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Brianna Adekeye is a former reality TV star, a world traveler, and an artist. She rose to fame as a free-spirited and laidback stewardess on the fifth season of Bravo’s hit show Below Deck, where she impressed viewers and her boss Kate Chastain with her work ethic and chill attitude. After leaving the show, Brianna continued to pursue her passion for yachting, traveling, and nature, visiting places like the Bahamas, New York City, and Albania. She also explored her creative side by making abstract art, writing poetry, and even trying out cooking as a yacht chef. Brianna Adekeye is a woman of many talents and interests, who lives by her own rules and follows her own dreams.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBrianna Adekeye
Date of birthApril 24, 1991
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
Place of birthLos Angeles, California
Zodiac signTaurus
OccupationStewardess, reality TV star, artist
Net worthEstimated at $500,000
Marital statusSingle
Ex-boyfriendNico Scholly (rumored)
HobbiesSurfing, playing the ukulele, reading books, listening to music
Favorite drinkCoffee
Favorite instrumentUkulele
Favorite destinationN/A
Favorite activityN/A
Reality TV showBelow Deck (season 5)

Early Life

Brianna Adekeye was born on the 24th of April 1991, in Los Angeles. Born and raised in LA, Brianna fell in love with surfing and Yachting from a young age. As the only kid of the family, Brianna had her parents undivided attention, but not to say things were handed to her on a silver platter. While little is known about her mother, Brianna is fond of her father and is always sharing snaps from the pair’s time together. Brianna has also mentioned that her father is a huge influence in her life and encouraged her to be free. 

Brianna Adekeye, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.
Brianna Adekeye, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Professional Career

Way before Brianna started working as a stewardess, she reportedly went on a booze cruise in Marina del Ray. This was back in her early years, and Brianna had so much fun on the tour that she started working for her certifications after coming back. After gathering her certifications, Brianna started working as a stewardess and even occupied the role of a chief stewardess. After a year of Yachting, Brianna was scouted by a talent manager who wanted her to meet with the producers of Below Deck. After a short interview, Brianna was hired to work in the fifth season of Below Deck as the second stewardess.

Below Deck

Even though Brianna never seemed to care about her fame, Below Deck played an important part in shaping her career. During the fifth season, Brianna started a life-long friendship with the first stewardess, Kate Chastain. Even after Brianna left the show, the pair met regularly and shared snaps of their meetings on social media. In late 2013, Brianna was rumored to be in a relationship with her  Below Deck co-star Nico Scholly. But neither Brianna nor Nico confirmed or denied the romance, and Nico is currently dating someone else. 

Leaving the series

After her appearance in Below Deck, Brianna was hired as a second stewardess in a 98-meter. However, unlike Kate, the head stew was very strict which made Brianna realized that she would rather live as a freelance yachtie. 

Constantly on the road, Brianna is a huge travel junkie. Even though she is an outdoorsy person, she loves spending time with herself every now and then. A huge fan of music, Brianna is accompanied by her ukelele in most of her travels. Similar to her ex-crew mates, Brianna loves sharing things on social media. A coffee junkie, Brianna is huge on trying coffee from different places all around the globe. 

Life After Below Deck

After leaving Below Deck in 2017, Brianna continued to embrace her adventurous and artistic spirit. She traveled to various destinations around the world, such as the Bahamas, New York City, and Albania. She also explored her creative side by painting, drawing, writing poetry, and playing the ukulele. She shared some of her abstract art on her Instagram account, where she also posted pictures of her travels and her friends. She even tried out cooking as a yacht chef this year, proving that she had multiple talents.

Brianna’s life after Below Deck has been full of excitement, exploration, and expression. She has stayed true to her free-spirited nature and has not let anything hold her back from pursuing her dreams. She has also maintained her friendships with some of her former co-stars, such as Kate Chastain, who often comments on her Instagram posts. Brianna has shown that she is not just a reality TV star, but also an artist, a traveler, and a yachtie.

Net Worth

Brianna has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. Her main source of income is her career as a yacht stewardess, which pays her well for her services and tips. She also earns money from her appearances on reality TV shows like Below Deck. Additionally, Brianna makes money from her artistic endeavors, such as selling her paintings and poetry online or performing at events.

Is Brianna dating someone now ?

Brianna is not in a relationship right now, but she used to date a musician from Ireland named Michael Quinn. They got together after she left Below Deck, when she met him in his band Meltybrains while traveling in Ireland. They looked like a happy and loving couple, as they shared many pictures of themselves on social media. However, their breakup date and reason are unknown, as they have not appeared together since 2019.

Physical Traits

Height5 feet 6 inches (approx.)
Weight55 kg (approx.)
Hair colorlight Brown
Eye colorHazel
Skin toneBeige
Body typeSlim
TattooA large one on her side
Shoe sizeUnknown
Dress sizeUnknown

Brianna Adekeye FQAs

Is Brianna Adekeye still working as a yacht stewardess?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye still dating Nico Scholly?No
Is Brianna Adekeye still in contact with Kate Chastain?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye an artist?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye married?No
Is Brianna Adekeye from Los Angeles?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a reality TV star?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a surfer?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a ukulele player?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a chef?No
Is Brianna Adekeye rich?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye friends with Jennifer Howell?No
Is Brianna Adekeye dating Michael Quinn?NO
Is Brianna Adekeye active on social media?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye interested in returning to Below Deck?No
Is Brianna Adekeye a Taurus?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a part-time model?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye a poet?Yes
Is Brianna Adekeye vegan?Unknown

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