Gene Cheeseman death? What happened to the Gold Rush star?

Gene Cheeseman is an expert contractor best known as the cast of the reality TV show Gold Rush. Gene’s family background has gold mining imprinted such as his great-great-grandfather was a gold miner in Alaska in the late 1800s. However, Gene got into gold mining on his own accord and hard work. He established himself as an expert contractor in road construction and building before venturing into mining. He was introduced as Parker Schnabel’s foreman in Gold Rush Alaska in the fourth season. Later he joined Tony Beets’s crew in Eureka Creek Claim, Alaska. But in 2018, he suddenly vanished from the show without any explanation, leaving viewers wondering what happened to him.

Cheeseman’s disappearance sparked many rumors and theories among fans, some of which speculated that he had died or quit mining altogether. However, none of these rumors were confirmed by Cheeseman himself or by Discovery. In fact, Cheeseman seemed to have gone off the grid completely, as he stopped posting on social media and gave no interviews about his departure.

Gene Cheeseman and Parker Schnabel
Gene Cheeseman and Parker Schnabel

The mystery deepened when Cheeseman briefly returned to the show in 2020, helping out Rick Ness with his struggling operation. He appeared in a few episodes, but then left again without saying goodbye or revealing his plans. Fans were happy to see him back on the screen, but also frustrated by the lack of answers. So, what really happened to Gene Cheeseman? Why did he leave “Gold Rush” and where is he now? 

Working with Parker Schnabel

Gold Rush seasons 4 and 5 saw Gene working as Parker Schnabel’s foreman at Scribner Creek Claim. Gene was also a mentor figure for the younger Schnabel, teaching him how to move dirt and experiment with different mining techniques. He had some impressive Gold mining memory with Parker Schnabel who regarded him as an MVP employee. Gene was respected by Parker and the crew for his skills, experience and work ethic.

However, during Season 6, Gene and Parker had a falling out due to Parker’s youth and inexperience. Gene expressed frustration with Parker’s decisions and lack of communication. Gene also felt that Parker was taking him for granted and not giving him enough credit for his contributions. Gene decided to quit his job with the Schnabel team and look for other opportunities.

Joining Tony Beets

After leaving Parker’s crew, Gene became a member of Tony Beets’ team, working on the Viking Dredge at the Eureka Creek Claim. Gene was impressed by Tony’s ambition and vision, and agreed to help him revive the old dredge that had been sitting idle for decades. Gene became the skipper of the dredge, overseeing its operations and maintenance. Gene proved to be an asset for Tony’s team, as he helped them achieve record-breaking gold totals.

Gene Cheeseman with his youngest son Cole Cheeseman
Gene Cheeseman with his youngest son Cole Cheeseman

Gene continued to work with Tony for several seasons, until he suddenly disappeared from the show in 2018. Fans were left wondering what happened to him, as there was no explanation given by Discovery or the show’s producers. Some speculated that he had retired from mining, while others thought that he had a falling out with Tony or the network.

Returning to Gold Rush

Gene remained off the radar for two years, until he made a surprise comeback in Season 10. He was called on for help by Rick Ness, who was struggling with his mining operation. Gene agreed to assist Rick for a few episodes, lending him his expertise and advice. Gene also helped Rick fix some of his equipment and improve his efficiency. Fans were delighted to see Gene back on the show, even if it was only for a short time.

Gene has not appeared on the show since then, and has also stayed away from social media platforms. He has not given any official reason for his departure or his return, leaving fans to speculate about his motives and plans. It is possible that he is still working as a miner, but in a more private capacity. It is also possible that he will return to the show again in the future, if he is needed or invited by any of the crews.

A short bio on Gene Cheeseman

Hailing from Juneau Alaska, Gene Cheeseman is an American of Caucasian ethnicity born on October 23, 1968. As of now, the birthdate makes him 54 years old. He grew up learning hardship from an early year following the path of his grandfather and uncle. He ran his first piece of heavy machinery, pushing snow in a D6 dozer, at age 6. Gene believes that leaders should never ask their crew to do anything they would not do themselves.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full nameGene Cheeseman
Date of birth23 October 1968
Place of birthJuneau, Alaska, USA
OccupationContractor and television personality
Net worthOver $250,000
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeJennifer George
ChildrenGarret Cheeseman and Cole Cheeseman
Grandfather and uncleOperators of heavy machinery
Great-great grandfatherOne of the first Alaska gold miners in the late 1800s
First experience with heavy machineryPushing snow in a D6 dozer at age 6
First appearance on Gold RushSeason 4 as a foreman of the Parker Crew
Last appearance on Gold RushSeason 7 as a foreman of the Hoffman Crew
Reason for leaving Gold RushLack of communication and respect from his bosses


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