Moonshiner Steven Ray Tickle Wiki/bio: Net Worth, Age, family, wife, children.

Steven Ray Tickle is American TV personality know for his role in the discovery TV show Moonshiners. The show dramatizes its cast illegally producing the moonshine (alcohol) in the Appalachian region of United States. In real life, Tickle alongside Jim Tom Hedrick and Mark Rodgers partners with Sugar Distillation Company to create the Legends Series line of moonshine flavors. In this article, we will bring major aspects of Steven’s wiki-like his age, net worth, family, wife, children, and trouble with the law. Those who want to know if tickle is married, well will address below.

Steven Ray Tickle Wiki/Bio

Steven Ray Tickle was born on November 30, 1976, in Southwest Carolina, United States to his parents late Larry Craig Tickle and his wife, Lois Ileane Keller Tickle. He is one of four children Darrel, Glenn, Steven and Mike Tickle from his parents. His father Larry struggled with paralysis and eventually lost the battle with the disease at the age of 64. Tickle was raised in Dry Fork Virginia where he attended Tunstall High School.

Steven RayTickle and his daughter Daisy Tickle
Steven Ray Tickle and his daughter Daisy Tickle

Steven Ray Tickle Career and Net Worth

Steven appeared in discovery TV show Moonshiners in the first season first episode on¬†December 6th, 2011. However, he regularly started appearing in the show from the second season. The show became a massive hit among fans at one point reportedly the casts were paid¬† $30,000 per episode which without including their income from liquor production and it’s sale.

Also, the producers were so impressed with Tickle they gave him his own show¬†entitled “Tickle ” in 2013 which lasted 13 episodes. This TV personality claims to have been involved off and on in the illegal moonshining since the age of 15. Now a veteran in the profession Steven legally partners with Sugar Distillation Company to produce moonshine since 2014.

Moonshiners casts Steven Ray Tickle and Tim Smith
Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle and Tim Smith

His other profession is Carpentary. In 2013, Tickle was reported to have lived for two years in Washington while building the popular¬†Clyde’s Restaurant¬†near the¬†Verizon Center¬†downtown.

In 2013, Tickle was also reported to be considering running against¬†U.S. Representative¬†Robert Hurt¬†in¬†Virginia’s 5th congressional district¬†as an independent.¬†In addition to his self-proclaimed candidacy for president in 2012, Tickle announced his intention to run for Congress and used an opportunity, in the form of an October 2013 interview with¬†Washington Secrets¬†to call¬†the Affordable Care Act¬†“crap.”

As for Steven Ray Tickle’s net worth, we do not have any reliable source to confirm at present.

Is Steven Ray Tickle Married? Current relationship? His Wife and children

Tickle has kept his married life mostly an anonymous, and we have to give him credit for being able to do so. Nevertheless, we know he gave birth to a daughter, Daisy Tickle from the relationship who will soon turn 18.

After leaving his wife, Tickle was seen in public places with his girlfriend, Jaci. If you ask me if the relationship was serious? We thought so. In a Facebook post, Tickle had gone public with his ongoing relationship with Jaci. Even his mother, Lois had remarked the couple.

Steven Ray Tickle Girlfriend
Steven Ray Tickle Girlfriend

However, it seems now the relationship between the two did not work. Later in 2016, another girl who goes by Jenny Jen on Facebook was associated with him. Like the previous girlfriend, Tickle went public with the relationship in a Facebook post. This relationship was a mere fluke rather anything serious.

Steven Ray tickle second girlfriend
Steven Ray tickle rumored girlfriend

Currently, Steven Ray Tickle is more likely to be a single with his daughter to priorities.


Steven Ray Tickle confrontation with the law

He was arrested for public intoxication in March 2013.  Tickle was arrested again for the possession of a sawed-off shotgun In 2015. He was convicted on February 1, 2016. Tickle was given a three year suspended penitentiary sentence on March 24, 2016. He was arrested again for a probation violation and sentenced to serve five months on September 15, 2016.

Steven Ray Tickle Facts

Name: Steven Ray Tickle
Place of Birth Soth West Carolina, United States
Age 41 years
Birthdate November 30, 1976
Parents Father: Larry Craig Tickle, Mother: Lois Ileane Keller Tickle
Sibling Darrel, Glenn, and Mike Tickle
Occupation TV actor, Moonshiner, Carpenter
Net worth N/A
Spouse/Partner N/A
Children Daisy Tickle


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