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Atz Lee Kilcher is a man who lives on the edge. The man is known as the “black sheep” of the Kilcher family, but he also respects his heritage and the land. A true Alaskan pioneer, Atz Lee is one of the stars of Alaska: The Last Frontier, a show that follows the Kilcher family on a remote homestead in the Alaskan wilderness. Atz Lee is a subsistent hunter and focuses on the meat need of the family. He is not afraid of danger or challenges, and he often gets into trouble with his crazy antics. During downtime, he turns to music and singing with his famous sister Jewel and his father Atz Kilcher.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full NameAtz Lee Kilcher
BirthdateAugust 26, 1976
Age46 years old
BirthplaceHomer, Alaska, United States
ParentsAttila Kuno “Atz” Kilcher, Lenedra Carroll.
Step-motherBonnie Dupree
SiblingsShane Kilcher, Jewel Kilcher
Half- siblingsNikos Kilcher
CollegeArt Institute of Seattle
ProfessionReality Television Personality, Homesteader
Net Worth$800,000 (estimated)
Marital StatusDivorcing his wife Jane Kilcher
Ex-spouse/partnerNantia Krisintu
ChildrenEtienne Kilcher, Piper Kassouni
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBrown
Height? feet ? inches
Social Media Handle InstagramFacebook
Atz Lee Kilcher
Atz Lee Kilcher and Jane Kilcher are Divorcing

Table of Contents

Early Life and Family

Atz Lee Kilcher was born on August 26, 1976, in Homer, Alaska, to Attila Kuno “Atz” Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll. A third-generation homesteader himself, Atz Lee’s ancestry takes him to Switzerland as both of his grandparents Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber are Swiss immigrants who fled to America during the tension of the second world war. He has two siblings Jewel Kilcher who is an international pop star and  Shane Kilcher who is a reality television actor. He also has a half-sibling Nikos Kilcher who is an aspiring singer.

Atz Lee grew up on the Kilcher homestead, a 600-acre land in the Alaskan wilderness that his grandfather Yule Kilcher established in 1940. He learned how to survive and thrive in the harsh environment, but also developed a passion for music and adventure. Before setting as a Homesteader, a young Atz Lee pursued a career in the music industry and attended The Art Institute of Seattle.

Career & Progression

Atz Lee lived away from the homestead for many years to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician. He traveled across the country with his guitar and performed at stages & different events. However, he struggled to make a living as a singer and songwriter. He also felt disconnected from his roots and his family. And eventually returned to Homer, Alaska, where he lives a self-sufficient life. He built his own cabin by hand. Unlike his uncle Otto, who keeps livestock to supply his family with meat, Atz Lee relies solely on hunting to feed his family. He considers himself a subsistence hunter, meaning that he only hunts what he needs for survival and does not waste any part of the animal. He respects the animals he hunts and thanks them for their sacrifice. Atz Lee admits that there are huge risks to this lifestyle, but not having livestock gives him the extra time he needs before winter in order to hunt. 


Atz Lee Kilcher’s television career is based on his appearance in the reality TV series Alaska: The Last Frontier, which follows the lives of the Kilcher family on their homestead in Alaska. He has been a regular cast member since 2011 and has appeared in over 109 episodes as of 2023. He is also credited as a performer of the theme song of the series, along with his father Atz Kilcher and his sister Jewel Kilcher.

One of the most dramatic episodes of the series was The Fall, which aired on December 6, 2015. It documented Atz Lee Kilcher’s near-fatal accident when he fell from a cliff while hiking Otter Cave with a friend named Mike.  He suffered a broken arm, a broken shoulder, a broken ankle, a broken hip, crushed ribs, and two punctured lungs while his friend sustained minor injuries and had to be airlifted to a hospital. The episode also showed how his family and friends rallied to support him and help him recover.

Since his recovery, Atz Lee has escaped any major accident or injuries even though his uncle Otto was unfortunate and was trampled by an ox.

Net Worth

Since Atz Lee Kilcher leads a self-sufficient life it does not contribute much to his finance. His main source of income is Alaska the Last Frontier. As of now, Atz Lee Kilcher has an estimated net worth of $800,000.

Social Media Presence

Atz Lee Kilcher has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has a Facebook page @Atzleeofficialpage with over 37,000 followers however he has not updated since January 27, 2020. He has a green tick in his official Instagram account which has over 112,000 followers. He also has a Twitter account @atzlee where he posts updates on his life, his family, his music and his show.

Personal Life

Meeting and Marriage to Jane Kilcher

Atz Lee married Jane Kiclher who is a registered nurse and former commercial fisherwoman, in 2006. The two met in their childhood when Jane was 12 years of age. She lived not far from Kilcher’s homestead in Homer. The two married each other only after they had gone through a previous failed relationship. Jane was previously married to Dicran Kassouni and had a daughter with him. After the divorce, Jane and Atz Lee reconnected over their love for music. In over 16 years of marriage, they have not given birth to any children.

Atz Lee Kilcher and Jane kilcher
Atz Lee Kilcher and Jane Kilcher renewing their wedding vow at the Head of the Bay

Divorce Truth with Jane Kilcher

In the past, Jane has admitted that she is not the type to go for public displays of affection due to which she also got labeled as a cold person. And Atz Lee for his part in the relationship got trolled and criticized by viewers. Due to the lack of onscreen chemistry, their marriage has been subject to speculation & divorce rumors over the years. However, Jane has been vocal and time to time defended her marriage to Atz Lee Kilcher. Also, they have had to deal with harsh weather conditions, wild animals, injuries, and isolation on the homestead.

The divorce rumors between Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher surfaced once again in December 2022, when she joined Emily Riedel in the hunt for gold during the Bering Sea Gold season 15. Turns out Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher are headed for a divorce. Jane Kilcher made a recent revelation that Atz Lee Kilcher is divorcing her. On July 23, 2023, Jane Kilcher made a Facebook post writing

“Here we go. Atz Lee is divorcing me and it is very unfortunate but I cannot control it. Lost my best friend and it hurts but I guess that is life. It won’t stop me.”

For now, Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher are in the divorce process and the pair is yet to share more detail about their separation.

A Quick Write on His First Wife/Partner

Atz Lee’s first wife is Nantia Krisintu who is an MPA graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and works there. Nantia is originally from Colorado and came to Homer in 1997.  She ended up staying after falling in love with the place.

Atz Lee Kilcher ex-wife
Atz Lee Kilcher and his ex Nantia Krisintu

It is not known how long Atz and Nantia were together. They gave birth to their son Etienne Kilcher on 12th May 2001. Whatever happened between the couple the relationship did not work and eventually pair separated. Nantia had a son named Jacob Krisintu from her other relationship but the name of the father is unknown.


Atz Lee Kilcher and Jane are parents to two children. However, they do not have biological kids together. Jane’s daughter Piper Kassouni is from her ex-husband  Dicran Kassouni. Off two, Etienne Kilcher is older in age.

Piper and Etienne Kilcher
Piper and Etienne Kilcher in a rare family photo back in the days

Physical Traits

Atz Lee Kilcher is a tall and slim man with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a beard and a mustache, which he sometimes trims or shaves. He usually wears casual and comfortable clothes that suit his outdoor lifestyle, such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and boots. He also wears sunglasses and gloves when necessary. He sometimes accessorizes with a bandana, a necklace, or a watch.

Likes and Interests

Atz Lee Kilcher has many likes, interests and hobbies that reflect his adventurous and creative personality. Some of them are:

  • Hunting and fishing: Atz Lee Kilcher loves to hunt and fish in the wild, using his skills and knowledge to provide food for his family. He often goes to remote and dangerous areas, such as the mountains or the sea, to pursue his passion. He also respects the animals he hunts and uses every part of them.
  • Music and singing: Atz Lee Kilcher is a talented musician and singer, who plays the guitar and the harmonica. He writes and sings his own songs, often inspired by his life experiences and his family. He also performs with his father Atz Kilcher and his sister Jewel Kilcher, who are also singers and songwriters. He sang the theme song of Alaska: The Last Frontier with them.
  • Building and crafting: Atz Lee Kilcher enjoys building and crafting things with his hands, using natural or recycled materials. He built his own cabin on the homestead, as well as a treehouse for his son Etienne. He also makes furniture, tools, toys and decorations for his home and family.
  • Traveling and exploring: Atz Lee Kilcher has a curious and adventurous spirit, which makes him want to travel and explore new places and cultures. He has traveled around the country with his guitar as a young man, and he still likes to visit different locations and meet new people. He also likes to learn new things and challenge himself.
  • Reading and writing: Atz Lee Kilcher is an avid reader and writer, who likes to immerse himself in stories and express his thoughts and feelings. He reads books of various genres, such as fiction, biography, history and philosophy. He also writes poems, stories, essays and journals for himself or for others.


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