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Adam Busby is a reality television star who rose to fame as the father of the only American all-girl quintuplets on record. Along with his wife Danielle and their eldest daughter Blayke, Adam shares his life with the world on TLC’s hit show OutDaughtered. The series follows the Busby family as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising six daughters, five of whom were born at the same time. Adam is not only a devoted dad, but also a supportive husband, a successful businessman, and an advocate for mental health awareness. He has been open about his struggle with postpartum depression and how he overcame it with the help of his family and friends. Adam Busby is an inspiring example of how to balance work, family, and personal well-being in a chaotic but rewarding environment.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameAdam Matthew Busby
Date of birthJune 10, 1982
Place of birthLake Charles, Louisiana
Zodiac signGemini
Height5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm
Weight165 lbs
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
OccupationReality TV star, Key Account Manager at Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety, entrepreneur
TV showOutdaughtered
Net worth$5 million (estimated)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseDanielle Michelle Busby
Wedding dateJuly 22, 2006
ChildrenBlayke Louise Busby (born April 5, 2011), Ava Lane Busby, Olivia Marie Busby, Hazel Grace Busby, Riley Paige Busby, and Parker Kate Busby (born April 8, 2015)
ResidenceLeague City, Texas
Social media accountsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
HobbiesPhotography, videography, fitness, traveling
Adam Busby and his six daughters
Reality TV star Adam Busby taking care of his six daughters

Who is Adam Busby?

Adam Busby is the patriarch of the Busby family. The 41-year-old was born on the 10th of June 1982 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S. Adam comes from a humble upbringing, something that is well reflected in his fatherhood. An entrepreneur and a total wiz behind the camera, there is more to Adam that meets the eye. Little is known about Adam’s upbringing or his life before outdaughtered. 

Opening up on TV

One of the reasons why fans love the reality series is the honesty of Adam and Danielle on screen. The pair have been incredibly honest about their prior struggles in getting pregnant as well as the difficulty in raising six children. On Season 2, Adam opened up to his wife about suffering from postpartum depression. When later asked about his decision, Adam remarked,” I want to make sure that I bring awareness to the realities of postpartum depression and other mental health issues”.

Added Grief

Following his diagnosis, Adam soon sought help from people outside his family. Help came in the form of Jarrid Wilson, a pastor who was diagnosed with depression. The pair bonded over their shared struggle and were pretty close. In September 2019 when Jarrid took his own life Adam was left distraught. He paid tribute on Instagram with a caption reading, “My heart is so broken. In one of the darkest and most confusing times of my life, Jarrid Wilson sought me out. When I pushed him away and ignored his persistent attempts to help, he stayed right there and wouldn’t be defeated.”

Professional Life

Adam Busby rose to fame as the father of six daughters, including the only all-female set of quintuplets in the US. He and his wife, Danielle, document their lives as parents on the popular TLC show Outdaughtered.

Before becoming a full-time media personality, Adam worked for a Houston-based company called Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety as a Key Account Manager. After quitting job, he started pursuing his passion for photography and videography. He founded his own company, Adam Busby Media, which specializes in photo and video projects for events and brands.

Adam Busby has also leveraged his social media presence to create additional income streams. He and his family have a YouTube channel called It’s a Buzz World, which has over 1.99 million subscribers. They also have an online boutique called Graeson Bee, which sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.

Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby net worth is above $1M
Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby

Net Worth

Adam and Danielle have an estimated net worth of about $5 million as of 2023. They earn their money from several business ventures, such as CadiFITNESS, Graeson Bee, and a media company. They also receive income from their YouTube channel, social media promotions, and the OutDaughtered show itself. Adam and Danielle are hardworking parents who manage to balance their careers and their family life.

Adam Busby wife Danielle Busby and kids

Adam and his wife Danielle Busby met in 2003 while both working at a Target store in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As Danielle and Adam were taking a 15-minute break from their work, Adam mustered the courage to ask Danielle out on a date. From there on the pair have always been together and two and a half years later, Adam finally popped the question on Christmas Eve. Seven months after the engagement, Adam and Danielle got married on July 22, 2006, in a small wedding ceremony held in their hometown.

The couple is proud parents of six daughters. Their oldest, Blayke Louise, was born on April 5, 2011. Oh, boy what came next is nothing sort of ordinary. Danielle gave birth to the next five girls, quintuplets in a single pregnancy. Since it was not any normal pregnancy she had to deliver through Caesarean section on April 8, 2015, at 28 weeks. Among her five daughters, Ava and Olivia are identical twins; Hazel, Riley, and Parker are fraternal triplets.

Controversies and Rumors

In addition to being a TV star, he has also faced some controversies and rumors. They are:

  • Adam Busby cheated on Danielle Busby. This rumor started when some fans noticed that Adam was acting distant and unhappy on the show. They speculated that he was having an affair and wanted to leave his wife and six daughters. However, Adam quickly shut down this rumor and revealed that he was suffering from postpartum depression. He said that he felt overwhelmed by the pressure of providing for his family and coping with the challenges of raising quintuplets. He also said that his marriage was rock solid and that he loved his wife very much.
  • Adam Busby is gay. Another rumor that has been circulating online is that Adam is gay and that he married Danielle only because he wanted to have children. However, there is no proof that Adam is anything but straight and happy with his wife. Adam has never addressed this rumor directly, but he has shown his affection for Danielle on social media and on the show many times.
  • Divorce rumors: In 2021, another rumor circulated that Adam and Danielle Busby were splitting up and getting a divorce. However, Adam addressed the rumor and said that they were not getting a divorce.
  • Adam Busby is exploiting his children for fame and money. Some critics have accused Adam of using his children as a cash cow and exposing them to the dangers of fame and media attention. They argue that Adam is putting his children’s privacy and well-being at risk by allowing cameras to film every aspect of their lives. They also suggest that Adam is not a good father and that he neglects his children’s needs. However, it seems Adam is proud of his family and wants to share their story with the world. He has likely set boundaries with the network and the producers to protect his children’s interests.

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