Rich Lewis won’t be returning to Mountain Men? His wiki/bio, wife, net worth.

In the face of the adversity of nature, it is hard to raise livestock especially when different wild animals keep lurking time and again. In such a situation, everyone deserves a “Houndsman” like rich Lewis who is a veteran Lion hunter and has worked over the years to protect the livestock of Ruby Valley. An outdoorsman & a hunter, Rich traded his easy life for the adventure of the Mountain terrains of Montana. As he got famous for his lifestyle and hunting skills television producers came knocking on his door giving him a platform to showcase his skill to a wider audience. Rich joined the reality television show “Mountain Men” in 2013 and appeared until 2017. He still lives the wild lifestyle in the mountains, battling harsh weather, water scarcity and predators. He is a man who loves solitude and freedom, and who follows the footsteps of the historic mountain men. In this biography article, we will bring everything about Rich Lewis who is a married man including his departure and a possible return to reality television. 

Who is Rich Lewis?

Rich Lewis is a reality television personality, a hunter, and an outdoorsman. He is American by nationality and comes from a Caucasian family. Rich is also known by the nickname “Houndsman” because of his way of chasing lions using a group of jagged hounds. Rich has blue eyes, grey hair, a thick beard and a rugged look that compliments his way of living in harmony with nature. 

Mountain Men Rich Lewis
“Mountain Men” star Rich Lewis

Early Life:

Rich Lewis was born in January 1954 in Idaho, USA. The birthdate makes him 69  years old as of May 2023.  Rich was raised in Idaho by his parents however there is no available information on his parents and siblings. Rich and his affinity towards nature started during the free spirit of childhood.  From an early age, he was interested in mountains and would spend time exploring outdoors. He followed his passion for wild things, although at the time he did not know it would turn out to be a career.


This television star’s career is made up of pure passion, and dedication to what he believes merely living. Inspired by nature Rich moved away from Idaho and settled in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. He did not live there as a loner because his wife followed him to live in the remote surrounded by mountains. During that time Rich honed his skill in exploring the wilderness and hunting. Alongside hunting for elk in the area, he pursued more dangerous creatures like a lion.

It was not long enough before people started to notice his ability and asked for help, and in return paid him money. He was able to secure the job of protecting villagers and their livestock in Ruby Valley. Even wildlife reserves would contact him to track and hunt the beast gone out of control.

Over the years Rich tracked down many lions taking care of villagers and their livestock in Ruby Valley. Along those adventures, Rich came face to face with many dangers. During one encounter, Rich lost a hound named Roxie that fell prey to lions.

Mountain Men:

Already a famed Lion hunter in the village, the bigger picture came calling. He was given a contract by the Mountain Men showrunners in 2013. Rich made his debut during the second season episode titled “Into the Wild” which premiered on the History Channel on Jun 9, 2013. He regularly appeared making 83 appearances until six seasons. He left the show after  “High and Dry” episodes on  September 7, 2017. Rich did not win any kind of awards or nominations during his time on the show.


After Rich Lewis’s departure from the show, young hunter Jake Herak was introduced. The fact Jake is also a Lion hunter and operates with a group of dogs draws a comparison between the pair however Jake has years to catch the experience of the former. Jake made his Mountain Men debut in 2018 and since has been a regular cast member. It is not hard to see Jake was brought in to fill in the void left by Rich Lewis. For those wondering if Rich Lewis is returning to the show, it looks unlikely at this point, and considering the showrunners went for another younger hunter with similar traits it further confirms the doubt. Also, the picture becomes clearer once we look back at what Rich said during his final season. In season six, he said that he was getting too old for the Lion hunter job.

During his time on the show, Rich shared the television screen with other outdoorsmen like Eustace ConwayMorgan BeasleyTom Oar, Marty Meierotto, and Jason Hawk.  

Net Worth:

Rich net worth grew significantly after joining television shows. Before that, he lived by hunting and protecting human life and livestock from wild beasts which did not yield him much. If you are wondering how rich this mountain man is, we got you covered. Rich has a net worth of $200,000.

Personal life:

Rich Lewis is a legend among the mountain men of Montana. He has spent more than two decades living in the Ruby Valley, tracking and hunting mountain lions with his loyal dogs. He is also a loving husband to his wife Diane, who shares his passion for nature and wildlife.

Marriage and children:

Rich and his wife Diane me when they were in Idaho. They fell in love and got married soon after. They moved to Montana in search of a simpler and more adventurous life. They bought a cabin in the woods and started their own cattle business.

Rich lewis married to wife Diane Lewis

Diane is not only Rich’s partner in life, but also his partner in hunting. She helps him train his dogs, scout for tracks, and set up traps. She also accompanies him on some of his hunts, riding horses and carrying rifles. She is not afraid of facing the dangers of the wild, such as bears, wolves, and cougars. Diane is also a skilled cook and gardener. She prepares delicious meals for Rich using the meat they hunt and the vegetables they grow. 

Diane and Rich are not known to have any children of their own, but they consider their dogs as their family. They have raised several hounds over the years, each with their own personality and talent. Some of their dogs are Brady, Roxie, Turbo, Ranger, Ruby, and Rusty.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full Name:Rich Lewis
Birth Date:January 1954
Birth Place:Idaho, United States
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Diane Lewis
College degree:None
Profession:Reality Television actor, Outdoorsman, HUnter
Net Worth:Reality Television actor, Outdoorsman, Hunter
Father’s Name:N/A
Mother’s Name:N/A
Height:5 feet 10 inches (approx)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Brown/Grey
Social Media:Inactive


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