Nikos Kilcher Wiki, bio, age , mother, net worth, facts of youngest son of Atz Kilcher.

Born on March 7, 1984, Alaska, Nikos Kilcher is the member of same Kilcher family that we see in reality TV series “Alaska The Last Frontier”. This talented person grew up with immense love for music and learned singing from a young age.  After 12 years of performing solo in bars and other settings, Nikos released his first album “Pilgrim” in 2017.

If we look at his personal life, Nikos isn’t the one who keeps things very tight. In fact, he shares the selected picture of his family and publicly flaunts his relationship with girlfriend turned wife. More details follow in this wiki like a biography of Nikos Kilcher.

Nikos Kilcher Love affair into marriage with traditional ceremony

Nikos Kilcher is married to Kate Kilcher with the relationship between them dates back to 2008. After falling in love and staying in the relationship for six years, Nikos and Kate got married with a traditional marriage ceremony in 2014. They had their marriage ceremony divided into three ritual parts. The first was on the shore of the Arabian Sea. Months later on the shores of Kachemak Bay in Alaska, they had the second ceremony for “the man” and became legally married. The third (and most traditional) was on the shores of the great Pacific Ocean in Tofino Canada in September of 2014.

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Since the pair has been blissfully married and Nikos has made no secret how he feels about Kate. Nikos regards having convinced Kate as his partner is the based decision he made in his life. He describes his relationship with Kate as;

“I made the best decision of my life and was lucky enough to talk this intelligent, capable, well educated, motivated, compassionate, gorgeous woman into thinking I would be a good partner for her. It hasn’t been a straight road nor a smooth one but it’s been the most fulfilling adventure I can imagine.”

Nikos Kilcher and his wife Kate Kilcher
Caption: Nikos Kilcher and his wife Kate Kilcher

Nikos Kilcher Family: Who is his mother?

Nikos Kilcher is born to Atz Kilcher and Linda. The extent of the relationship between them (Attz and Linda) isn’t known. While moving on from unfruitful relationship Linda found love in another man and bore two children Joel and Ivy with him. Below is the rare picture of Nikos with his mother while they are traveling together.

Nikos Kilcher Mother
Caption: Nikos Kilcher and his mother Linda

Atz Kilcher is a father to four children including Atz Lee Kilcher, Shane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher including Nikos. Jewel is an international pop singer who has sold over 30M records worldwide.

Nikos Kilcher Early Life and Profession

Nikos grew up with a passion for music and singing from a young age. At the age of 14, Nikos was introduced to his first guitar chords and was soon composing and singing songs. These young, deeply formative years were the catalyst for a reliance on music as a form of self-reflection and exploration.  After high school, Nikos began working wildland firefighting during summers and traveling the winters. He has traveled North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. 

Nikos primarily lives in Homer, Alaska with his wife. He is part of rich music community there. Nikos performed for twelve years in bars and other settings before releasing his first album “Pilgrim” in 2017.

Nikos Kilcher Net Worth

Nikos is at the beginning of his professional singing career however it is not known how much he earns from albums and the musical tour he performs. Nikos definitely inherits large acres of land which came from his grandparents to parents and now to their children.

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