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Updated: September 23, 2022

In the world of custom car fabrication, Dave Kindig is a name that deserves an honorable mention. Designer by profession, Kindig is the owner and chief designer of  Kindig-It. The native of Utah, Kindig performs customization in both old and new cars with the help of his crew, and his passion for the job has opened a door to the television world. So, who indeed is Dave Kindig? Is he divorced from longtime wife Charity Kindig? What is his net worth? We will bring everything to know about Dave Kindig in this biography article.

Quick Introduction:

Dave Kindig is a designer, reality television actor and a business owner. Designing cars is Dave’s strong aspect, and he has been at it for many years. Dave has been part of multiple car shows but what gained him popularity is “Bitchin Rides,” a reality television show on Motor Trend.

Self-taught car designer Dave Kindig


Dave Rick Kindig was born on February 6, 1971 in Salt Lake, Utah. U.S. He was born under the zodiac sign “Aquarius,” which is 11th astrological sign. Men of Aquarius birth are said to possess traits such as  charismatic, spontaneous, rebellious, and distinctive. And, we cannot deny Dave is charismatic- making customers fall in love with his work is part of his charisma, right? Dave is American by nationality and an eligible voter of the United States of America. And if ethnicity is concerned Dave is of Caucasian origin.

Early life:

Dave grew up in Salt Lake and his love for designing was evident during his childhood. He would chop and change Legos to make different shapes of cars. It is a point to note that kids in United States playing Legos is an usual occurrence however Dave was also into drawing. He would draw cars and other things for fun. While Dave has not shared many things about his childhood we do know he attended a school in his hometown in Salt Lake, Utah.


Dave is a self-made designer and fabricator. He did not go to art school or even did not attend college. Dave got into car design all out of his passion. Beginning at the age of 5 he would make the drawing of cars and would chop and change Legos until he would make a design out of it.

Dave worked at high-performance coatings for years, and during the period he learned about the restoration business. Dave did not see himself working week in week out and indeed quit the job. He started “Kindig It” in 1999 using only $4,800. Initially, the business started subletting a 4,500-square-foot workspace. Like everything begins from small, over the years “Kindig It” grew into one of the most successful car customization and restoration place in Utah. Later, he bought a place with 27,000-square-foot building.

Reality Television:

One can never know what future holds the best thing he/she can do is to act on and wait for good to come. As for Dave, he had been designing cars for many years until he was  presented with a chance to appear in a television documentary, the career he was unfamiliar before. Dave appeared in documentary tv series “My Classic Car” in 2013, little did he know this was only the first step to the reality television fame.

Dave Kindig
Car designer & Reality Television star Dave Kindig

In 2014 Dave became the poster guy of  “Bitchin Rides,” an original of Motor Trend network. The show revolves around Dave and his crew customizing old cars or cars into magnificent cars for the clients. He joined the show from the very inception with its first episode premiering on September 2, 2014. The show 8 seasons already wrapped up and Dave has appeared in all seasons as a central figure. Ninth season of “Bitchin Rides” premieres on October 5, 2022.

Dave also appeared on spin-off’s Beyond Bitchin’ Rides and Bitchin’ Boot Camp. Dave hosted TV show “Best of Top Gear”  one episode entitled “What Budget?” in 2019.

Television Career Timeline:

Television Show Genre Role Year
My Classic Car Documentary Self 2013
Bitchin’ Rides Reality/ Car Customization  Restoration Self/Owner/Designer 2014-2022
Beyond Bitchin’ Rides Reality/ Car Restoration Self/Owner/Designer 2015-2016
Best of Top Gear Reality Host 2019
Bitchin’ Boot Camp Reality Host 2020

Net Worth

In the career that has spanned over two decades, Dave has accumulated wealth as well as fame. Dave makes his money through custom car fabrication, sales of parts & merchandise, and earning from appearing on different television shows. The television exposure has promoted his business all over the United States and abroad. Dave has a reported net worth of $5M.

Personal Life: Dave Kindig married to longtime wife Charity Kindig

Dave is a married man- his wife is Charity Kindig. The couple met at a dance club while Charity was still in high school. Soon it escalated into a love affair. Dave and Charity began their conjugal life starting with a wedding ceremony on July 11,1992. The pair has been together ever since and extends the family line with two children of own.

Dave Kindig Weding
Young Dave and Charity Kindig on their day of wedding

Charity is one year younger than Dave, she was born on March 2, 1972. Charity shares the passion for car with her husband. She was supportive of Dave when he quit the job and encouraged him to venture a business of own. Charity co-founded “Kindig It” with her husband in 1999. She started in the secretary position but over the years as the company grew she had to vacant the position in favor of vice president role.

In the years of togetherness, Charity and Dave has given birth to two offspring’s. Their eldest child is Baylee Kingdig born on April 12, 1996. Second child, a son, Drew Kindig was born on May 14,1999.

Little bit on Kindig children:

Both Baylee and Drew are in their 20s,’ not kids anymore, huh?. They were raised around the family shop. Baylee started working at the age of 16 as a parts runner & slowly made her way to the reception. As of now. Baylee is Marketing mind of “Kingdig It” and takes care of design, website and apparels. She is married to Kaden who is a barber by profession.

Dave kindig daughter
Caption: Dave with his daughter Baylee Kindig

Drew is into metal fabrication and did fabrication for The Boeing which is an aerospace company. Drew attended Corner Canyon High School. On May 22, 2022, Drew married his bestfriend Kara Cuillard. He current works at his father company “Kindig It Design.”

Awards and achievement:

Dave’s has been praised for his designing works and found himself at the receiving end of  awards. Among the list of awards, Dave won 2007 GM Design Award, 2008 Utah Hot Rod Inductee, 2012 Master Builder Award, 2012 Trendsetter Award (Goodguys), 2013 Ford Design Award. However, Dave has received no awards or nomination for his involvement in documentary and reality television shows.

Dave Kindig interesting facts:

  1. Dave did not use computer to make design when first started Kindig-it in 1999, instead he opted for pencil to draw car models.
  2. Dave quit his job the years his son Drew Kindig was born.
  3. Dave is a year older than his wife Charity Kindig.
  4.  Both of Dave’s children are married.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name Dave Rick Kindig
Date of Birth Feburary 6, 1971
Age 51
Place of birth Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Aquarius
Gender Male
Relationship Status Married
Wife Charity Kindig (m. 1992)
Children Baylee, Drew Kindig
Daughter-in-law Kara Cuillard
Son-in-law Kaden
Net worth $5 M
Social Media Handle Facebook
Eye Color Brown


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