Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick Wiki/Bio: Age, Net Worth, married, wife.

TV personality and a moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick is hailed a legend of the Robbinsville, North Caroline. In fact, Jim is among few names that come to light alongside late legend moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. In over sixty years Jim mastered in creating copper still and more importantly brewing and slinging shine out of it. He got incarcerated and warned by police, but Jim did not hold himself back.

After so many years Jim found himself working on the right side of the law. He legally produces shine for Sugarlands Distilling Company. His product  100 proof ” Unaged Rye” goes on the market with Jim’s name and photo on it.

JimTom Hedrick Moonshiners
Moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick 

In this article, we will bring everything we know of Jim Tom including his age, wife, family, net worth. Also, we will bring about his career in discovery docudrama “Moonshiners.”

Jim Tom Hedrick Birthdate and Age

Jim Tom is so famous by his nickname that few people are familiar with his birth name. Jim is Marvin Hedrick a resident of Robbinsville, North Caroline. He was born on December 25, 1940, currently making him 77 years of age.

Jim Tom Hedrick career and net worth

Jim has worked several jobs in the past. He did plumbing, electrical works, vehicle maintenance guy and ham radio operator. Jim has recorded a couple of music songs most notably “Golly That’s Good.” Also, this country folk is quite a storyteller.

Jim tom Hedrick Moonshiners 1

Among the different jobs, Jim hated fixing cars, and he still owns ham radio license. Jim made his debut in discovery hit show Moonshiners in its second season in November of 2012.The show dramatizes its cast brewing moonshine while evading the authorities in the Appalachian region of United States. In real life, authorities have not found any illegal activities by its cast hence no one is arrested for their part in the show.

Although Jim’s productivity has slowed down with age, his over 60 years experience makes him a valuable addition to any team. Jim knows where the fault lies and the measures to improve the batch in a still. Further, he can customize copper still with the need of the situation.

Jim tom hedrick Net Worth
Jim Tom Hedrick Net Worth

Jim makes his eaning as moonshiner and endorsement from his association with Sugarland Distilling Company. Also, he was well paid during his time in the discovery show. Taking all into account, Jim has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Talkin about Jim’s part in discovery show moonshiner, last time he was regular on the show was 2016. During 2015/2016 season, Jim Tom left North Caroline to work with Josh in Spartanburg, South Carolina after Josh had split with his moonshiner partner Bill. Beyond 2016 Jim has one uncredited role in the show. At the present, we do not know if Jim Tom will make a return in the show anytime in future.

Is Jim Tom Hedrick dead, what about his health problems?

Simply no, Jim Tom is still alive. At 77 it is understandable time to time Jim faces health problem. However, this legendary moonshiner has not shared any particular detail about his health problem.

Jim tom Hedrick 2018
Jim Tom Hedrick at 77 years of age

According to his famous stories, Jim suffered a horrible accident on a Halloween night on  31st October  1962. He had a race on his Harley Davidson with his girlfriend’s sister’s husband, Jerry who was on 1961 “Starliner 390.” At one curve in Robbinsville, Jim Tom was at 115 miles/hr when he collided with Jerry’s father who happens to come in 1955 Ford Station Wagon racing at 85 miles/hr from opposite direction.

Caption: Jim Tom Hedrick with his 1961 Harley Davidson accident story

Jim was seriously injured and taken to hospital in Andrews. He had several stitches in his head, and a steel rod was implanted into his right leg.

Jim Tom Hedrick Family, Wife

At the moment we are not able to find anything about Jim Toms family and wife. Through the stories Jim has shared about his growing up in the countryside, having an affair with girls, how he used to drink all night and yet would wake up without a hangover. However, Jim has kept about his family and relationship away from media spotlight. Maybe there is reason Jim has not opened about his family, and we should respect his privacy.

Jim Tom Hedrick facts

Name: Marvin Hedrick
Place of Birth North Carolina, United States
Age 77
Birthdate December 25, 1940
Occupation TV actor, Moonshiner, Singer, Storyteller
Net worth $200,000
Spouse/Partner N/A
Children N/A


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