Who is Karla Ann, Parker Schnabel crew? Her wiki bio facts.

Karla Ann Charlton is there to make sure that Parker Schnabel and his crew, do not wander off in the wild. A wilderness and survival expert, Karla is one of the stars of the reality TV series, Gold Rush. She may be a part of it but Karla, has never worked on a mine, her skills lie in different fields. Karla was brought in by Parker’s crew to make sure that they make it out of the woods in one piece. After all, surviving in the open while working on mines can be a difficult job. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Karla Ann Charlton.

A part of the series:

When Gold Rush first started production, there was no need for a survival expert. The cast worked on mines which were often located nearby. But when the series expanded its horizons and the crew members started venturing into the wild, the need for a survival expert was felt. This was evident in the seventh season of the series when crews were scrambling to get their bearing in the wilds. So, different crews started hiring wilderness survival expert. As a result, Karla was recruited by the Parker Schnabel’s crew.

Gold Rush Star Karla Ann
Gold Rush Star Karla Ann

Loved by her peers:

When Karla Ann joined the reality TV series in 2017, there was little to no information on her. Fans were left in the dark as to what kind of character she was. But all confusion surrounding her character was swept by Karla’s first appearance in the TV series. She made an appearance in the eighth season of the series and trekked as far as Guyana with her crew. The Schnabel crew is as fond of Karla as she is of them. In an interview with the People Magazine, Parker revealed that,

“Karla actually worked at the mine site for a little while driving a rock truck — she was just super cool, fun, and had tons of energy. She loves being in the woods and is at home out doing something like this. That was a no brainer in the sense we needed someone to keep us all alive and try to keep us in one piece”.

Fated to work with gold:

Even though Karla doesn’t work in a mine, she was fated to be involved in the endeavor. Her great-grandfather was one of the original pioneers of Gold Digging. Talking to the discovery channel, Karla revealed that,

“He came from Sweden, late 1800s, early 1900s.. and in his diary, he had one shoe, and like nothing. [He] staked a claim and found gold and raised his family here. I’m quite inspired by that.”

More on Karla Ann:

Karla is an incredibly outgoing person and likes to be in the outdoors. While she has not revealed details on her age, she seems to be in her early 30s. Born and raised in Vernon, British Colombia, Karla holds Canadian citizenship. She currently lives in White Horse, Yukon, Canada.

Social Media Handle:

She is an avid user of social media and is active on Instagram. She often uses social media platforms to reveal details on her work-life and behind the scenes clips of the TV series, Gold Rush. A keen photographer Karla also works as a snowboard backcountry guide in the winter.

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