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Gene Cheeseman is a veteran gold miner and contractor who has worked on some of the most challenging mining projects in the world. Growing up in a family involved in heavy machinery and construction work Gene ran his first piece of heavy machinery, pushing snow in a D6 dozer, at age 6. He went on to work as a contractor in road construction and buildings before venturing into gold mining.  He is best known for his appearances on the reality TV show Gold Rush, where he helped several teams of miners achieve their dreams of striking it rich. Gene is also a devoted family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children, as well as fishing, hunting and riding motorcycles in his spare time. In this article, we will bring everything about Gene Cheeseman his married life, wife, kids,  age, and net worth.

Early and Career

He hails from Juneau Alaska born on October 32, 1968. As of now, Gene is 54 years old. He is American and belongs Caucasian ethnicity. His great-great-grandfather was a gold miner in Alaska in the late 1800s. His grandfather and uncle ran heavy machinery. Eager to follow them he grew up learning hardship at a young age. He worked as a road contractor for many years before emerging in the gold mining scene.

Gene Cheeseman and Parker Schnabel
Gene Cheeseman and Parker Schnabel

Gene emerged in the Gold mining scene with Parker Schnabel. He joined him as his foreman at¬†Scribner Creek Claim. There¬†Gene became an integral part of the crew. He showcased¬†his unyielding dedication and productive nature by mining impressive gold. Like any capable leader, he was the heart of everything from managing heavy machinery, moving dirt, and fixing things, to even raising the productivity of people around him. He was considered MVP by his young boss, Parker.¬†However, the two fell out and Gene ended up leaving the crew. The reason for the decline of their relationship was contributed by a lack of communication between the¬†pair. Later Parker said;¬†‚ÄúCommunication is neither Gene nor I‚Äôs strongest suit.‚ÄĚ Gene Cheeseman worked with Parker from the fourth season of Gold Rush in 2013 to the sixth season in 2016.

Gene had no lack of suitors as Tony came calling for a skipper job. He joined him in the seventh season of the gold rush and worked on the Viking Dredge for the Beets Crew on the Eureka Creek Claim.

Television appearances

Gene Cheeseman has appeared in two TV shows: Gold Rush and Gold Rush: The Dirt. He has been credited for 72 episodes of Gold Rush from 2013 to 2020 and for 5 episodes of Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2013 to 2020. He has also appeared in some trailers and videos related to Gold Rush.

Gene Cheeseman
Gold Rush star Gene Cheeseman

Personal Life

Gene Cheeseman is a well-known figure in the reality TV show Gold Rush, where he showcases his skills and expertise as a veteran gold miner. But what do we know about his personal life? Who is his wife and how many kids does he have? Let’s find out more about Gene Cheeseman and his family.

Wife and Kids

Gene was married to Jennifer George and bore two sons. His eldest Garret Cheeseman was born in 1992 and his second one Cole Cheeseman was born in 1997. Gene has not shared much about his married life. However, he holds his family and children close to his heart. Both of his children went to Jenau Douglas High School in Alaska. They have grown into adults now.

Gene Cheeseman ex-wife Jennifer George
Gene Cheeseman and his ex-wife Jennifer George

Considering Gene and Jennifer had their eldest after marriage then their wedding date lies before 1992. Like every marriage, the two went through difficult times. Those who get along in such circumstances have a long-lasting relationship. However, Gene and his wife, Jennifer eventually fell out and got divorced.

Gene Cheeseman kids Cole and Garret
Gene Cheeseman’s sons Cole and Garret Cheeseman

Jennifer moved on with another man and got married in 2009. As for Gene, he has not shared anything regarding his personal life or if he has found someone to move on.

Gene Cheeseman wife and kids
Gene Cheeseman’s ex-wife and kids

Relationship with His Family: A Loving Bond

Gene Cheeseman loves his family very much and always puts them first. He works hard to provide for them and give them a comfortable life. He also tries to spend as much time with them as possible, whenever he is not busy with gold mining.

Gene Cheeseman’s family also loves him back and appreciates him for everything he does for them. They are very proud of him and support him in his endeavors. They also enjoy watching him on TV and cheering him on.

Gene Cheeseman and his family have a strong and loving bond that can withstand any challenge or obstacle. They are happy and content with their lives, and look forward to the future together.

How rich is Geene Cheeseman?

Gene Cheeseman is not your average contractor. He is a gold miner who has appeared in the popular reality TV show ‚ÄúGold Rush‚ÄĚ on Discovery Channel. He has worked as a foreman and a skipper for different mining crews in Alaska, Canada, and other locations. He is known for his expertise, his courage, and his willingness to take on the most challenging tasks.¬†Gene Cheeseman has an estimated net worth of over $250,000, which he earned through his hard work as a contractor and a gold miner. He also received a salary from Discovery Channel for his participation in the show.¬†Gene Cheeseman has been involved in various business endeavors, such as building roads and houses in Alaska, working with explosive substances at cliff edges, and developing real estate projects.



Gene Cheeman, the veteran gold miner and crew leader on the popular TV show ‚ÄúGold Rush‚ÄĚ, has faced many death rumors over the years. The rumors began when he left the show in 2018, after working with Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets. Some fans believed that he had died or was seriously ill, as he did not appear on the show anymore. However, Gene Cheeman is still alive and kicking. He also returned on Gold Rush briefly in 2020 to help Rick Ness with his mining operation but then left again. ¬†He is still working with Tony Beets, but he does not want to be on TV anymore.¬†He has also quit social media and has not given any reason for his departure from the show.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameGene Cheeseman
Date of birth23 October 1968
Age54 years old
Place of birthJuneau, Alaska, USA
OccupationContractor and Television personality
Net worthOver $250,000
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeJennifer Jenny George
ChildrenTwo sons: Garret and Cole Cheeseman
GrandfatherHeavy machinery operator
UncleHeavy machinery operator
Great-great grandfatherGold Miner in Alaska in the late 1800s
First experience with heavy machineryPushing snow in a D6 dozer at age 6
First appearance on Gold RushSeason 4 in 2013
Last appearance on Gold RushSeason 10 in 2020
Role on Gold RushForeman of the Parker Crew at Scribner Creek Claim
Reason for leaving Gold RushLack of communication with Parker Schnabel
Current whereaboutsUnknown
Social media accountsInactive since 2015
Current projectsUnknown
HobbiesFishing and hunting
SkillsOperating and fixing various machines and vehicles
Personality traitsHardworking, dedicated, productive, loyal, honest, blunt, stubborn
Favorite gold mining locationAlaska
Biggest challenge on Gold RushDealing with breakdowns and weather conditions
Biggest regret on Gold RushNot resolving issues with Parker Schnabel sooner
Future plans for gold miningUnknown

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