webster

Niki Gray has documented her journey after losing over 450 lbs on her Social Media accounts, where she shares her insights, struggles, and achievements with her followers.

Niki’s life has not been easy, however. She has faced many difficulties, such as losing her job of 11 years as a theatre artist due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with a family crisis in Idaho, and moving to a new city. She has also battled with anxiety, mood swings, and self-doubt.

In 2020, she lost her job of 11 years as a theatre artist, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that it was soul-crushing to see her career come to a halt, and that she felt lost and depressed. She also realized that she had identified herself too much by her job, and that she needed to find a new purpose.

She found her way out of the funk with the help of Animal Crossing, a video game that helped her escape and relax. She also leaned on her husband, her sister Courtney, and her dog for support.

Soon after, Niki had to deal with a family crisis. She and her husband traveled to Idaho to help a family member who was going through a divorce and mental health issues. They stayed there for over a month, and faced some very difficult situations. Niki said that it was hard to see her family hurting, but that it also taught her to serve others and to appreciate the beauty of nature.

After returning from Idaho, Niki found a new job as a VIPKID teacher, where she taught English to children from China online. Niki and her husband also moved to a new city, near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Niki has also open about her struggles with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. On March 1, 2019, she admitted that losing weight did not magically solve all her problems and that she still had to work on her mental health every day. She shared that she was a complex person, with moods that swung from one spectrum to the next. She sometimes felt like a failure, and missed people who were no longer in her life. But she also tried to focus on the positive aspects of her life, and the blessings that she had.

However, Niki has also found many blessings and joys in her life. She is grateful for her husband, Marc Gray, whom she calls her “favorite boy” and her “boo”. She credits him for being her source of love and support, and says they were “meant to be”. She is also thankful for her faith, her family, and her dogs. 

What is Nikki Webster Doing now?

Nikki currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with her husband Marc. The couple does not have children of their own, but they have fur babies. Nikki loves spending time with her family and pets and enjoys traveling. Nikki also has a passion for teaching and learning. She works as an online English teacher for children from China. One of Nikki’s latest ventures is her online shop on Etsy, where she sells earrings. She says her earrings are “weightless and whimsical”.

Wiki/Bio Facts Table

Name Nikki Webster aka Nikki Gray
Birthdate June 1981
Age 42
Nationality American
Parents Terry Webster
Siblings Chris Webster
Education Unknown
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Height Unknown
Weight 194 lbs (as of 2017)
My 600-lb Life Appearances Season 4 Episode 2 (January 6, 2016), 
Marital Status Married
Husband Marcus Gray
Children None
More Facts – She lost over 450 lbs with the help of Dr. Nowzaradan and skin removal surgeries.


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