Who is Jerry Salameh on Finding Escobar’s Millions? His Wiki Bio facts.

Even though historical fiction often tends to magnify a character, some are presented in their original light. Jerry Salameh is a retired DEA agent who was heavily involved in the Pablo Escobar Case. While Escobar was still active when Jerry was first stationed in Colombia, the drug lord was killed six months into Jerry’s stay. While Jerry has little contribution to Escobar’s death, he played a major part in making sure the Cali Cartel was buried under the ground. With his friend and partner Chris Feistl, Jerry investigated the money coming in and out of the cartel. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jerry Salameh.

Life of secrecy:

As all DEA agents, retired or not, Jerry talks little about his early life. Much of Jerry’s details were hidden by the DEA office when he was actively working against the Cali Cartel. As a result, there is very little information on Jerry. The man seems to be in his late 50s and it is anyone’s guess where he was born and raised.

Jerry Salameh Finding Escobar's Millions
Finding Escobar’s Millions cast Jerry Salameh 

Stationed at Colombia:

Jerry’s work in Colombia began in 1993. Even though this was at the end of Escobar’s reign, Escobar was still the preeminent drug lord. Six months into Jerry’s tenure and Pablo Escobar was killed. This blew the Escobar case wide open. The DEA office wanted to capture all of Escobar’s aide in one fell swoop and began investigating the Cali Cartel. After Escobar’s death, Jerry journeyed to Medellin with Javier Pena to track Escobar’s gang. At a similar time, Chris Feistl was assigned to Colombia. The two quickly paired up and started working at the agency’s Bogota office. During their stay, Jerry and Chris worked with local police and the Colombian nationals to hunt the Cali Cartel leaders.

Leading the Charge:

In his time in Colombia, Jerry devoted all of his years to hunting the Cali Cartel. So when the opportunity for a charge arrived, there was no one better suited to take the helm than Jerry. With his trusted friend Chris by his side, Jerry took leadership of the operation which resulted in the capture of Gilberto and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela, the heads of the cartel. And even though fame is not something DEA officers want to achieve, Jerry and Chris were applauded for their contribution. The capture of Gilberto and Miguel proved to be the final blow for the Cali Cartel who could not recover from the loss.

Life after the Charge:

Over the years, Jerry spent his time as a DEA agent working in Colombia, Bahamas, and Miami. served as a leader in the design, implementation, training, and deployment of the first DEA-sponsored vetted Special Investigative Unit in Colombia.

Currently, Jerry operates a private investigation firm in the States. After all, Jerry spent all of his life investigating and is one of the finest practitioners of the art. When the opportunity arose for one more trip back to Colombia, Jerry was quick to take the offer. After all, to hunt for Escobar’s money meant tying loose ends for Jerry and Chris. He is now a part of the reality TV series Finding Escobar’s Millions.

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