Dr. Nowzaradan son Jonathan Nowzaradan Wiki/bio: Age, married, wife, family, net worth.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is hailed for the work he put on the obese individual struggling with the overweight problem. Besides helping them gain a healthy body shape other reason he receives plaudits is “My 600-lb Life“, a reality TV show on TLC through which he gets to spread the work worldwide. However, in this article, we are talking about the man behind the success of the show, his son, Jonathan Nowzaradan.

Dr.Nowzaradan son Jonathan Nowzaradan

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan son Jonathan Nowzaradan

Jonathan is CEO and director of Megalomedia, a media company in Texas. He pitched forth the idea of the “My 600-lb Life” through his company and performed as executive producer and director of the show. He is also known as the director of Heavy (2011), Quints by Surprise (2010) and Survival of the Half Ton Teen (2009). Know everything about Jonathan like his age, family, wife, kids with insight on his net worth below.

Jonathan Nowzaradan Birthdate and Age

He was born in Texas, United  States on 6th February 1978 as the eldest child of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and his ex-wife Delores McRedmond. As of now, he is 40 years of age. Jonathan grew up in Texas along with his two younger sisters, Jennifer and Jessica Nowzaradan.

Johnathan Nowzardan is married to a wife and father of a kid

He is married to Virginia Amber Nowzaradan. So far in over a decade of relationship, the couple shares a healthy relationship. Besides loving partner at home, the two are engaged in business together. Amber works as a director of “The Story Board, L.L.C. ” with her husband acting as the president of the company.

Dr.Nowzaradon son Jonathan Nowzaradan and his wife Virginia Amber Nowzaradan

Jonathan Nowzaradan and his wife, Virginia Amber Nowzaradan

Together the couple gave birth to their daughter Danielle Nowzaradan who is ten years of age now. Other than this not much about his personal life has come out in public. Jonathan has shared pictures of his wife and daughter In his Facebook page, which was last updated in 2012.

Jonathan Nowzaradan wife and daughter

Jonathan Nowzaradan wife and daughter

Jonathan Nowzardan family and siblings

Johnathan is eldest of three children from his parent. After him, Jennifer Nowzaradan (born on 21st February 1980.) came in the family. She took art as major in college with graduating from St. Edward’s University. She currently is an Art Instructor at a South Austin high school. Jennifer is married to a husband and gave birth to a son with him. His youngest sister Jessica Nowzaradan was born on 1st may 1983. She is interested in art, especially in photography.

His mother Delores McRedmond was married to Dr. Younan Nowzarad for 27 years. The final years between his parents were messy; after filing for divorce in 2002 it was finalized in 2004 through a trail.

Jonathan Nowzaradan career and profession, net worth

Jonathan is in the media business. He is the CEO of Megalomedia and currently active in 11 companies. Johnathan had a business mindset from an early age. During his early teenage years, he made a big profit from selling 20 video games at $200-$300 each after he had bought it from Japan at the cost of $5 each.

After incorporating Meggalomedia in Austin, Texas on April 23, 2003, he had his first major work, a documentary on Austin resident Renee Williams. She was considered the heaviest woman in the world at 841 pounds. While she sought treatment at 400 pounds, Williams was turned down by many doctors. Finally, Jonathan father Dr.Nowzaradan took the case and performed surgery on then 29 years old woman. However two weeks later she died of heart attack on March 4, 2007,

Jonathan paused on documentary tapes until the family requested Megalomedia complete the story. The docu-drama was titled “World’s Heaviest Woman” and licensed to appear in cable stations in 20 countries throughout the world.  Since the company has worked on many projects including Shipping Wars and Shipping Wars UK,  My 600-lb Life, Heavy, Marshal Law: TX, Quints by Surprise, Survival of the Half Ton Teen, Smokejumpers.

Jonathan has not shared anything regarding his net worth. However, judging by the past revenue collected by his company he owns an impressive net worth. In 2010, Megalomedia brought in $3.8 million in revenue.

Dr. Nowzaradan Son Jonathan Nowzaradan facts

NameJonathan Nowzaradan
Place of BirthTexas, United States
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1978
OccupationDirector, Producer, Businessman
Net worthN/A
MotherDelores McRedmond
FatherDr.Younan Nowzradan
ChildrenDanielle Nowzaradan
Jonathan Nowzaradan Social Media PagesFacebook

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