Who’s Brittanya Razavi? Wiki, kids, net worth, marriage, surgery

Say what you will about her, but you got to agree that Brittanya Razavi is one confident woman. The social media sensation is not only confident but also unapologetic when it comes to her body and words. Often at the center of attention, Brittanya believes that no one can tell her how to live her life. Her motto can be strongly seen in her professional and personal life, but she does tend to go overboard once in a while. As a young entrepreneur, Brittanya has her head wrapped around in the business world and is excelling in her career. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Brittanya Razavi. 

Early Life:

Brittanya O’Campo was born on the 7th of July 1985 in Oxnard, California. Born and raised in California, Brittanya spent much of her early life alongside her five brothers and sisters. With her father being sent to jail when Brittanya was 15, it is safe to say that she didn’t have the best time growing up. As the youngest member of the family, the incident had more impact on Brittanya then her siblings. She got pregnant at the age of 16 and was also attending high school at the same time. She left her son with her grandfather and graduated from high school. There are no records of Brittanya going to college, which given her situation is understandable.  

Model, Brittanya Razavi
Model, Brittanya Razavi

Professional Career:

Early on in her life, Brittanya worked a lot of odd jobs to support herself and her son. She was later chosen to appear in the TV show, Rock of Love Bus and Charm School. The show featured women trying to win over the singer, Bret Michaels. Even though Brittania lost the competition, it became a stepping stone to her social media career. 

After crashing out of the competition, Brittanya started working as a model. She was contacted by several magazines including, Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, Tattoo Energy, and Spire Magazine.  

T.V personality Brittanya Razavi
T.V personality Brittanya Razavi

She continued to build on her new-found fame and launched a real-estate business. She is also the owner of 187 Avenue Online Store where she sells her merchandise. In the years that followed, Brittanya also wrote a book entitled, Millionaire Self Talk. She sells the book through her website which also contains private videos. Brittanya has also made a one-off appearance in the movie, Dysfunctional Friends (2012) and TV series, Charm School with Ricki Lake (2009). As of 2020, her estimated net worth is about 6 to 8 million USD.

Love life:

Brittanya is currently married to Moe Razavi and the pair are said to have four children together. Before Moe, Brittania dated Nico Vasquez but the pair split due to Nico’s disapproval of Birtanya’s work online. Brittanya also got pregnant when she was just 16, and the father of the child didn’t want to get involved. 

Plastic Surgery and Social media :

Down the years, Brittanya has faced a lot of questions if she has gone under the knife. The social media star came clear once and for all on twitter, where she admitted to plastic surgery.  

Brittanya Razavi
Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya is active on social media and has a lot of fan-following on Instagram. Her official Instagram account has over 8 million followers. 

Jail Time:

Brittanya has also been to jail for attacking another woman. This was early on in her career when she attacked another woman with a pimp chalice. She was taken to court where she pleaded guilty to the charges and was given a six-month sentence.


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