What happened to Doug Marcaida from Forged in Fire? wiki, bio, net worth, Injury, Wife?

Doug Marcaida is a man of many talents and skills. He is a martial artist, edged weapons specialist, and knife designer who has made a name for himself in the world of blades. He is also a TV judge on the History Channel show Forged in Fire. He has a passion for Filipino martial arts, especially Kali, which is a system of fighting with sticks, knives, and other weapons. He has created his own style of Kali, called Marcaida Kali, which is based on fast and flowing movements. He has designed many unique knives that allow for effective thrusting, slashing, hooking, and controlling in combat. He is a respected authority on edged weapons and Filipino martial arts. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Doug Marcaida, from his humble beginnings in the Philippines to his rise to fame and success in the United States.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameDoug Marcaida
ResidenceUpstate New York, USA
Marital statusMarried
Martial arts styleMarcaida Kali, a personal interpretation of various Southeast Asian styles of martial arts
Military serviceUS Air Force veteran for 8 years
Previous careerRespiratory Therapist for 20 years
Current occupationMartial arts instructor, knife designer, and TV judge
Net worth$500,000
TV showsForged in Fire and Desafio Sobre Fuego: Latin America
Brand partnerships5.11 Tactical, KBar Knives, Bastinelli Creations, Max Venom, Fox Knives, and Jason Knight Knives
Catchphrase“It will K.E.Al” (Keep Everyone Alive)
Online classesMarcaida Kali On Line Master Classes
T.V Personality, Doug Marcaida
T.V Personality, Doug Marcaida

Early Life

Doug Marcaida was born in the Philippines and spent much of his early life there. The man remains tight lipped about his early life including his date of birth, parents, and education. From a young age, Doug was interested in weapons and martial arts. He often used to fight with his friend at school. At the request of his father, Doug joined formal martial arts training. Doug fell in love with Kali (martial arts) and also started using knives as a weapon at the same time.  

Professional Life

In complete contrast to what he is doing now, Doug began his career in the US Air Force. Doug not only excelled during his time in the force, but he also began training them. He has since gone on to train the US Force Recon Marines, Spetsnaz Unit Alpha, and the Belgian Special Police. Later in his career, Doug established himself as an edged-impact weapons specialist. Taking a break from his life as an army man, Doug joined FOX knives. The Italian-based company allowed Doug to co-design the DART XT which is a tiny curved knife. He has also collaborated with various knife manufacturers, such as 5.11 Tactical, KBar Knives, Bastinelli Creations, Max Venom and Jason Knight Knives.

Edged-impact weapon specialist; Doug Marcaida
Edged-impact weapon specialist; Doug Marcaida

The series Forged in Fire first aired on the 22nd of June 2015 on the History Channel. Doug began his career on screen from 2015, when he was selected as one of the judges in the series. Alongside David Baker, Ben Abbott, J. Neilson, and Jason Knight, he has also appeared as a judge on the show. He tests the blades made by contestants using his famous catchphrase “It will K.E.Al” (Keep Everyone Alive).

In addition, he is currently participating in several events and seminars around the world, where he teaches and demonstrates his style of martial arts, called Marcaida Kali. He also offers gift certificates for his classes on his website. Meanwhile, he is also maintaining his social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, where he posts videos and photos of his martial arts training, knife testing, and personal life.

Net Worth

Doug Marcaida has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He earns his income from his salary as a judge on the History Channel show Forged in Fire, his weapon deals with the US military, and his brand partnerships with various knife manufacturers. He also sells his own products and online classes on his website.

Arm Injury

Back in 2017, Doug suffered from an arm injury and had to take a break from the TV series. It was later revealed that Doug suffered the injury while testing one of the weapons presented during the series. Since then, Doug has fully recovered and resumed his duties as a judge. 

Personal Life

Doug is a relatively private person and doesn’t like disclosing too much about himself. While we do know that he is happily married, there are no details on his wife’s identity. The pair are blessed with three lovely children. Doug often takes to Instagram to share photos of his children alongside details about his work. 

Martial art teacher, Doug Marcaida
Martial art teacher, Doug Marcaida

Fascinated with martial arts from a young age, Doug is also a teacher of the arts. He owns three martial arts schools, two in New York and one in Romania. He teaches the Marcaida Kali and receives a large number of students every year. Doug’s work has also been recognized in Hollywood and has been used as props in several films. 

Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
HeightAbout 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 m
Weight70-90 Kg
Hair colorDrack brown
Eye colorBrown
Skin toneTan
Facial hairBeard and mustache
TattoosOn his arms
ScarsA few on his hands and arms from knife testing
Clothing styleCasual and tactical, often wears black or dark colors
AccessoriesSunglasses, hats, gloves, watches, and necklaces
Body typeMuscular and fit
PostureUpright and confident
GesturesExpressive and animated, often uses his hands to demonstrate techniques
VoiceDeep and clear, with a slight Filipino accent
SmileBright and friendly

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