Scott Campbell Jr bio reveals what happened to him. His net worth, wife, kids, and injury.

The pain of relocating your dreams due to factors out of control is not an easy one. In normal circumstances, Scott Campbell should be in the seas, doing what he did best, fishing. But the man was forced into early retirement due to a host of back injuries that left him unable to fish. As a result, the second-generation fisherman had to take his leave from the front lines and search for different avenues. Even though Scott is now an entrepreneur and businessman, he likes to remain in touch with the sea. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Scott Campbell Jr.


Scott Campbell Jr. was born on May 6, 1974, in Walla Walla, Washington United States. Scott was raised by his parents in Kodiak, Alaska. He has two sisters Kristin Valenti and Kara Campbell.

Deadliest Catch star captain Scott Campbell Jr
Deadliest Catch star captain Scott Campbell Jr

Scott faced hardship, poverty, and challenges as a young boy growing up on the Island of Kodiak. His childhood was influenced by his father’s work as a crab fisherman and learned the tricks of fishing from him. As for the academic part, Scott attended McLoughlin High School.

Professional Career

Scott Campbell Jr. is a veteran crab fisherman and a television personality who has appeared in several reality shows. He is best known for his role as the captain of the Seabrooke, one of the fishing vessels featured in the Emmy-winning documentary series Deadliest Catch.

Scott Campbell Jr. has also made guest appearances in other TV shows related to his profession or interests.¬†In 2011, he appeared as himself in an episode of¬†American Chopper: The Series, a show that follows a family business that builds custom motorcycles.¬†In 2012, he participated in two episodes of¬†Deadliest Catch: Inside the Catch, a spin-off series that provides behind-the-scenes insights and interviews with the captains and crews of the fishing boats.¬†In 2013, he was featured in an episode of¬†MythBusters, a popular science show that tests the validity of various myths and legends. In this episode, titled ‚ÄúDeadliest Catch Crabtastic Special‚ÄĚ, he helped the hosts test some myths related to crab fishing.

Scott Campbell Jr. is not only a TV star but also a consultant for the production of Deadliest Catch. He provides his expertise and advice to the filmmakers and crew members to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the show. He has been credited as a consultant for 21 episodes of the series from 2020 to 2021, as well as for a TV movie titled Deadliest Catch: Trial of a Generation in 2021.

Leaving Deadliest Catch

Scott Campbell Jr. joined the cast of the reality TV series Deadliest Catch during its seventh season. He captained the fishing vessel the Seabrooke, a 107-foot crab boat that he ran with skill and determination.¬†He quickly became a fan favorite for his motto, ‚ÄúLeave no crab behind‚ÄĚ, and his impressive catches of king and opilio crabs in the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea.

However, his career as a crab fisherman was cut short by a debilitating back injury that he sustained while working on the boat. The constant motion of the waves and the heavy lifting of the pots took a toll on his spine, causing him to suffer from excruciating pain and numbness in his legs. He tried to endure the agony for as long as he could, but he eventually had to seek medical attention and undergo multiple surgeries to replace two discs in his back.

Scott Campbell Jr. decided to leave the show and the Seabrooke after four seasons, realizing that he could not continue to risk his health and well-being for the sake of crab fishing

Life away from the sea

After ending things with the sea, Scott decided to start a cooler company. When asked about where he got the idea from, Scott revealed that he got it from his mates who challenged him to make a better cooler than the one in their Mastercraft boat. Years later, Scott took the challenge and succeeded in making a better cooler. Alongside his cooler business, Scott also made some time to document his experiences in the sea. He published a book entitled,¬†¬†Giving The Finger: Risking It All To Fish The World‚Äôs Deadliest Sea.¬†The book documented Scott’s exploits in the Bering Sea and all the adventures he shared with his father. While the book felt like an ode to his fishing career, Scott had one more surprise in store.

Return to the Sea

Scott Campbell Jr. made a comeback on Deadliest Catch in season 16, as the new captain of the Lady Alaska. He had healed enough from his injuries to return to the water, but he faced new challenges and risks. He had to prove himself as a leader of a new crew, deal with mechanical problems on his boat, and compete with other captains for the best fishing grounds. He also had to face his old rivals, such as Sig Hansen of the Northwestern and Keith Colburn of the Wizard. He also had to balance his family life with his demanding job, which often kept him away from home for months.

He came back for season 17 of Deadliest Catch however he is not seen on the show more recently. There is no official explanation for his second exit from the show.


In addition to commercial fishing and television appearances, Scott Campbell has written a memoir named Giving the Finger: Risking It All to Fish the World’s Deadliest Sea. In his memoir, Scott reveals the stories behind the scenes of Deadliest Catch, as well as the stories before the cameras started rolling. He recounts his childhood in Kodiak, where he learned to fish with his father and faced many dangers and difficulties. He describes his early years as a crabber, where he worked his way up from greenhorn to captain, and faced many risks and rewards.  He also opens up about his struggles with addiction, depression, and injury, and how he overcame them with the help of his faith and his friends.

Net Worth

Scott Campbell Jr. is a man of the sea, who has braved the waves and the winds to pursue his passion for fishing. He is a second-generation crab fisherman, who followed in the footsteps of his father, Scott Campbell Sr. Scott Jr. has an estimated net worth of $600,000 as of 2023. He earned his wealth as a commercial fisherman and a TV personality. He has captained two fishing vessels, the Seabrooke and the Lady Alaska, and has turned them into competitive and profitable boats. He has also launched his own line of coolers, called Cordova Company.

Personal Life

Scott Campbell Jr. is happily married to his wife, Lisa Campbell, who he has known since high school. The couple have two daughters, Trinidy and Stormee, and a granddaughter, Rainee. Scott and Lisa live in Meridian, Idaho, but Scott often spends months away from home for his fishing expeditions.

Scott Campbell Jr. has not been divorced from his wife, Lisa, but they have had some challenges in their marriage. According to Scott, they have separated and reconciled three times over the years, but they always found their way back to each other. Scott credits Lisa for being supportive of his career and understanding of his passion for fishing.

Scott Campbell Jr. and his wife, Lisa, have a strong and loving relationship that has survived many ups and downs. They are committed to each other and their family, and they enjoy spending time together when Scott is not on the sea.

Zodiac & Personality Traits

Scott Campbell Jr. is a Taurus, born on May 6, 1974. As a Taurus, he is a freedom-lover who chases change but can also be depended upon. He is decisive when it comes to important matters of life but other times he can be quite relaxed and chase several alternatives at the same time. He seems to gain people’s trust quite fast but this also puts a bit of pressure on himself and on how he perceives his actions.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameScott Campbell Jr.
Date of birthMay 6, 1974
Age49 years old
Place of birthWalla Walla, Washington, United States
Zodiac signTaurus
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
FatherScott Campbell Sr.
SistersKristin Valenti and Kara Campbell
EducationMcLoughlin High School
WifeLisa Campbell
ChildrenKatelyn Campbell and Jaden Campbell
Net worth$600,000 (estimated)
First season on Deadliest CatchSeason 8
Last season on Deadliest CatchSeason 17
Vessels captained on Deadliest CatchSeabrooke and Lady Alaska
Reason for leaving Deadliest Catch after Season 10Back injury and multiple surgeries
Other ventures after leaving Deadliest CatchLaunching his own line of coolers, Cordova Company, based in Nampa, Idaho
Book written by himGiving The Finger: Risking It All To Fish The World’s Deadliest Sea
Instagram handle@scottcampbelljr

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