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Preserving a unique way of life that has been passed down from generations is quite a hefty challenge. Such is the problem faced by people living in the Atchafalaya Basin. The French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisianna in the 18th century are now facing an uphill task to survive and thrive. This context has been wonderfully documented by the TV series Swamp People. A wonderful premise with a cast to match, the series has introduced fans to a completely different world. Ashley Jones is one of the amazing members of the vibrant cast. 

Nicknamed as Dead-Eye

In the series, Ashely is also known as Dead-Eye. This nickname came from her marksmanship which is just one of the most amazing things about her. In a competition with other hunters on the show, not only does Ashley require fewer bullets but she also finishes the job in half the time. 

Swamp People Ashley Jones
Swamp People Ashley Jones

Early Life:

Ashley Jones was born on the 25th of November. Information on the exact year seems to be missing from her profiles. In appearance, Ashley looks like she is in her mid-thirties and her real age should be very close to it. There is no information on her parents, early life, and her schooling. 

Professional Life:

Ashley got the big break she always wanted when she won a lottery for the gator tag. During the time, she was attending a local fair with Ronnie Adams. Impressed with Ashley, Ronnie invited her to work on his boat which would later lead to reality television. This was the perfect opportunity for Ashley who was also a fan of the show. On a gator boat, Ashley is incredibly calm and collected. Due to this, she began working as a cast member for the series. This was back in 2018 and two years later, Ashley has firmly established herself as the best marksman on the show. 

Ashley jones Ronnie Adams
Partner in the hunt Ashley jones & Ronnie Adams

Personal Troubles:

Even though Ashley seems to be a fun-loving character onscreen, she has seen her fair share of troubles. She lost a child to miscarriage around the 2010s which drove her to depression. Things escalated and Ashley started having suicidal thoughts. Concerned, her husband Chad took Ashley out on a hunting trip. This encouraged Ashley to come out of her shell and start exploring. 

Married Life:

People often get confused regarding her husband and mistook Ronnie Adams as her husband. To clear the name Ronnie is her hunting partner on Swamp People and she considers him as a cajun brother.

Ashley Jones husband and children
Ashley Jones husband Chad and three children

Ashley Jones indeed is married to Chad Jones who is also a hunter and practicing lawyer. The pair are proud parents to three children and are enjoying their time together as a family. Ashley helps him run “The Jones Law Firm” while off from gator hunting.


Among her three children, two are boys and the middle child is a girl. Her oldest Camden is 12 and plays the drums and takes the advanced learning classes at his school. Her daughter Addison is 8 years old. And Her youngest boy, Cooper is 5, and the wildest one.

More About Ashley Jones

Ashley is a city girl, she was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Unlike her roots, she has easily transitioned to swamp life setting a daring example for ladies out there. Moreover, she is a late bloomer and did not hunt until her husband took her nearly 7 years ago. Ashley has an older brother who serves in the Army.

Social Media

The reality tv star is active in social media mainly on her Facebook page named Ashley Dead Eye Jones which has over 12 thousand followers.

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