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Jane Kilcher is a woman of many talents and passions. She is a reality television personality known for starring in Alaska the Last Frontier, a former commercial fisherman, a registered nurse, and a homesteader. She lives in the wild and beautiful state of Alaska, where she faces the challenges and joys of living off the land with her family. She is also a lover of music, animals, gardening, and cooking. She is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard for what she wants. She is also a caring and compassionate woman who values her relationships and her community. In this article, we will bring everything about Jane Kilcher.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full NameChristina Jane Kilcher
Other NameJane Kilcher
BirthdateSeptember 14, 1974
BirthplaceAlaska, United States
ParentsBob Ferman, Sarah Ferman
SiblingsBobby Ferman, Jessica Browing
CollegeUniversity of texas
ProfessionReality Television Personality, Homesteader, Former Commercial Fisherman, Nurse
Net Worth$600,000 (estimated)
Marital StatusDivorcing
HusbandAtz Lee Kilcher (separated)
First HusbandDicran Kassouni
ChildrenPiper Kassouni, Etienne Kilcher
HeightAbout 5 feet 5 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Social Media Handle InstagramFacebookIMDB

Table of Contents

Upbringing & Family

Jane Kilcher was born Christina Jane Ferman on September 14, 1974, in Alaska, United States. She is the third child of  Bob and Sarah Ferman. She has a brother, Bobby Ferman, and a sister Jessica Browing. Her father grew up in Texas and most of her family from her father’s side still lives there.

Jane Kiclher
Jane Kilcher

She grew up in Anchorage Alaska until she was twelve years old. She then moved to Homer, Alaska where she spent the rest of her childhood. Jane lived close to the Kilcher family homestead where he met her current husband Atz Lee Kilcher.

Jane was always interested in nature and animals. She accompanied her father on fishing trips and learned the tricks of the trade from a very young age. She also loved music and learned to play the guitar and sing. She attended college in Austin, Texas, at the University of Texas. She then worked as a registered nurse in remote villages in Alaska. She enjoyed helping people and learning about different cultures.

Career & Progression

Getting out of college Jane worked as a registered nurse in a remote village in Alaska. Surprisingly she completely switched her career and opted to become a commercial fisherman which she did for 11 years. She worked on various boats and caught different kinds of fish. She loved the adventure and the challenge of fishing in the Alaskan waters. She also made good money. Jane then left fishing altogether and started a family. Even though she has left her commercial fishing days long behind she continues to fish to provide her family with enough fish to last them through the long winters.


Alaska The Last Frontier

Jane joined the cast of Alaska: The Last Frontier in 2011 which has 11 seasons so far. The show follows the lives of the Kilcher family who live off the grid and rely on hunting, fishing, and farming for survival. 

Jane has appeared in more than 100 episodes of the show since its first season. She has faced many challenges and hardships on the show, such as harsh weather conditions, dangerous wildlife encounters, medical emergencies, personal losses, and family conflicts. She has also faced criticism and scrutiny from some viewers who question her choices or actions on the show. However, Jane has always overcome these obstacles with courage and grace. She has also learned to appreciate the simple pleasures and joys of life. 

She has also shared many joys and pleasures on the show, such as celebrating holidays, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries with her family and friends. She has also shown her love and compassion for animals and nature on the show.

Bering Sea Gold

In addition to Alaska the Last Frontier Jane appeared as a special guest on Bering Sea Gold in 2022, alongside her friend and main cast member Emily Riedel. Emily is a gold miner and opera singer who captains the Eroica dredge. Jane joined Emily’s team on the show and helped her mine gold in Nome, Alaska. She experienced one of the worst storms in Nome’s history during her time on the show. She witnessed the damage and flooding caused by the storm and shared her concern for the people and animals affected by it. She enjoyed working with Emily and learning about gold mining. She also had fun exploring Nome and meeting new people. She said that she was grateful to be part of both Alaska: The Last Frontier and Bering Sea Gold.

Net Worth

Jane Kilcher has an estimated net worth of $600,000 which she earned from her television career on Alaska The Last Frontier.

Personal Life

Meeting and Marriage to Atz Lee Kilcher

Jane and Atz Lee met each other when they were teenagers in Homer, Alaska. She lived not far from Kilcher’s homestead starting from the age of 12. However, the two married each other only after a failed marriage. They reconnected over their love for music and married in 2006. Jane can play piano, cello, and guitar while Atz Lee plays upright bass, harmonica, guitar, and other musical instruments. Following the marriage, they moved to the Kilcher homestead where they built their own cabin.

Atz Lee Kilcher Jane kilcher

Jane and Atz renewed their wedding vow in 2016 when they celebrated their 10th anniversary. They had a surprise ceremony to renew their vows with some help from the rest of the Kilcher family. The ceremony was featured on a special episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier on February 14, 2016.

Current Relationship with Atz Lee Kilcher- Divorcing

Jane and Atz Lee shared over 17 years of conjugal life before announcing divorce in 2023. They faced many challenges and hardships in their relationship over the years. They have had to deal with harsh weather conditions, wild animals, injuries, and isolation on the homestead. They have also had to cope with rumors and speculations about their marriage from fans and critics. Some of these rumors include that they are getting divorced, that they are having affairs, or that they are unhappy with each other. In the past, Jane Kilcher defended her marriage from critics however, she made a recent revelation that her marriage to Atz Lee Kilcher has come to an end. On July 23, 2023, Jane Kilcher made a post writing:

“Here we go. Atz Lee is divorcing me and it is very unfortunate but I cannot control it. Lost my best friend and it hurts but I guess that is life. It won’t stop me.”

For now, Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher are in the divorce process and the pair is yet to share more detail about their separation.

First husband & Children

Jane was married to an Alaskan native, Dicran Kassouni, before marrying Atz Lee Kilcher. They had a daughter named Piper Isolde Kassouni on June 4, 2003. They divorced for unknown reasons and Jane never publicly spoke about her first marriage

Jane and Atz Lee do not have kids together. Atz Lee also has a son named Etienne Kilcher from his ex-  Nantia Krisintu. Etienne is the older of the two born on  May 12, 2001. Both the kids have appeared on the “Alaska The Last Frontier” however Etienne only started to make regular appearances after he turned 18. Both of the children are currently pursuing a college degree while Etienne studies in Southern California. 

Physical Traits

Jane Kilcher has an approx height of 5 feet 5 inches. Even though Jane is size eight she often gets criticized for being fat. Jane has brown eyes and black hair.  She often wears practical clothes that suit the harsh environment, such as jackets, boots, hats, and gloves. She also likes to wear colorful accessories and jewelry that reflect her personality.

Social Media Presence

Jane has a strong presence on Instagram, where she shares photos and videos of her life in Alaska. She also interacts with fans on the platform, answering questions and sharing insights into her life. She has over 56k followers on her account @janekilcher. She also has a Facebook page, where she posts updates about her family, her show, and her hobbies. She also responds to comments and messages from her fans. She has over 300k followers on her Facebook page.


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