What happened to Mountain men Rich Lewis? His wiki/bio, net worth, age, wife.

Not everyone prefers modern day luxury; there are people like Rich Lewis, who flourish in the mountain terrains. Regarded as one of the best lion hunter seen on TV, Rich Lewis caught national attention after making the debut on History channel show “Mountain Men” in 2013.  The show follows the various people living an adventurous life in remote mountain terrains of the USA.

Rich appeared through 83 episodes of the award-winning show through 2017. Since then the beloved fans have not heard much about the TV star. What happened to Rich Lewis? Where is he Now? We will bring more detail about this Mountain man, including his biography details like his age, family, wife, net worth.

Who is Rich Lewis?

Rich Lewis is an American reality TV show star. Before the fame, all along, Rich was a mountain man. The villagers dubbed him as “Lion Hunter” down to his unique skill of tracking and hunting mountain lions. He also got nickname “Houndsman” because of the way he operates- a group of jagged hounds accompanies Rich during the hunt. Putting the safety of villagers first and their livestock in Ruby Valley Rich has tracked down many lions and killed if necessary. Although Rich has come unharmed, the job comes with dangers; once, he lost his prize hound Roxie killed by lions.

Mountain Men Rich Lewis

“Mountain Men” star Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis Wiki/Bio, early life, education

Rich Lewis was born in Idaho, USA. He is white by ethnic and American by nationality. Even though a star of his caliber only vague picture about his upbringing has come out to media. At this moment we do not have information on his parents or siblings, even the exact date of his birth is not known. Rough guess Rich is currently in his 50’s.

Rich and his love affair with nature began during the free spirit of childhood.  From an early age, he was interested in mountains more often, he would spend time exploring outdoors. He followed his passion for wild things, although at the time he did not know it would turn out to be a career.


This TV star career is made up of pure passion, and dedication to what he believes merely living. Inspired by nature Rich moved away from Idaho and settled in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana. He did not live there as a loner because his wife followed him to live in remote surrounded by mountains. During the time Rich honed his skill in exploring the wilderness and hunting. Alongside hunting for elk in the area, he pursued the passion for a more dangerous creature like a lion.

It was not long enough people started to notice his ability and asked for help, in return paid him money. He was able to secure the job of protecting villagers and their livestock in Ruby Valley. Even wildlife reserve would contact him to track and hunt the beast gone out of control which he did diligently.

Already a famed Lion hunter in the village, bigger picture came calling for Lewis. He was signed by History channel for new TV series “Mountain Men” which premiered on the 31st May 2012. Rich made his debut following year in 2013. Rich appeared through 83 episodes of the award-winning show through 2017.

Net Worth

Interestingly Rich net worth rocketed after he joined TV show. Before that, he lived by hunting and talking job of protecting human life and livestock from wild beasts which did not yield him much. If you are still wondering what this mountain men net worth currently stands? Well, then  Rich Lewis has earned in a generous amount all thanks to his participation in the award-winning reality show   “Mountain Men.” Rich Lewis has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Rich Lewis Personal life: Married, wife, and children?

Even though Rich life has been focused on his professional side by media, during over twenty years of stay in Ruby Valley, his wife has accompanied him. Rich is a married man to Diane Lewis. The couple is married over 30 years from living together in Idaho to relishing more adventurous life of Ruby Valley.

Rich lewis married to wife Diane Lewis

Rich Lewis is married to wife Diane Lewis

From their long committed years, we would guess the couple must have a family of more than two. Nevertheless, Rich has not shared anything about his private life and tends to keep so. Hence we do not have any information if Rich and his wife have children.

Where is Rich Lewis now? What happened to him?

There is no official explanation about Rich leaving Mountain Men. His last appearance came in 2017, which is quite a while. Since the show has followed with two more seasons- Season 7 completed and Season 8  is ongoing, but the much loved Rich has not returned. It is like Rich left the show. If we juggle your memory at the end of season 6  Rich said that he was getting too old to be doing this. Maybe he stepped down from the job because he was getting old and reflexes slowed him down.

Rich himself is not active in any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But being a public figure, since few updates have been come out in Facebook pages. Like Rich owns a ranch in Montana and is living there with his wife Diane Lewis.

Wiki/Bio details of Rich Lewis

NameRich Lewis
CareerTV personality
Net worth$300,000
WifeDiane Lewis

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