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Imagine speeding through the streets of Oklahoma, racing against the best of the best. Imagine feeling the adrenaline rush, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Imagine living a life of danger, excitement, and fame. This is the world of Jeff “Azn” Bonnet, one of the most renowned street car racers in the United States.

Azn is not just a racer, he is a star. He appears on the hit reality TV show “Street Outlaws”, where he showcases his skills, his cars, and his personality. He is a fan favorite, known for his humor, his heart, and his daring. But how did he get here? What is his story? And what drives him to keep racing? In this article, we will take you behind the scenes of Azn’s life. We will explore his origins, his achievements, his failures, and his secrets.

Jeff Azn Bonnett and his sister Brenda Bonnett
Jeff Azn Bonnett and his sister Brenda Bonnett

Who is Jeff Bonnett?

Azn, whose real name is Jeff Bonnett, is an American reality TV star and street racer. He is best known for being part of the show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel, which features a group of street racers from Oklahoma City. He also runs a merchandise store called THE FNA Firehouse with his racing partner Farmtruck. Azn was born on August 3, 1981, in Oklahoma, United States. He is of mixed ethnicity, as his mother, Motsu Bonett, is from Taiwan and his father, Denis Bonnett, is an American veteran who served in the U.S. Army, including a tour in Vietnam. Azn has a sister named Brenda Bonett, who is his only surviving family member.

Azn: The Street Racer Who Overcame Tragedy and Found Fame

Azn grew up in a culture of street racing, and developed a passion for cars at an early age. He got his first car, a 1964 Chevy II NOVA, when he was in high school. His father paid for the car, but Azn promised to pay him back. He found a clever way to earn money by offering a service to the homeowners in his neighborhood. He would paint their house addresses on the curb, so that they could be easily located in case of a fire. He charged a small fee for this, and used it to repay his father.

Azn’s life took a tragic turn when he was 16 years old. His mother, who was his source of inspiration and support, died of cancer. He was devastated by her loss, and felt alone in the world. A few years later, he also lost his father (2001), who had a defective heart valve. Azn’s father was his first mentor, who taught him how to drive and modify his car. They even transplanted a V-8 engine in his 1964 Chevy, making it faster and more powerful.

Azn and Farmtruck
 Farmtruck(L) and Azn

After his father’s death, Azn met Sean Farmtruck Wheatley, who was the reigning champion of the street racing scene in Oklahoma City. Azn challenged him to a race, hoping to prove himself and honor his father’s legacy. He lost the race, but he won something more valuable: a friend, a mentor, and a father figure. Farmtruck and Azn clicked instantly, and Farmtruck showed him his C-10 Pickup, which he had customized for racing. They became a team, working on various projects and racing together. Azn learned a lot from Farmtruck, who passed on his skills and knowledge of car engines to him.

Azn and Farmtruck joined the show “Street Outlaws” in 2013, and became fan favorites for their antics and humor. They also opened a merchandise store called THE FNA Firehouse, where they sell apparel, accessories, and memorabilia related to their racing lifestyle. Azn is currently 42 years old, and still enjoys street racing and being on TV. He has overcome many challenges and hardships in his life, but he has never given up on his dreams. He is an inspiration to many, and a legend in the street racing world.

Azn: From Street Racer to Reality Star

Azn is a street racing legend in Oklahoma, who got invited to join the hit reality show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel. The show features the adrenaline-fueled adventures of a group of street racers in Oklahoma City, who challenge each other and other racers from across the country. Azn teamed up with his buddy Sean “Farmtruck” Wheatley, another racing star, and formed “The Farmtruck and Azn” crew. They race with their unique cars, like The Dung Beetle and The C-10 Pickup, that look slow but are actually fast. Azn is famous for his humor and his love for street racing. The fans loved them so much that they got their own spin-off show “Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and Azn” which debuted on January 10, 2022. They have a lot of fun with their cars and their pranks on other racers. Azn also appeared on the show “Garage Rehab” where he helped struggling garages.

Azn’s Cars: From the Nova to the Pickup

Azn has driven many cars in his street racing career, but his first one was a 1964 Chevy II NOVA. He modified it with a V-8 engine with his father’s help, but he sold it later and got a 1972 Datsun 240Z. He named it “The Disco Z” for its flashy look. He also has a 1966 VW Bug, which he dubbed “The Dung Beetle” for its rusty look. But the Bug is not slow, it has a 1000 Hp turbo engine that can go over 200 mph. He and his friend Farmtruck also have a 1970 C-10 Pickup, which looks like a rusty old truck, but it hides a powerful engine that can shock other racers.

Azn’s Net Worth

Jeff “AZN” Bonnett is a popular street racer and reality TV star, who co-stars in the Discovery Channel’s show Street Outlaws. Along with his racing partner Farmtruck, he also runs a merchandise store called THE FNA Firehouse, where they sell branded clothing and accessories. As of 2023, AZN has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Azn’s Secretive Relationship Affairs

Azn has been very discreet about his relationship affairs. He does not reveal much about his personal life, so his marital status remains a mystery. The only woman he has been linked with or seen in public is Leesa Lacey, his longtime friend of over 15 years. Leesa, however, is married and has a daughter with her husband. It is unclear if Azn is also married or not.

Azn and his lady friend Leesa King Lacey
Azn and his lady friend Leesa Lacey

Wiki/Bio facts

Name:Jeffery Bonnett
Birth Date:August 3, 1981
Birth Place:Oklahoma, United States
Age:42 years old
Ethnicity:Mixed (Part Taiwanese)
Parents:Dennis Bonnett, Motsu Bonnett
Siblings:Brenda Bonnett
Profession:Race Car Driver, Television Personality
Net Worth:$500,000
Marital Status:N/A
Social Media HandleFacebook, Facebook page

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