Sean Whitley a.k.a. Farmtruck: wiki, bio, net worth, wife, kids.

If you think Farmtruck’s are not for racing, then think again. Sean Whitley a.k.a. Farmtruck drives a farm truck and is tearing the street tracks of Oklahoma. His racing exploits are featured on the reality TV series, Street Outlaws. Farmtruck drives a 632 big block Chevy motor with his trusted mascot Louise, a 14-year-old Blue Heeler dog. But it isn’t the racing itself that gives Farmtruck the most satisfaction. He and buddy AZN love to go fishing. And in terms of street racing, it means to lure in unsuspecting racers for a race. The pair downplay the farm truck’s firepower and love the look on their opponent’s faces when she tears up the tracks. 

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameSean Whitley
Date of birthUnknown
AgeLikely to be in his 50s
Place of birthUnknown
SexualityReportedly gay
Marital statusUnknown
ProfessionTV personality, car customizer, streetcar racer
Net worth$2 million (as of 2023)
TV showStreet Outlaws
TV channelDiscovery Channel
Signature car1970 C-10 Chevy Pickup Truck
Car nicknameThe Farmtruck
Car featuresCustom Built 8-Cylinder Big Block Engine, 2 Stage Nitrous Oxide Supercharged, Digital Ignition Controller
Racing style“Fishing” – luring unsuspecting marks into racing for money by complementing their cars and downplaying the Farmtruck’s power
Racing motto“The ultimate sleeper” – a car that looks slow but is actually very fast
First carHis mother’s 1974 Dodge dart
First truckHis father’s 1956 Ford pickup
First customized truckA 1997 C-1O Chevy pickup truck that he bought in 1998 from an ad that read, “Very fast truck for sale”
First TV appearanceStreet Outlaws Season 1 Episode 1: Midnight Riders (June 10, 2013)
Social media accountsInstagram: @fna405, Twitter: @fna405, Facebook: @FarmtruckandAZN, YouTube: Farmtruck and AZN, Website:
MerchandiseT-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, keychains, posters, etc. available on
Street Outlaws Sean Whitley akaFarmtruck
Street Outlaws Sean Whitley aka Farmtruck

Early Life

Sean Whitley has never revealed much about his early life. Details about his birth, parents, and siblings have not been revealed to the media. But while so many things remain unknown, it is safe to say that Sean was in love with cars from a young age. Growing up, Farmtruck would often take his mom’s four-door 1974 Dodge Dart on a run. His father owned a 73′ Ford Pickup which was later passed onto Farmtruck. The man rarely gives interviews but has often mentioned that he has some great memories with his father’s 73′ Ford Pickup. 

Professional Career

Farmtruck was an expert on cars at the age of 12 and could drive his father’s 73′ Ford Pickup around the town. In his early days as a racer, Farmtruck would often drive with a flashlight above his head. Known for his love for trucks, Farmtruck raced the tracks of Route 66 in his home town. In the following years, he established himself as one of the best racers in town. 

Farmtruck’s first car was the 1970 Ford Camper Special. He brought it to races and his opponents would often underestimate him. Farmtruck loved the look of surprise on his opponent’s faces when he casually strolled past them. 

Life on Street Outlaws

Farmtruck is one of the early cast members of the series who has been on set since the first episode. Alongside his trusted buddy AZN, Farmtruck often goes fishing. And while it is AZN who hooks in the racers, Farmtruck is the one who does the driving. A nitrous-junkie, Farmtruck can’t get enough of crazy fast cars. Before upgrading to the giant 632 big block Chevy motor, Farmtruck drove his iconic 1970 Chevy long bed truck. For Farmtruck, street racing is just another way to have fun. And as long as there are wheels on it, anything can be a race car. 

Farmtruck Racing buddy AZN
Farmtruck Racing buddy AZN

Farmtruck and AZN also host the No Prep Daily Drivers races, where ordinary people get to race their everyday cars on a track with no preparation. Farmtruck and AZN are not only skilled racers, but also talented car customizers who can transform any vehicle into a speed machine. They are the ultimate sleeper team, who can surprise anyone with their hidden power and charm.

Personal Relationships 

Farmtruck has never revealed any details about his personal life. He has never revealed if he is married or has children. This led to many rumors that Farmtruck is gay and is dating his fellow driver, AZN. But Farmtruck put the rumors to rest after saying that the pair are nothing but professional friends who love the thrill of sports racing. After all, Farmtruck was the one who took care of AZN after his parents’ death.

Net Worth

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. His main sources of income are his appearances on the reality TV show Street Outlaws, and his merchandise sales on his website and on his social media. He also earns money from his car customization store and his street racing winnings.

Physical Traits

Physical traitDescription
Hair colorBrown white
Hair styleShort and spiky
Eye colorBrown
Facial hairUsually cleaned shaved
Skin toneFair
Body typeMuscular and fit
Height5 feet 6 inches 0r 1.68m (approx.)
Weight85-95 kg (approx.)
TattoosNone visible
PiercingsNone visible
Clothing styleCasual and comfortable
AccessoriesSunglasses, baseball cap, wristwatch

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