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Parents have a big influence on how a child shape up his career, and the notion could not be any more accurate in case of Andy Hillstrand. He is a third generation Alaskan fisherman, his father and before them, grandfather was involved in commercial fishing.

His father John senior would take him to the boat and expose him to ocean life as early as he could walk. At the age of seven Andy and his brother, Johnathan began fishing all by themselves.

Fast forward to now Andy is a veteran with over 36 years of experience in commercial fishing. He co-captains F/V Time Bandit a 113-foot fishing boat built in 1991 in the design of John senior. He and Johnathan shares captainship; during Opilio Crab Fishing Season Andy is the master in the wheelhouse while Johnathan takes charge of the boat during King Crab Fishing season.

Captain Andy hillstrand

Captain Andy Hillstrand

Apart from the profession, Andy has one blessed family and spends time with them. He is married to longtime wife and has grown up daughters with her.  Read Below as we unveil major details on Andy Hillstrand biography like his age, married life, family, net worth and career facts.

Andy Hillstrand married life, wife, and children

Fishing boat captain has the disadvantage of being away from family life. As a commercial fisherman, Andy spends half of his married life in the sea which is tough in any relationship. Also, he has seen other fisherman getting divorced and remarried.

Unlike others, Andy has been married to over 33 years of wife Sabrina Hillstrand. He credits her for success in the relationship. In an interview Andy said;

“It’s hard to stay married when you’re gone all the time. But I got a good woman, I guess.”

Andy and his wife gave birth to both of their children, two daughters Cassandra and Chelsea in Alaska, and raised them in the country settings. Growing up Cassie had developed affection for horses and asked for one on her eighth birthday. Although Andy wished she had not, as a dutiful parent, he and his wife bought her a horse. The couple also taught her how to ride and would take her to horse shows and barrel races.

Andy hillstrand and his wife Sabrina Hillstrand

Andy Hillstrand and his wife Sabrina Hillstrand

Because of Casie, Andy got interested in horses and learned to ride, in fact, he mastered it. He won the Alaska National Barrel Horse Association barrel racing reserve title in 1998. Then he was the state NBHA champ for two years running – 1999 and 2000. All thanks to his daughter’s horse in which he rode.

Andy spent 39 years in Alaska before he and his wife moved to Chandler, Indiana. There the couple explored their common interest spending time riding and helping others to ride in a 17-acre horse ranch they own. When away from Crab fishing, Andy supported his wife running a stable of thirteen horses and providing daily riding lessons, riding day camps.

Andy hillstrand riding horse

Currently, Andy and his wife Sabrina calls home to Virginia where they have dogs as pet. Before moving, the couple sold their Horse Ranch in Indiana.

Andy Hillstrand TV career and net worth

Captain Andy began as the cast of Discovery Channel TV show, “Deadliest Catch” from its second season. The show illustrates the commercial crab fishing in Alaska as the boat captain and their crew raid off the coasts of Bearing Sea in pursuit of Crab. Since the inception, the show has gained extensive viewership and currently watched in over 200 countries.

In the show, Andy is known to captain F/v time bandit during Opilio Crab Fishing Season while Johnathan takes charge of the boat during King Crab Fishing season. The boat is owned by three Hillstrand brothers Neal, Johnathan, and Andy himself. After continuously being part until thirteen seasons, F/V Time Bandit or Hillstrand brothers are not featured in the 14th season of Deadliest Catch.

Andy was well paid as the cast of Deadliest Catch. His net worth is attributed to Sea- crab fishing, TV show, merchandise sells and other business ventures. According to celebritynetworth website, his current net worth is $1.5M.

Andy Hillstrand Family, Hillstrands brother

Captain Andy was born as the third of five children from his father John Hillstrand s.r and his ex-wife. Descending with the age seniority David, Johnathan, Andy, Michael and Neal Hillstrand are five brothers.

Three of the five Hillstrand Brothers work together in the sea. Johnathan and Andy co-captains F/v time bandit while Neal is the boat’s chief engineer as well as the boat’s primary cook. Neal also works on deck and stands in as captain when necessary.

F/V time bandit captain Johnathan hillstrand

Hillstrand brothers Andy(L) and Johnathan

Not much information about Andy’s mother has surfaced in media however after the divorce she got married to another man. As for John Sr., he was married to Nancy Hillstrand who currently own the family seafood distribution business.

Also, Hillstand brothers are known to have a stepbrother named Lincoln Brewster who is a contemporary Christian musician.

If we look at Captain Andy’s family tree, his paternal grandparents Earl David Hillstrand and Mary Jane Lloyd who set the tradition of fishing in the family.

Andy Hillstrand Wiki Summary and age

Andy Hillstrand was born on September23, 1963, in Homer, Alaska, U.S currently making him 54 years of age. He is American if ethnicity is concerned Andy is of Caucasian origin.

Name:Andy Hillstrand
Place of Birth Homer, Alaska, U.S
Age 54
BirthdateSeptember23, 1963
OccupationCommercial Fisherman, TV actor
Net worth$1.5M
Spouse/PartnerSabrina Hillstrand
ParentsJohn Hillstrand, Nancy Hillstrand (Step-mother)
Brothers David, Micheal, Johnathan, Neal Hillstrands

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