Ghost Hunters Brian Harnois: wiki-Bio, net worth, height, age, wife, kids.

Of the original Ghost Hunters, Brian Harnois is probably the least known. One of the first members on The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Brian and TAPS go way back. Even though Brian worked in Ghost Hunters back in its early days, he left the set for a better job and has been out of the camera save for a few documentaries. Not much is known about Brian as the man likes to keep his secrets close. Brian never liked giving interviews, and the ones he gave were always focused on his work. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Brian Harnois.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBrian Harnois
Date of birthDecember 6, 1976
Place of birthMilford, Massachusetts
Zodiac signSagittarius
High schoolWoonsocket High School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island
OccupationTelevision personality, Actor, Cinematographer
Net worthUnknown
PersonalityEnthusiastic, humorous, passionate, courageous, resilientĀ 
Paranormal interestSparked by a personal experience with the supernatural at the age of 11
Paranormal groupThe Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), joined in 1999
TV showsGhost Hunters (2004-2008), Ghost Hunters International (2008-2009), Haunted RI (2011)
Films and documentariesA Haunting on Potter Street: The Potter Street Station (2012), A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2: The Stable (2011), A Haunting on Hamilton Street (2010)
FamilyTwo daughters, Mackenzie and Kylie
ResidenceRhode Island

Early Life

Brian Joseph Harnois was born on the 6th of December 1976 in Milford, Massachusetts. He graduated Highschool in 1994 from Woonsocket High School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. As a young kid, Brian has heavily invested in the paranormal. From the time he was able, Brian started investigation paranormal occurrences around the town. So when Jason Hawes and the rest of the TAPS team came snooping around, Brian already had a ton of things to discuss. Impressed by his workings, Jason invited Brian to work in The Atlantic Paranormal Society’s team. This was around 1998/99.

Ghost Hunters International cast Brian harnois
Ghost Hunters International star Brian Harnois

Before joining the TAPS team, Brian was working as a government contractor. He was responsible for packaging electronic equipment to send to other government contractors. Even though his then-boss knew of TAPS and the work they did, he didn’t mind. But Brian was fired from his job for poor attendance and for allegedly “firing up the team”. Brian once revealed that he never understood what his boss meant during the time.

Ghost Hunter

After joining the TAPS team, Brian began actively working on paranormal cases. One of the first investigators, Brian was respected by Hawes and the rest of the hunters. When Jason agreed to star in the reality TV series Ghost Hunters, Brian decided to work as the Case Manager. He worked on the series for two years before leaving the set for better opportunities. His other employer was aware of TAPS and Brian often used his workplace as an excuse to ditch the TAPS meeting. He did the same in his new workplace and was later called out for it.

Trouble on set

Even though Brian’s new work was revealed as the major reason for him leaving the show, Donna Lacroix believed it to be otherwise. After leaving the show, Donna revealed that Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson mentally abused Brian, which led him to leave the show. While the claim was neither confirmed nor denied, it cannot be dismissed.

Life after the Ghost Hunters

Even though Brian left the TAPS team, he has continued working in paranormal investigations. He has worked for over 20 years as an investigator and has been involved in more than 675 cases. Brian also starred in quite a few TV documentaries including, Haunted RI (2011), and A Haunting on Dice Road 2: Town of the Dead (2017). He not only starred in several A Haunting documentaries but also worked as a cinematographer.

Personal life: Brian Harnois wife and children

Brian Harnois is a married man or at least was. Since he does not share about his wife, we can not tell for sure. Nonetheless, he is father of two daughters, Mackenzie and Kylie Harnois.

Brian Harnois daughter Mackenzie
Brian Harnois along with daughter Mackenzie back in 2013

Physical Traits

Height6ā€™ 1″ (1.85 m)Ā 
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Facial hairBeard and mustacheĀ 
Body Muscular body, with broad shoulders, a large chest, and strong arms and leg
TattoosOn his arms
GlassesSometimes wears themĀ 
Clothing styleCasual, often wears T-shirts, jeans, and hatsĀ 

Brian Harnois FAQs

Is Brian Harnois still alive?Yes
Is Brian Harnois still a ghost hunter?Yes
Is Brian Harnois still in contact with TAPS?Yes
Is Brian Harnois involved in any new TV shows or films?Unknown
Is Brian Harnois a father?Yes
Is Brian Harnois allergic to cats?No
Is Brian Harnois a vegetarian?No
Is Brian Harnois a smoker?Unknown
Is Brian Harnois a fan of Harry Potter?No
Is Brian Harnois a fan of coffee or tea?Unknown
Is Brian Harnois left-handed or right-handed?Right-handed
Is Brian Harnois an introvert or an extrovert?Extrovert
Is Brian Harnois a morning person or a night owl?Night owl
Is Brian Harnois a leader or a follower?Leader
Is Brian Harnois optimistic or pessimistic?Optimistic
Is Brian Harnois creative or analytical?Creative
Is Brian Harnois adventurous or cautious?Adventurous
Is Brian Harnois loyal or independent?Loyal
Is Brian Harnois friendly or reserved?Friendly


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