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As the generation changed hands from television to the internet, Buzzfeed became an instant hit. The network capitalized by using short humorous videos but later expanded its territory. From social media sites to YouTube and beyond, the network continues to expand. Buzzfeed became so popular that people who worked on their videos gained cult celebrity status. One of them is Shane Madej. Shane joined Buzzfeed in 2014 and began working on short videos. From videos like What Your Birthday Says About You, and We Let Some Dogs Watch TV and They Were Positively Riveted to the co-host of BuzzFeed Unsolved, Shane has come a long way. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Shane Madej.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameShane Alexander Madej
Date of birthMay 16, 1986
Place of birthSchaumburg, Illinois, USA
Zodiac signTaurus
Height6’4″ (193 cm)
ParentsMark (father) and Sherry (mother) Madej
SiblingScott Madej (brother)
EducationSchaumburg High School and Columbia College
GirlfriendSara Rubin
Engagement dateJune 2022
Marital StatusUnmarried
First BuzzFeed video“Unusual Facts About Diet Coke” in December 2014
Most popular BuzzFeed video“Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation” with over 30 million views
BuzzFeed series he worked onThe Try Guys, BuzzFeed Unsolved, It’s Personal, Ruining History, Worth It
BuzzFeed Unsolved spin-off he co-createdThe Hot Daga
Date he left BuzzFeed2019
Company he co-founded after leaving BuzzFeedWatcher Entertainment with Ryan Bergara and Steven Lim
Watcher series he hosts or co-hostsPuppet History, Too Many Spirits, Are You Scared?, Homemade, Weird Wonderful World
Watcher series he produces or co-producesTop 5 Beatdown, Spooky Small Talk, Tourist Trapped, Grocery Run
Nickname given by fansShaniac
Nickname given by Ryan BergaraBoogara
Favorite movie genreHorror
Favorite horror movieN/A
Favorite TV showN/A
Favorite bandN/A
Favorite animalDog
Favorite foodN/A
HobbiesReading, writing, watching movies, playing video games
SkillsActing, producing, editing, screenwriting, comedy
Shane Madej
Shane Madej

Early Life:

Shane Madej was born on the 16th of May 1986 in Schaumburg, Illinois. Born to Mark and Sherry Madej, Shane spent much of his early life with his brother, Scott Madej. As a young kid, Shane was pretty disciplined and stayed out of trouble most of the time. While Shane and his brother were not the best of friends, the pair shared many similarities. As a young kid, Shane had a fair share of incidents that happened to him. He was once chased by a neighboring dog which cemented a fear of dogs. At another time, Shane got a nosebleed so bad that the church staff had run out of tissues.  Shane attended Schaumburg High School before going on to study at Columbia College Chicago. He studied editing during his college years.

Professional Career

Much of Shane’s professional career came to light after he joined Buzzfeed. In his twenties, he was interested in the McMurdo Station which is a United States Antarctic research station. Even though he wanted to live there, the interest soon faded away.

Over the years, Shane worked several odd jobs. He worked at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, and also spent some time working at a company that produced corporate videos. He also had a brief stint at Starbucks but quickly changed to the role of a Video Producer for the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts.

Things started changing for Shane in 2012 when he posted the video, R.I.P. Greeno, on his YouTube channel. After visiting his brother who lived in LA at the time, Shane decided to move to LA himself. By the time Shane made the move, he already knew he would be taking up a job in Buzzfeed. While Shane is an integral part of Buzzfeed today, the company first thought that Shane was not good enough for the company. As it happened, Shane was asked to create a video to make off of a list of pre-researched videos. Shane went on to create his first video, “Unusual Facts About Diet Coke” (2014). The video gathered a large number of views and Shane joined BuzzFeed.

Shane Madej

Joining BuzzFeed Unsolved

Shane Madej joined BuzzFeed in 2014 as a video producer and writer. He created and starred in several videos for BuzzFeed, such as “Unusual Facts About Diet Coke” and “What Your Birthday Says About You”. In 2016, he became the co-host of BuzzFeed Unsolved, a popular web series that explores unsolved mysteries, paranormal phenomena, and true crime cases. He partnered with Ryan Bergara, another BuzzFeed producer and director, who believes in the supernatural, while Shane is a skeptic. Together, they investigated haunted locations, searched for clues, and cracked jokes along the way.

Leaving BuzzFeed Unsolved

In 2019, Shane Madej announced that he was leaving BuzzFeed to form Watcher Entertainment, a new digital studio and network, along with Ryan Bergara and Steven Lim, another former BuzzFeed producer. They explained that they wanted to have more creative freedom and ownership over their content, as well as explore new genres and formats. They also assured their fans that they would continue to produce BuzzFeed Unsolved under a licensing deal with BuzzFeed.

Further Career Endeavors

Since leaving BuzzFeed, Shane Madej has created and starred in several shows for Watcher Entertainment, such as Puppet History, Weird (and/or) Wonderful World with Shane (and Ryan), and Mystery Files. He also co-hosts Too Many Spirits, a live show where he and Ryan drink cocktails and read ghost stories sent by their viewers. In addition to his work for Watcher Entertainment, Shane Madej has also appeared in other projects, such as The Everything Now Show, Top 5 Beatdown, and Beautiful Day. He also had a guest role in the TV series S.W.A.T. in 2020.

Philanthropy & Activism

Shane Madej is not very vocal about his philanthropy and activism. However, he has supported some causes and organizations that align with his values and interests. For example, he has donated to the ‘American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),’ a nonprofit organization that defends civil rights and liberties. He has also participated in the ‘Trevor Project,’ a nonprofit organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth. Additionally, he has expressed his concern for environmental issues and animal welfare on his social media accounts

Net Worth

YouTuber, actor, producer, and writer, Shane Madej has a net worth estimated at $1.5 million as of 2023. He makes his money from his YouTube channels, where he has millions of subscribers, sponsored content & endorsements, merchandise, & acting and producing roles in TV shows and films.

Physical Traits

Here is a list of physical traits of Shane Madeja,

  • He has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • He is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) tall.
  • He has a slim build and a fair complexion.
  • He has a beard.
  • He has a ring on his left ring finger, indicating his engagement to Sara Rubin.

Love Affair, Marriage & Relationship

Shane Madej is not married but he is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Sara Rubin, who is also a BuzzFeed producer. The couple has been dating since 2016 and they often share their love and support for each other on social media. They have also appeared together in some of Shane’s videos.

Shane and Sara met through their work at BuzzFeed and became friends before they started dating. Since going public with their relationship, they have posted many cute and funny pictures of themselves on their respective accounts, showing their compatibility and sense of humor. They have also celebrated their anniversaries and Valentine’s Day together, as well as traveled to various places like Japan, New York, and Chicago.

Shane Madej girlfriend
Shane Madej & Sara Rubin

Shane and Sara are very private about their relationship and do not reveal much about their future plans. However, they seem to be very committed and supportive of each other’s careers and passions. They have also formed a strong bond with each other’s families and friends. Even though they are yet to get married, Shane took a notch forward in June 2022 after he asked for Sara’s hand in marriage.


Is Shane Madej a co-founder of Watcher Entertainment?Yes
Was Shane Madej born in Los Angeles, California?No
Does Shane Madej have a sibling named Scott?Yes
Is Shane Madej engaged to Sara Rubin?Yes
Does Shane Madej have children?No
Did Shane Madej create the series Puppet History?Yes
Does Shane Madej work in public access in Illinois?No
Is Shane Madej a Taurus?Yes
Is Shane Madej Christian?Yes
Did Shane Madej post his first video to BuzzFeed in 2014?Yes
Does Shane Madej have a series called The Hot Daga?Yes
Is Shane Madej a producer of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural?Yes
Did Shane Madej play Clark Gable in The Try Guys?Yes
Does Shane Madej have an Instagram account with over 900,000 followers?Yes
Is Shane Madej 6′ 4″ tall?Yes
Did Shane Madej star in a short film called Beautiful Day?Yes
Is Shane Madej a producer of It’s Personal?Yes
Did Shane Madej appear in S.W.A.T. as Ira?Yes
Does Shane Madej have a series called Weird (and/or) Wonderful World with Ryan Bergara?Yes
Is Shane Madej a writer of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime?Yes
Does Shane Madej have a series called Spooky Small Talk?Yes
Did Shane Madej leave BuzzFeed in 2019?Yes
Does Shane Madej like Disneyland?Yes
Is Shane Madej a fan of the Chicago Cubs?Yes
Does Shane Madej have a degree in chemical engineering?No
Is Shane Madej interested in history?Yes
Does Shane Madej play the guitar?No
Is Shane Madej allergic to cats?No
Does Shane Madej enjoy horror movies?Yes
Is Shane Madej a vegetarian?No
Does Shane Madej have a tattoo?No
Is Shane Madej afraid of ghosts?No

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