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Meet Parker Schnabel, the gold mining prodigy who started his journey at the age of five. He is the star of Discovery’s Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, where he takes you on his thrilling adventures in search of the elusive metal. He inherited his passion and skills from his grandfather, John Schnabel, who was a legend in the industry. Parker has mined millions of dollars worth of gold in his career, and he is not stopping anytime soon. He has traveled across the globe, from the Klondike to Papua New Guinea, braving dangers and hardships along the way. He has also loved and lost, but he is focused on his mining goals. He is determined to make his mark as one of the best gold miners in the world.

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Early Life and Education

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in the small town of Haines, Alaska. He was the second son of Roger and Nancy Schnabel, who ran a successful construction business. His grandfather John Schnabel was a legendary gold miner who owned the Big Nugget mine and starred in the reality show Gold Rush. Parker grew up surrounded by the beauty and adventure of Alaska, and he developed a strong bond with his grandfather, who taught him everything he knew about mining.

Parker Schnabel
Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel

As early as the age of 5, Parker would accompany on his grandfather’s Big Nugget Mine. He continued to grow in the family business while also taking care of academics side by side. He would spend his summers working in the mine. He learned how to operate heavy machinery, such as excavators and loaders, and how to prospect for gold. He also learned how to deal with the harsh weather conditions and the dangers of wildlife in Alaska. He also inherited his grandfather’s adventurous spirit and sense of humor.

Parker was also a bright and athletic student who excelled in school. He attended Haines High School, where he joined the basketball team and graduated in 2012. He had a keen interest in geology and mining and dreamed of going to college and learning more about these fields. However, he made a bold and risky decision after graduating from high school. He decided to skip college and invest his college fund in his own mining operation in Yukon Territory, Canada. He wanted to prove himself as a gold miner and follow his grandfather’s legacy.

Gold Mining Career

Parker Schnabel started his gold mining career at the age of 16, when he took over his grandfather’s Big Nugget mine in Alaska. He proved his skills and ambition by setting impressive records of gold production in his first seasons. At the age of 18, he became his own boss after he leased ground from the legendary Tony Beets in the Klondike region in Canada. He later expanded his operations to other locations, such as the Klondike, Guyana, Papua New Guinea and Australia. He has faced many challenges and risks along the way, such as harsh weather, equipment failures, crew conflicts and dangerous wildlife. He has also competed with other miners, such as Todd Hoffman and Tony Beets, for the best claims and the most gold.


Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel has been a regular cast member of Gold Rush since its second season in 2011. He started small but he had a vision and a passion that gave him a reason to keep on digging and expanding. He hired loyal and hardworking crews who helped him cope with breakdowns, floods, and frozen ground, and fierce competition too. He has appeared in 261 episodes of the show as of 2023.

Rick Ness and his former mine boss Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness

Gold Ounces

Parker started with a modest goal of 34 ounces in season two. He doubled his production in season three with 191 ounces of gold. He broke the 1,000-ounce mark in season four with a record haul of 1,029 ounces. He kept on growing and improving, reaching new heights every year. He mined 2,538 ounces in season five. He surpassed his mentor Todd Hoffman in season six with a massive score of 3,372 ounces. He set a new goal of 4,000 ounces in season seven and smashed it with ease collecting 4,311 ounces.

He moved to new ground in season eight and faced many difficulties. But he overcame them all and achieved his best result yet with his abilities. He mined 6,280 ounces. Parker Schnabel mined in the Klondike during season nine managing 7,427.25 ounces. In season ten he had some ups and downs but he still managed to mine 7,223 ounces.

He went to Papua New Guinea in season nine for a new adventure. But he also mined in the Klondike and had another great venture. He mined 7,427.25 ounces. He returned to Alaska in season ten and had some ups and downs but he still managed to mine 7,223 ounces.

Here is a table showing how much gold and money Parker has mined in each season of Gold Rush.

420131,029$1.4 million
520142,538$3 million
620153,372$3.7 million
720164,311$5 million
820176,280$7.5 million
920187,427$9 million
1020197,223$10.8 million
1120207, 504.9$14 Million

Parker Schnabel is still mining gold in season thirteen of the show. He is still chasing his dream and putting on a great show. He has mined over 32,000 ounces of gold so far in his career.

Parker Schnabel has proven himself as a leader and a legend in the gold mining industry. He has broken records and set new standards for gold mining. He is still mining gold in season thirteen of the show. He is still chasing his dream and putting on a great show. He has mined over 40,000 ounces of gold so far in his career.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is a spin-off series that follows Parker Schnabel and his crew as they embark on adventurous journeys to explore new mining opportunities and learn about the history and culture of different regions. The show premiered in 2017 and has aired six seasons as of 2023.

In the first season, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness attempted the Klondike trail over the Chilkoot Pass and up the Yukon River to Dawson City, the heart of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. In the second season, they traveled to Guyana, South America, where they faced extreme conditions and deadly animals while searching for gold in the jungle. 

In the third season, they ventured to Papua New Guinea, where they encountered tribal conflicts, violent storms and dangerous mining practices while following the footsteps of Australian prospectors. In the fourth season, they headed to Australia, where they teamed up with local miners and used metal detectors and dry-blowers to find gold in the outback. 

In the fifth season, they explored New Zealand, where they learned about the Maori culture and history while prospecting for gold in rivers, mountains and glaciers. In the sixth season, Parker Schnabel and his crew mine for gold in South America. They follow the footsteps of the Incas through Peru and Bolivia, and face various challenges such as floods, jungles, mountains, and illnesses. They also follow the legendary trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Net Worth:

Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as of June 2023. His main source of income is his gold mining business, which earns him a hefty salary per season of the show. He also earns a substantial amount of money from his television shows, especially Gold Rush and its spinoff Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He reportedly earns about $15K-$25k per episode appearing on the show. He has also starred in other television shows such as Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune. He is one of the most popular and influential personalities on Discovery Channel, and his shows attract millions of viewers worldwide. He also worked as an executive producer on 4 episodes of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He spends most of his earnings on upgrading his equipment and expanding his gold mining operations.

Personal Life Details

Parker’s love life has been a topic of interest for many fans, who have witnessed his ups and downs on the show. The television star has been mostly secretive regarding his love life, but he has also shown glimpses of his romantic side. He once introduced his girlfriend to the world. Who is she? Let’s dive into his personal life and find out.

Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel’s most well-known girlfriend was Ashley Youle, a veterinary nurse from Australia. The two met in 2016 when Parker was visiting Australia and invited her to join him in Alaska for the summer. Ashley appeared on Gold Rush Season 7 and 8 as Parker’s girlfriend and helped him with his mining operation. She also accompanied him on his spin-off show Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, where they explored the Klondike Trail in Canada.

Parker Schnabel ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle
Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend Ashley Yule back in 2016

However, their relationship did not last long, as Parker admitted that he did not make Ashley a priority and focused more on his work. He announced their break up on Gold Rush Season 8 and said that she deserved better than him. He also revealed that he regretted not proposing to her when he had the chance.

Tyler Mahoney

After his split from Ashley, Parker Schnabel was rumored to be dating another Australian gold miner and model, Tyler Mahoney. She joined him on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 4, where they searched for gold in Australia. The two had a lot in common and seemed to have a good chemistry on screen. Many fans speculated that they were more than just friends and hoped that they would become a couple.

However, neither Parker nor Tyler confirmed their relationship status and maintained that they were just friends and colleagues. They also did not show any signs of romance on social media or in public. It seems that Parker and Tyler were just enjoying each other’s company and having fun while mining for gold.

Current Status

Another woman who sparked speculation about Parker’s love life was Sheena Cowell, who posed with him in a photo on Instagram in 2018. However, nothing ever came out of this potential fling either.

As of now, Parker Schnabel does not seem to have a girlfriend or be in a serious relationship. He is probably busy with his mining business and his TV shows. He has also been traveling to different countries for his gold adventures, such as Guyana, Papua New Guinea, and Russia. He might not have time or interest in settling down with someone at the moment.

However, that does not mean that Parker is not open to love or romance. He has said in the past that he would like to find someone who shares his passion for gold mining and can handle his lifestyle. He has also said that he is not afraid of commitment or marriage if he finds the right person. Perhaps one day, Parker Schnabel will find his true love and strike gold in both his personal and professional life.

Family and sibling

Schnabel’s family Gold Rush history began with John Schnabel. John was born in Kansas to a wheat farmer. He extended his family name to the sawmill industry in Alaska. He bought Porcupine Mill and renovated it to produce 10,000 feet of board wood per day. It was much later he turned to gold mining. John bought Big Nugget Mine and which began the origin of the gold mining family. John died on March 18, 2016, but his legacy continues among his sons and grandson.

Parker Schnabel family
Parker and Payson Schnabel with their late grandfather John Schnabel

Roger Schnabel (Parker’s dad) is one of five children from John. He is a gold miner, in addition, he is in construction and the owner of Southeast Road Builders. He is married to Nancy and gave birth to two children; Payson and Parker Schnabel.

The brothers grew up in Porcupine, Alaska. At a tender age, the two develop a passion for gold mining attributed to the effort of their grandfather who taught them to prospect, pan, and operate equipment.

Parker Schnabel family
Parker Schnabel with his family in his early years.

Parker is a well-known gold miner while his brother Payson is more like a behind the scene guy. Even though Pyson appeared in 4 episodes of Gold Rush, he has not achieved the fame that his brother has.


Parker has grown from a boy to a man on Gold Rush, and has shown the world what it takes to be a successful gold miner in the 21st century. He has also inspired many young people to follow their dreams and passions. He is not afraid to take chances, make mistakes and learn from them. He is always looking for new opportunities and adventures, and never gives up on his quest for gold.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameParker Russell Schnabel
Date of birthJuly 22, 1994
Place of birthHaines, Alaska, USA
OccupationGold miner, Reality TV star
Net worth$15 million (estimated)
Mining regionKlondike, Yukon, Canada; Guyana; Papua New Guinea; Australia
Mining teamParker Crew
Mining claimBig Nugget Mine (owned by his grandfather John Schnabel); Scribner Creek (leased from Tony Beets); other claims in Australia
Gold minedOver 40,000 ounces
ParentsRoger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel
SiblingsPayson Schnabel

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