F/V Time Bandit Johnathan Hillstrand Wiki/Bio: Age, Married life, family, net worth.

Johnathan Hillstrand is a commercial fisherman and a licensed fishing boat captain. He is also known as TV actor for the part in Discovery channel reality show, “Deadliest Catch.” The show about the commercial crab fishing follows the fisherman based in Alaska as they raid off the coast of Bearing Sea for Crabs.

A veteran of sea fishing Johnathan is the captain of F/V Time bandit. When on the wheel he likes to keep his crew strict and mostly concerned about their safety from the danger possessed by sea. Away from the job Johnathan is a funny person and likes to spice things up with pranks and friendly competition. Also, he is notorious for his shenanigans.

F/V time bandit captain Johnathan hillstrand
F/V Time Bandit captain Johnathan Hillstrand

Read below to learn more about Johnathan Hillstrand including details like his married life, wife, family, children, net worth. Also, If you are interested in Hillstrands brother we have covered a piece on it.

Johnathan (a.k.a John) Hillstrand Career and Progression

Johnathan is the third generation fisherman born and raised in Alaska. As early as the age of three he was exposed to sea environment. His father, John senior, would take him for a ride in his fishing vessel. By the age of seven, Johnathan was fishing all by himself, when 17 he ventured in commercially fishing.

Johnathan co-captains his family boat F/V Time Bandit alongside his younger brother Andy Hillstrand. The 113-foot boat was built in the design of their father in 1991. Johnathan takes control of the fishing vessel in King Crab hunting season while his brother Andy runs the wheel during Opilio Crab Fishing Season.

F/V time bandit captain Johnathan hillstrand

Besides crabbing, Johnathan most likely turns to fishing Salmon in the summer. Also, he has fished lobster off the New England coast over eight years.

Life away from the boat, Captain Johnathan is involved in the operation of the Hillstrand’s other businesses including Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Spirits, Time Bandit Entertainment, Time Bandit Productions, and The Time Bandit Gear Store.

He is also an author of a book named Time Bandit which chronicles the fishing journey of two Hillstrand brothers (John and Andy) from Alaska.

Johnathan Hillstrand TV career

He began as the cast of Discovery Channel TV show, “Deadliest Catch” from its second season. The show illustrates the commercial crab fishing in Alaska as the boat captain and their crew raid off the coasts of Bearing Sea in pursuit of Crab. Since the inception, the show has gained extensive viewership and currently watched in over 200 countries.

After second season debut John regularly appeared up to its 13th season. In the 13th which has been his last appearance, John bid his farewell as he announced his retirement from fishing. In the show, he put his retirement as,

“You see me back out here again, kick me right in the nuts and gouge my eyes out. I’ll do it myself … if I come out here again. I’ll kick myself in my own nuts and poke my own eye.”

F/V Time Bandit or Hillstrand brothers are not featured in the 14th season of Deadliest Catch. However, it seems John has eaten his word; although camera crew does not follow nowadays, he still fishes off the coast of Bearing Sea.

Net Worth

Johnathan collects his net worth from commercial fishing as well as involvement from the different family business. Also, he was well paid as the cast of “Deadliest Catch.” At present, there is no official data that can tell his net worth.

Johnathan Hillstrand Family, Hillstrand brothers

Captain Johnathan was born as the second of five children from his father John Hillstrand s.r and his first wife. Among five sons, David is the oldest and is currently working the North Slope in Alaska, Johnathan is the next to oldest, Andy is the middle son, Michael is the next to youngest son and is currently working in the medical field in Georgia and Neal is the youngest.

F/V time bandit captain Johnathan hillstrand
F/V Time Bandit co-captains Johnathan and his brother Andy Hillstrand

Three of the five Hillstrand Brothers work together in the sea. Johnathan and Andy co-captains F/v time bandit while Neal is the boat’s chief engineer as well as the boat’s primary cook. Neal also works on deck and stands in as captain when necessary. The ownership of the fishing vessel lies to these three Hillstrand brothers.

Not much information about John’s mother has surfaced in media however after the divorce she got married to another man. As for John Sr., he was married to Nancy Hillstrand who currently own the family seafood distribution business.

Johnathan Hillstrand Step mother Nancy Hillstrand
Johnathan’s stepmother Nancy Hillstrand

Also, Hillstand brothers are known to have a stepbrother named Lincoln Brewster who is a contemporary Christian musician.

If we look at Captain Johnathan’s family tree, his paternal grandparents Earl David Hillstrand and Mary Jane Lloyd set the tradition of fishing in the family.

Johnathan Hillstrand married life and children. Who is his wife?

Often fishing captains complain about not being able to spend the most of the time with family which is also frustrating part of their job. As it goes, they are engaged to onboard men crews and spend most o the time in the sea. Although Johnathan has not shared about the effect of his profession in personal life one thing is clear that he has not had his married life always straight.

He is divorced from ex-wife and had two children with her. His grown-up son Scott Hillstrand looks up to him as inspiration for sea fishing. Scott has a son named Sawyer making Johnathan a grandfather. Scot worked in Time Bandit before his Uncle Andy fired him. He now oversees Hillstrand construction company.

Johnatha Hillstrand married to Heather hillstrand
Johnathan Hillstrand married to Heather Hillstrand

After being divorced from the wife for some years, Johnathan started dating Heather Hamilton. They stayed in a relationship before getting married on November 6, 2017. Heather now goes by Heather Hillstrand the surname she gets from her captain husband.

Johnathan Hillstrand Wiki/bio, Age

He was born on August 5, 1962, in Homer, Alaska currently making him 55 years of age. He is third generation fisherman in the family which is also followed by his son Scott. Johnathan is engaged in fishing and other business when free he likes to enjoy riding his Harley and spending time with friends and family.  He is also a NASCAR and NHRA enthusiast, and an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Name:Johnathan Hillstrand
Place of Birth Homer, Alaska, U.S
Age 55
BirthdateAugust 5, 1962
OccupationCommercial Fisherman, TV actor
Net worthN/A
Spouse/PartnerHeather Hillstrand
ParentsJohn Hillstrand, Nancy Hillstrand (Step-mother)
Brothers David, Micheal, Andy, Neal Hillstrands

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