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What do you get when you cross a swamp, a gator, and a camera? You get Jacob Landry, the star of the hit reality show Swamp People. Jacob Landry is not just a gator hunter, he is also a filmmaker, an actor, and a director. He has worked on projects with Queen Latifah, Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages From the Dead. He is a man who knows how to tell a story, and how to live one. Jacob Landry was born into a family of legendary gator hunters, who have been hunting in the Atchafalaya River Basin for five generations. He learned the ropes from his father, Troy Landry, and his brothers, Chase and Brandon. He also developed a passion for the movie industry and pursued his dreams of making films and acting in them. He is a man who can handle a rifle, a rod, and a camera. He is a man who can capture the beauty and the danger of the swamp, and the thrill and the drama of the screen. Jacob Landry is a man of many faces, many skills, and many adventures. He is a man who loves his family, his land, and his craft. He is a man who invites you to join him on his journey and to see the world through his eyes. He is Jacob Landry, and this is his story.

Jacob Landry: A Louisiana Swamp Boy

Born on December 27, 1983, Jacob Landry is a proud son of Louisiana. His parents, Troy and Bernita Landry raised him and his two brothers, Chase and Brandon, in the swamps of Louisiana, where they learned to love and respect nature. Jacob completed his high school education in Louisiana, but his true passion was the family business of alligator hunting and crawfish harvesting. He followed his father’s footsteps and became a skilled gator hunter, who could bait, shoot, and haul the reptiles with ease. Jacob was not just a helper, but a vital member of the gator hunting team, who contributed to the family’s livelihood and legacy.

Jacob Landry

Jacob Landry: From Deckhand to Gator Master

Jacob Landry is not just a boat captain and an alligator hunter. He is also a star of the History Channel show “Swamp People”, where he showcases his skills and courage in the Louisiana Swamps. Jacob comes from a long line of outdoorsmen who have hunted, fished, trapped, and lumbered for five generations. He inherited his father Troy Landry’s passion for alligator hunting and joined him as a deckhand in 2010. Since then, Jacob has risen to become his father’s trusted partner and leader of his second gator boat. He has also mentored other hunters, such as Dusty Crum, a snake catcher who wanted to learn the ropes of gator hunting.

Jacob Landry and his brothers
Jacob Landry (R) alongside his brothers Brandon Hotard & Chase Landry (L)

Jacob is not only a hunter, but also an entrepreneur. He runs a website called ‘chootem.com’, where he offers gator hunting tours for adventurous tourists. Jacob has appeared in 100 episodes of Swamp People from 2010-2023, as well as in the spin-off “Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry”. He has also ventured into other media, such as being a guest on “The Queen Latifah Show” in 2014 and working as an assistant director/lighting gaffer in the 2015 horror movie “Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead.” Jacob Landry is a man of many talents and a master of the swamp.

The Passion and Pride of an Alligator Hunter

For Jacob Landry, alligator hunting is more than a job. It is a way of life that he inherited from his family and cherishes deeply. He loves the adrenaline rush of facing fierce predators and the satisfaction of overcoming them. He respects the alligators and honors them by using every part of their bodies. He hunts not only for profit, but also for preserving the balance of nature and the tradition of his ancestors. He knows the secrets of the swamp and the skills of the hunt. He always stays alert and ready for any challenge. He is an alligator hunter, and he is proud of it.

Social Media Presence

Jacob Landry is a social media star who shares his personal and professional life with his fans and followers on various platforms. He is known for his alligator hunting adventures and his appearances on Swamp People and other shows. He has a Facebook page under the name Jacob Landry (swamp People) with more than 1.5 million followers and a Twitter account under the name Jacob & Troy Landry with over 23.5k followers. He enjoys interacting with his fans and followers through his posts and replies.

Net Worth

Jacob Landry is a master of the swamp, earning his fortune from wrestling with gators, starring on TV, selling his own merchandise, and running a crawfish empire with his family. In a season of wonders, the Landrys rake in more cash from a month of hunting than a year of crawfishing. As of December 2023, Jacob’s net worth is a whopping $500,000.

Personal Life

Wife and Kids:

Jacob Landry is married to Lyndsi Landry. They got engaged in 2008 and married on August 7, 2009. They have been together for more than 13 years. They have two sons, Ridge Adam Landry and Kase Landry. The eldest son Ridge was born in June 2011, and the youngest son Kase was born in June 2015.

Jacob landry and his wife Lyndsi Landry
Jacob Landry and his wife, Lyndsi Landry

Jacob and Lyndsi are living a happy married life with their children in Pierre Part, Louisiana. Jacob often shares photos of his family on his social media accounts and expresses his love and gratitude for them. He also spends quality time with his family despite his busy schedule as an alligator hunter and a reality television star.

Jacob Landry Kids
Jacob Landry Kids Ridge Adam and Kase Landry

Despite an early age, their kids are not afraid to go near Alligators. Both kids are exposed to hunting and swamp life. Sooner or later, Jacob had to make his kids aware of the swamp lifestyle, so it is understandable what he is trying to do.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name:Jacob Landry
Date of BirthDecember 27, 1983,
Age39 years old
Birth Place Louisiana, United States
ParentsTroy Landry, Bernita Landry
SiblingBrandon Hotard, Chase Landry
Height5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm
Weight (around)163 lbs or 74 Kg
ProfessionReality Television Personality, Gator Hunter
Net Worth$400,000
WifeLyndsi Landry (m. 2009)
ChildrenRidge Adam Landry, Kase Landry
Social MediaFacebook

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