Facts about Shane Kilcher including horrible accident he suffered.

Hardship is part of every day for Shane Kilcher. Facing the adversity of nature Shane and his wife live in an isolated community of Homer, Alaska. The third generation Kilcher, Shane follows in the footstep of his grandfather Yule Kilcher who began homesteading culture. Even though rough wilderness and daunting sub-zero temperatures, the Kilcher family makes living closer to nature look easier. They grow own foods, hunt, and fishes, and builds cabin with the resources around. Abiding by, Shane performs anything from lumberjack, carpentry to cabin construction works. Follow with us as we reveal the facts on Shane Kilcher.

Who is Shane Kilcher?

Other than a hard-working guy Shane Kilcher is a TV personality. He is also known for his poetry and singing ability. Shane rose to fame through hard work infused with his humor, perfectly showcased on the reality show “Alaska The Last Frontier.” After the debut in 2012, he appeared on 55 episodes until 2017.

Married to Kelli Ware Kilcher

Shane is married to his longtime wife Kelli Ware Kilcher. The couple met back in school days when Shane was a senior at Steller Secondary School. Kelli later admitted her love for Shane at a party they were attending. The couple tied the knot on June 20, 1992.

Shane and Kelli Ware Kilcher on their wedding day

Shane is a supportive husband and wanted Kelli to continue her education after marriage. Kelli completed her nursing from Maric College in 1999. Since, Kelli has worked at several hospitals including South Peninsula Hospital, Anchorage Pediatric group.

In 24 years as a married couple, they have four children Keena Tarik Kilcher, Jareth Kilcher, Reid Kilcher, and Jenna Kilcher. Even after so many years Shane and Kelli evidently illustrate their love for each other on social media.

A Swiss descent

Shane is of Swiss origin and a third-generation Kilcher in Alaska. His grandparents Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber came from Switzerland during the tension of the second world war. And Shane is the eldest of children from his parents Atz Kilcher, a singer and tv personality, and Lenedra Carroll, a singer. His younger sister Jewel Kilcher is an international pop star with over 30 million albums sold worldwide. His brother Atz Lee Kilcher features in the discovery show “Alaska Last Frontier” and his half-brother Nikos Kilcher is pursuing a career as a professional singer.

Nikos, Atz, Jewel, Atz Lee and Shane Kilcher (L-R)

Shane would have another sibling if not for the unfortunate tragedy. His parents lost a child less than one-year-old due to sudden death. Although the couple got past the heartbreak, later the relationship ended with a divorce in 1982. Atz is currently married to Bonnie Dupree. As for his mother Lenedra, we do not know if she is married or presently single.

Shane Kilcher as a Philanthropist

In 1998, Shane formed a non-profit organization “Higher Ground For Humanity” with his mother, Lenedra Carroll, and sister Jewel Kilcher. The organization promotes youth, alternative health care, the arts, spiritual development, global community building, and the environment through education, research, and alliances with like-minded organizations.

According to Shane Kilcher Linkedin, for over a decade (1997 – 2010), he worked in the Clean Water Project targeting villages around the world lacking clean water.  The project is now active in over 18 countries around the world including Tibet, Honduras, Mexico, India, the United States, and Africa. Shane also provides special care to people with disabilities.

Injury and Accident

Shane and his wife enforced themself to built a cabin home in 2017 during which Shane met with an accident. He fell off the ladder while constructing.  Shane was taken to Central Peninsula Hospital Alaska. The fall resulted in breaking L2 vertebra, and that the horizontal fracture extended two-thirds of the way through the bone.

Shane and Kelli Ware Kilcher Working in their cabin
Shane and Kelli Ware Kilcher Working in their cabin

Shane Kilcher Net Worth

Kilcher family are prominent landowners around the greater Homer area. They own 613 acres around the homestead, but according to local records, they can lay claim to a further 207 acres in and around the city. Reportedly the homestead accounts for just over $800,000, and the total value of the family’s real estate holdings is approximately 3.6 million dollars. In addition to the family property, Shane is reported to have earned around $7,000 to $10,000 per episode from the TV show “Alaska The Last Frontier.”

Wiki/Bio facts

Name:Shane Kilcher
Date of BirthMay 5, 1971
Birth PlaceUnited States
ParentsAtz Kilcher, Lenedra Carroll
Siblings Atz Lee Kilcher, Jewel KilcherNikos Kilcher (half-brother)
Spouse/PartnerKelli Ware Kilcher
ChildrenKeena Tarik Kilcher, Jareth Kilcher, Reid Kilcher,Jenna Kilcher


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