Dave Marciano Wiki/Bio: Age, Married life, wife, children, Net Worth.

Fishing is an exciting sport, and many take pleasure in exploring. But how many people do you see making the livelihood from the very profession they do for fun? Probably few. Meet Dave Marciano, star of National geography reality show, Wicked Tuna. Dave has come a long way from fishing in the pond during childhood to commercially hunting giant Bluefin Tuna in the oceans as a grown-up. While in the pursuit of Tuna he sets his sail off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts in the North and also finds himself raiding the Outer Banks of the North Carolina in the South. In this article, we will bring you everything about Dave Marciano including major details on his married life, family, and net worth.

Dave Marciano Wiki/Bio, Age:

Dave was born on December 5, 1965, in  Beverly, Massachusetts. currently making him 54 years of age. He is of American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. Dave spent his childhood in Ipswich and Beverly, Massachusetts. When Dave was nine years of age, his family moved near a harbor in Beverly. He got the whole new world, and the opportunity to explore fishing. Although no immediate fisherman in the family Dave would go out of curiosity and sometimes joined by his mother. He would walk down to the docks and fish whenever he wanted. Meanwhile, in those years he also suffered his first hook accident on his ankle.

Dave Marciano with big tuna

Career & Progression:

Dave was more interested in the world out in the sea then getting academics certificates. While committed to high school Dave worked on the boat named Yankee Fleet. Dave graduated from Gloucester High School in 1984. After high school, he worked in the shores of Massachusetts. Later he went on to fish fulltime at North Atlantic Tech.  For 12 years he worked in the charter party boat industry from Massachusetts to Key West, Florida.

Wicked Tuna Star Dave Marciano
Wicked Tuna Star Dave Marciano

In the career that has spanned for several decades, Dave worked his way up. He started as a deckhand and after learning the way around he obtained a driving license.  Dave purchased his own boat in 1996 and entered into commercial fishing in the late ’90s.

TV appearances:

Many years in commercial fishing has helped Dave shape up for the different kind of challenges in the sea. He is into Tuna Fishing for some years now. Unlike any usual fishing job, catching Tuna is work of patience where fisherman uses hand-held poles. And Dave has some impressive record with his biggest bluefin tuna haul of 1200 pounds, 118-inch which he did back in 2005.

Dave features in National geography show  “Wicked Tuna” and it’s spin-off  “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.” The reality tv show follows the commercial fisherman from Gloucester like Dave and TJ Ott sailing on the seasonal hunt for bluefin tuna while also aware of competition from fellow professionals. The pursuit of giant Bluefin Tuna takes them in expeditions in Gloucester, Massachusetts sea in the North and Outer Banks of North Carolina in the south, where the weather is more unpredictable.

Wicked Tuna Casts TJ Ott, Tyler McLaughlin, Dave Marciano
Wicked Tuna Cast Dave Marciano(L), TJ Ott, Tyler McLaughlin(R) 

Dave joined the cast of Wicked Tuna since the very first episode aired on April 1, 2012. He captained a 38-foot fishing boat, Hard Merchandise from season 1st to season 7th. During the 4th season, Dave and Hard Merchandise hauled in 16 Tuna worth $99, 876 more than any other fisherman involved in the show. Dave operates his new vessel, Falcon since season 8  of  Wicked Tuna with former under the captainship of his son Joe Marcino.

Net Worth

Dave owns two vessels Hard Merchandise and Falcon. Dave also runs Angelica Fisheries Inc, a company based in Beverley, MA. In addition to commercial fishing, Dave provides chartered fishing trips off the coast of Massachusetts. As for how much Dave makes is a mystery. However, considering the popularity of TV show Wicked Tuna he makes somewhere between $7,000 to $20,000 per episode. Other than that, as a highly sought fish in the market, the biggest Tuna can get the price as high as $20,000. As of now, Dave Marciano has an estimated net worth of $2M.

Personal Life: Dave Marciano Wife and Children

Dave is blissfully married to longtime wife, Nancy Marciano. The couple took their wedding vow in 1990. Dave and his wife share a similar passion for fishing. From a young age, Nancy used to fish with her father and elder brother. Now as she is married to one of the finest fishermen, she often joins him. Nancy holds a record for catching a striper in Massachusetts.

Dave Marciano wife

In the years together as a couple, Dave and his wife have three children Angelica Elizabeth Marciano, Joseph aka Joe Marciano, and Eva Rose Marciano. Eldest two Angelica and Joseph help run the family business. Angelica works as a deckhand in her father’s ship. Meanwhile, Joseph captains Hard Merchandise.

Dave Marciano trouble with Law and Arrest

Dave was arrested and charged with assault on a Hotel Clerk on January 20, 2015. According to the report from police  Dave had pulled her ponytail. The incident happened in a hotel in Morehead City, North Carolina. Later Dave was released on a written promise to appear in the court.

Dave Marciano Facts

Name: David Carmen Marciano
Birth Place: Beverly, Massachusetts
Age: 54
Birthdate December 5, 1965
Occupation TV actor, Commercial Fisherman
Net worth $2M
Spouse/Partner Nancy Marciano
Children  Angelica Marciano, Joseph Marciano, Eva Rose Marciano
Nationality American
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Star Sign  Sagittarius

Article Updated: May 23, 2020

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